Stacking Up “Scientific Consensus” For Policies

Back in the early to late 70’s scientific consensus was that of the earth was cooling down, so much in fact, they believed a return of some sort of ice-age. Until the 80’s came along where man-made climate change became the prevailing viewpoint among the so-called, “scientific consensus” and anyone who questioned it, were in denial in fact some have suggested it’s the same as being a holocaust denier or someone who just doesn’t believe in science.

There is a similarity between how evolution which used to be questioned within the framework until 1998, where it was declared a declaration of fact that was beyond question, and a new focus was put in place that involved rescuing explanations from falsifications which often times happens in the framework of evolution.

The belief in man-made climate change has a more profound effect on economies on various governments including the United States than does many research projects on evolution. Computer models without knowing an array of compensating factors became a form of popular evidence for man-made climate changes during the 80’s and it still is, today! Computer models are based on assumptions about the present or future reality, but is absolutely not reality itself.

Scientific Consensus and critics alike do agree that the earth’s temperature hit a peak in 1998, and has not shown any warming trend in the last 15 years or so. In temperate pattern in the last 50 years has been lower than what the computer models had predicted yet the UN climate chief continues to sound the alarm, claiming that the earth is running out of time! Just like in evolution when an assumption is falsified, they go into rescuing mode which sounds better in science fiction than reality.

Like the UN climate chief, Nature News continues to sound the alarm by calling this trend “a pause” and then tries to explain why the earth warming trend has pulled back. Science Daily is even alarmed by the impact the pause will have on public opinion which says is lacking because they believe the public is greedy…So they propose strategic conversations or in other words re-education camps. Other supporters have turned their focus elsewhere from the data to the skeptics themselves and are trying to demonize them in particular.

Like evolution, governments take sides by creating mandates that are agreement with man-made climate change or fund researchers that only agree with one side thus stacking  “scientific consensus” with a particular viewpoint.

“Would you rather have €40 (about $55 US) or save the climate? When the question is put in such stark terms, the common sense answer is obviously: “stop climate change!” After all, we are well-informed individuals who act for the common good and, more particularly, for the good of future generations. Or at least that’s how we like to think of ourselves.”

They like to think of their selves as rulers over the weather, but in reality there has been historical climate change long before the industrial era. It’s not denying science at all, this pause could last for years to come or not, but how do they know it’s man-made rather than historical? They have yet to define the difference. One thing is for sure man cannot control the weather, the earth does go through warming and cooling trends just like it did before the industrial era as well in the seventies and eighties till the present.