Evolutionists Use Propaganda Tactics

When Barack Obama became President in 2008, he eventually became known as the first “social media” President. Cass Sunstein who worked within the Obama administration, who was in charge of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, suggested a plan to undermine opposition by paying people to go online to promote their political agenda using propaganda tactics. Social Media like twitter, facebook, and youtube were altering trends and information in favor of certain candidates like Hillary Clinton.

But in 2016, a major surprise happened in the United States. A businessman who was considered to be the least electable among both Democrats and Republicans with no political experience won the election! Shortly after the election, there was talk about how misinformation which became known by liberal media outlets as “fake news” helped Donald Trump get elected and would later be used as a label against them by the new President himself!  

Hillary supporters like the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and others were set on a mission, demonize the newly elected President of the United States, also demonize major political and conservative figures who oppose their viewpoints which would result in more control over the flow of information.  They believe by controlling the flow of information would condition people to see things their way. Facebook and Google which have become one of the major hubs people use to obtain information helped Hillary’s campaign. Facebook began to block conservatives from trending even though it was a popular subject matter and Google was rearranging its search engine results for more positive aspects of Hillary. Eventually, Google defunded conservative news and commentary on youtube because Trump was elected!

Twitter had its own trending arrangement. It would filter out certain words for example if those words contained “Trump is great” and someone tweeted you a message that contained those words, Twitter would block you from seeing the message. The bottom line is this if people choose to get their information through certain media whether that be social media or regular media, and depending on its ownership, which the majority of it is liberal, they are going to manipulate the information that you are getting. So one has to weed out the good from the bad.  

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

Jimmy Fallon was under siege by liberals who said he was too soft with Trump on his show and later on some liberals complained that he wasn’t political enough on his show meaning he wasn’t being anti-Trump enough. It wasn’t like he was a pro-Trump supporter, rather, he far from it but prior to the criticism, his comedy wasn’t as political as other talk show hosts.  Fallon later said he was sorry to have Trump on his show in the first place and promised to be more anti-Trump. If Donald Trump didn’t get elected this wouldn’t have been an issue. Ellen who said she would never have Trump on her show because she wouldn’t have anyone on her show whom she didn’t like. Ellen actually did have Donald Trump on her show but that was before he was elected so she must have liked him then.

There were rumors of Jay Leno being replaced despite being number one in the ratings for 20 years and even on his last week of the show he was still number one because he was too critical of former President Obama. In 2008 on CNN, Chevy Chase made an interesting comment, he stated that he used his position which was on a popular tv-show called, “Saturday Night Live” in order to help elect Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s. How did he do that?  “I just went after him,” Chase said. He wanted Ford out of office and since he had millions watching him, he thought, “why not do it?”

Chevy Chase went on to say, you think we meaning the stars on Saturday Night Live are just mocking these political figures like Sarah Palin because she is funny? No Chevy, I don’t! They are doing for propaganda purposes to advance a certain political agenda to their viewers. This is why there was so much pressure of Fallon to be way more anti-Trump than he wanted to be, this is why Ellen started to say that she didn’t like Trump so the President wouldn’t be invited on her show despite him being on her show prior to his election! This is why Jay Leno was replaced, he wasn’t advancing their political agenda the way they wanted it.

Donna Brazile

This is why former DNC Chairperson, Donna Brazile, did not apologize at first, for leaking CNN’s debate questions and topics to the Hillary Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary, rather she denied it. Later on, she finally admitted to the leaking of debate questions and three days went by before she finally gave an apology. And lastly, when there was no more use for her, she threw Hillary under the bus by writing in her book that Hillary and the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders!  And it wouldn’t be just Hillary, if Bernie was the nominate without collusion on who was going to win the candidacy, Donna would have gladly leaked CNN’s debate questions to his campaign as well and never admit to such an unethical deed unless she was caught for the sake of helping the DNC remain in control of the government! 

It’s another reason why she continues to undermine the Presidency of the United States with her allegations. By suggesting there was meddling by Russians with the Trump campaign that somehow put him over the top with a victory while never mentioning that her own party along with Hillary’s campaign hired Russia through a law firm to find dirt!  Which was compiled into a dossier which was later then leaked to the media on Russian collusion with Donald Trump that has to lead nowhere after a year as far as criminal activity or charges were concerned. If anything, it’s against US laws for a campaign to hire foreigners in that sort of operation as well as funneling money through a law firm to do it rather than reporting it! Brazil continues with the propaganda as she believes it will help her cause and her party but the responses towards her haven’t been all that positive, telling her she should get over it, her party lost, we have future elections.  

Propaganda is not confined to news outlets, political campaigns, late night talk show hosts, but Hollywood as well who are also invited and attend the White House Correspondents Dinner.  The dinner is supposed to be for serious journalists rather than entertainers. But as we can see, it is a blur now between the two but they share one major thing in common and that is propaganda. One name has dominated the headlines in recent times and that is Harvey Weinstein who is an American film producer and former film executive. On the latest count, 91 women have come forward to accuse him of either sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. Weinstein had two lives, one was making profits off of producing movies many of which advanced his other life and the other was going after women who were not interested in him.

Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein went as far as hiring an army to protect him which included a high-level law firm who would then hire former government spies for the purpose of finding dirt on his victims which later would be used against them. Even in his contract with his company, it said he couldn’t get fired if he paid settlements with his own money to women. His law firm which also represented a major newspaper in the United States would attack reporters or editors who tried to talk to some of his victims. An ex-Jewish spy befriended one of the victims by pretending to be a victim herself. The spy would then obtain weaknesses from the victim and then reported it to Weinstein who would later use it against his intended target. This is not a movie, this has been going on with Weinstein for many years!

Women were not the only victims in Hollywood, but young children as well and it might be worse. Horror stories of young kids being molested by adults in Hollywood who took advantage of their Hollywood ties as well would groom the kids as victims. Even went so far as making movies such as two older men living with one younger child whom they were not related to as a family. The production wasn’t intended to make huge profits but rather used as propaganda in order to try and change the culture’s view of their narrative which was a sexual perversion.

The latest propaganda movie which has been already been declared an Oscar candidate is to be released on November 24, 2017, which is…“Call Me By Your Name” where it depicts a relationship with a 24-year-old man with a 17-year-old boy. There are perverts in Hollywood who don’t care about sexual assault or sexual harassment who believe adults can have romantic relationships with kids. The movie attempts to normalize the behavior in our culture along with grooming future victims for themselves. Hollywood has used numerous movies to advance not just certain behavior but also certain political agendas which they believe will help them normalize their sexual perversion. 

Science Image

Ok, before moving on, I want to make it clear that this is not a political blog per say nor a Hollywood review of movies and its workers, but the reason why I brought this up is the fact that evolutionists try and do the same thing with their narrative of what they call science! They campaign for evolution, Hollywood produces very one-sided presentations of evolution in their fictional stories, mainstream media which includes newspapers, magazines, and tv. Fox News will give evolution great media coverage without questioning it. However, with Fox News sometimes the hosts do not always agree with evolution but the rest of mainstream media is fully pro-evolution. Not only with evolution but certain political issues as well.

Even though there is so much propaganda with evolution either through the media or public education, campaigners for evolution are stunned that so many continue to reject the theory! Ryan Dunk from Syracuse University wrote in his blog

“Despite over a half-century of education reforms aimed at better science instruction, nearly 40 percent of Americans reject the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution.”

 Making an implication that Darwin-skeptics are science deniers which isn’t true:

“It is our hope that these studies, followed by a larger study comparing science and non-science students, will help us to develop curricular interventions that can meet students where they are and help lead them towards an understanding and acceptance rather than denial of scientific knowledge.”

The scientific method consists of a method of a procedure consisting of systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. There is nothing wrong with the scientific method mentioned above that would be anti-biblical.

We observe many advances in science concerning technology, robotic machines, smartphones, self-driven cars, and in about 10-12 years from now most cars get their power from electricity whether that be 100 percent or hybrid, the days of gas cars will eventually be eliminated. The days of humans driving cars will also eventually be eliminated.  And so much more!

Dunk’s accepted method for teaching evolution which is common today in public schools uses a grotesquely exaggerated representation of the data. Calling evolution “the unifying explanatory framework of biology”…Things like medical science and biomimetics have no use for evolution. Some may give credit to evolution, but that is different than actually using it in the research. Molecular biology is another one when it comes to describing molecular machines, evolution has no use. Molecular biology is the biology of the future!  


So where does the issue come from? It’s origin, it boils down to, do you believe nature comes from God or evolution? Fatty oil for example which is known to degrade quickly be able to preserve itself through massive environmental changes, as well as longevity for millions of years or things like activity on Pluto so far away from the sun, is still billions of years old rather than frozen and inactive because of its old age located in a cold environment.  Observations in our solar system have confirmed youthfulness because of things like activity on planets and moons. along with the rings of Saturn. If anything, a young universe does and will show more interesting stuff than an old frozen one!

Planet Earth in outer space. Imaginary view of blue glowing eart

Observations here on earth also indicate youth rather than 4.5 billion years old. Those who teach evolution generally will hype the Green River varves in Wyoming as evidence for an old earth. However, there are well-preserved fish and birds located throughout the sediments which don’t indicate annual deposits. Their presence indicates a catastrophic burial. Evolutionists have argued that high concentrations of alkaline were also present in the water which made it possible to preserve the dead animals. That explanation is not realistic because high concentrations of alkaline would disintegrate the dead animals. Do you know what alkaline is used for? It’s commonly used for dishwashers for its ability to cut grease! It’s not a preservative by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t fit basic chemistry in that way! And lastly, the consistency across the formation, there is none, which leads one to a conclusion that annual deposits are not happening. 

Green River Rock

There is plenty of evidence of a young earth and universe but for this post I went over just a few of them and perhaps someday, more of them will be posted, moving on…

Evolutionists do not want the public to believe intelligent design namely, God is responsible for nature and the universe. They want evolution to be their God sort of speak. Even though there is a lot of evidence which contradicts their theory, they require unconditional acceptance like a cult would require.  Since 1998, it is taught as an irrefutable fact rather than a theory that can be questioned. 

Evolutionists want students to deny the abrupt appearance of complex body plans found in the fossil record, how intelligent designs relate to nature and God, living fossils, the origin of consciousness, human exceptionalism and so on…! The explanations in evolution resemble science fiction movies rather than actual science. Science is a great tool to gain information, Evolution is a tool which uses propaganda tactics that leads to nowhere but it is assumed to be everywhere by its followers!  


Brunswick Candidates Face Off: Creationism vs Evolution

Since the School Board of Brunswick discussed the topic of adding creationism in addition to teaching evolution as an alternative in the public schools, has sparked debate during this election year.

“In Brunswick County, including two school board candidates, creationism and evolution are competing views that could be debated on scientific terms. The idea, and a discussion that has gone beyond the community, were ignited by Joel Fanti, a Southern Baptist chemical engineer who has a son at West Brunswick High.”

“Fanti suggested at the Sept. 16 school board meeting that creationism be taught side by side with evolution, a thought four board members supported and which has become the object of ridicule on some science Web sites.” StarNewsOnline

Candidates are weighing in and displaying their opinions to the public as they are running for the school board’s seats. There are a variety of viewpoints, from a strong stance on creationism, to just a discussion in some type of form rather than teaching it in science class, and of course there are those advocating just teaching evolution.

“Long-term evolution, the kind that transforms animals, is slow and cannot be observed happening in one’s lifetime, but fossils substantiate it, he said.”

Which fossils is he talking about? There are over 200 million fossils and counting that we are aware of and a tiny portion of those fossils are even disputed as evidence by evolutionists for transitional forms. A vast assortment of animals from the past, would mean a lot of transitional forms should be found in the fossil record, but they are not.

For example, fossils like the trilobites appear suddenly in the fossil record without a trace of an ancestor. There has been discoveries of hundreds of thousands of unrelated soft-bodied fossils. If there were any ancestors of trilobites, we would have found them by now.

Some say if you teach ID or Creationism, you will learn more about evolution. This is most likely accurate, but there is a drawback for those who idolize evolution, by teaching alternatives means showing it’s weakness. And those who idolize evolution want children to have a strong belief in it’s teachings so they would never endorse presenting it’s weakness.

Evolution is not compatible with the Bible, nor is it a true theory, it’s an hypothesis. It’s been used by militant evolutionists to make more money, while others it’s to replace God whom they don’t want to believe in, and the rest go either along with popular opinion or are swayed by other science that disproves evolution.

“The separation of church and state should be upheld, Thorsen said, adding that he wouldn’t want to force creationism on students and that schools should instead focus on teaching the basics.”

Evolution is not basic, it’s complex, it tries to explain one gap while opening more gaps in the process which is why we see such a vast field of secular science. Thorsen is flawed with his interpretation of church and state, why should Christian parents be subjective to the teaching of evolution which is contrary to the Bible? Biology could in fact be taught without ever mentioning evolution or creationism. That would be considered neutral, the basics and the proper definition of separation from church and state.

It’s going to be an interesting year in Brunswick, one creationist put the who county on the map, sparks a major debate, candidates are using either creationism or evolution in their platforms in order to try and get elected. Creationists I believe should continue their fight for what’s right. It’s all in the Lord’s hands.

New School Year: Louisiana Education Act

One of the worst nightmares in the world of hardcore academia was the passing of SB 733 in Louisiana this past June.  Major atheistic blogs were just littered with massive concerns about this bill. The hype faded for awhile, but with the new school year at hand, the topic has once again become a major concern with all sorts of speculation. The bill basically would allow critical thinking in an objective manner. The bill states…

C.  A teacher shall teach the material presented in the standard textbook supplied by the school system and thereafter may use supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review scientific theories in an objective manner, as permitted by the city, parish, or other local public school board unless otherwise prohibited by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

D.  This Section shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine, promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs, or promote discrimination
for or against religion or non-religion.

There are many unknowns to how this bill will affect teaching science in the public schools, because it’s so new. None of the critics or supporters knows what is exactly is going to be supplied in terms of textbooks by the school.  And how teachers will approach “critical thinking” towards evolution. Skeptics claim in the realm of their favorite subject; speculation say, “One potential consequence of the 2008 Louisiana Science Education Act could be the appearance – possibly later this year – of anti-evolution textbooks such as “Explore Evolution: The arguments for and against Neo-Darwinism” in schools around the state.”  Lisa Loring.

Lisa Loring has also claimed that modern creationists failed to get evolution banned so they are passing laws like critical thinking. She lacks evidence for her claim, most creationists in the modern era do not mind both evolution and creation or intelligent design being taught. Plus critical thinking is a neutral term, it doesn’t favor one theory over another theory. It’s funny about how evolutionists speculate so much trying to make it more than it seems. Perhaps they are worried about students who will have doubts about evolution when being critical of it, instead of being indoctrinated.

“What about the academic freedom argument? If someone wants to teach creationism in a science class, shouldn’t they have the right to do so? Certainly – if they want to get fired. Because if they do that they deserve to get fired. It has nothing to do with academic freedom; it’s about basic competence” Panda’s Thumb

Militant atheists generally want to treat the public sector as their own private school. Public schools are accountable to the taxpayer, unlike private schools which get more freedom on what is being taught. The governor however is in favor of teaching intelligent design. There is really nothing in the bill to suggest creationism will be taught.

However, there might be some aspects which creationism agrees with, let’s say for the sake of argument the young vs old age of the Universe. This falls in the realm of science because it can be observed and tested. Would both sides of the issue be taught and critically looked at?  Only time will tell on what will be actually taught. I’m very curious to find out and will be writing more about this in the coming year as facts come out. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an interesting school year in the State of Louisiana.