Darwinist Proposes Something Radical In His Field

Over many years, the United States has spent millions of dollars trying to detect or communicate with supposed alien life forms so much so that Paul Davis from AZ state university has proposed something radical in his particular field. Not so much for us creationists or the modern intelligent design proponents, but radical for his follow scientists who are followers of Darwinian evolution.

Why? The reason is quite obvious, the material being published today in the secular media and scientific journals attempt to undermined or attempt to disprove that detection for intelligent design is not science. A topic that comes up quite often when science standards are being formulated by public schools. While it’s true, that detecting intelligent design is not Darwinian evolution, it doesn’t mean science cannot detect intelligence behind the design.

In Astrobiology Magazine

“Perhaps the most fascinating possibility is if aliens used bioengineering to leave behind unintentional or intentional traces or messages in the DNA of life on Earth. The self-perpetuating nature of life forms could help ensure survival of any such biologically-embedded messages.”

This is the type of things that are on Coast To Coast, a radio station on the AM station which reports on stories that the internet is going to be injected into a person and then integrated with the brain to become part of it. Back in the 80’s when I was going to school, computer chips was the popular story with a particular number being inserted underneath the skin. The chip used for ID and money for a cashless society, now the story has gotten more complex, this time using nano technology to turn humans into robots.

“Citizen scientists and school students could pitch in to run genomic versions of SETI programs to find any such traces, Davies said. Data-mining software programs could do much of the heavy lifting as just a small part of the usual genomic analyses going on in everyday research.”

Paul Davis needs to get out of Hollywood science fiction and should take back the promise that evidence of alien life forms would be discovered on earth in 20 years. How does he propose aliens travel to get here? In order to start looking for traces of alien forms on earth one would have to rationalize how they got here in the first place over vast distances which is theoretically impossible considering the amount of energy and speed and time it would take to get here. What about worm holes? Have those been detected? No! But Hollywood science fiction says they exist and claim that is one of the ways aliens travel.

This is a sad way of spending taxpayer money on a delusion or science fiction story about alien life forms, there are so many other fields in science that could use the extra millions of dollars for their research like fighting diseases, exploring space, and learning how nature works. But there is one thing about his so-called radical proposal, intelligent design is detectable and therefore a science.