The Government & Corporate Vaccination Strategy

Former President Donald Trump whose top health care expert, Dr Fauci decide to forgo therapies as the focus to combat Covid-19. Suppressing early at-home treatment by making false claims about dangers of successful drugs used for other things and proven to work with Covid like hydroxychloroquine that can only be prescribed by a doctor. Currently, there are doctors who will prescribe it based on your condition and it will not prevent you from getting Covid, it only treats. Treatments from hydroxychloroquine have been favorable with many patients and not perfect in all cases. The only focus on early home treatment approved by the government and corporate media was to isolate and if you get sick enough, then you go to the hospital, this is utter nonsense for at home treatment. Not a good strategy for treating people at home for Covid!

Instead, the focus and solution in the beginning as we know was to combat the virus with lockdowns, and mask mandates once the masks became plentiful to the public and of course later on, vaccinations. The problem was, vaccinations take 2 to 5 years to study and then be approved, and Covid 19’s second variant was spreading in the United States like wildfire. Fear of the unknown concerning possible massive deaths and fear of hospitals all over the country would overfill their capacity because of Covid-19 patients.

Then President Donald Trump does what any great business men would do, he improved production. He made a deal in May 2020 that was mentioned in the previous blog and cut some regulations that would normally slow down the process. The deal and cutting the red tape allowed drug companies to come up with a vaccine much faster! After 9 months with heavy opposition from Democrats at the time who at first tried to cast doubt on the vaccines and how fast it could be accomplished, we saw the first vaccinations among the elderly. As former President Trump had predicted, the first major vaccine was approved as experimental on an emergency basis only and ready to go in December 2020. But something was different and not just about new technology but other things about these vaccinates which will be addressed later.

Four months later in April 2021, within a two week span there were significant decrease in deaths and new cases especially among the elderly who were were suffering the most from the virus and also were previously victims. Because things happening to them like in New York where Gov. Cumo at the time was placing sick Covid patients into nursing homes. Two other major states were doing the same thing. Later on, Gov. Cumo administration admitted to the public that he was trying to hide the actual numbers of nursing home deaths connected with Covid-19. But the Gov. of NY did not get into trouble for that among his party, rather it was sexual harassment accusations that lead to his resignation after fighting it for months.

As millions have been vaccinated either by mandate or like federal employees who were threaten by the Biden Administration that your life will become hard if you don’t get the shot. Side effects have been increasing as well. Such as heart inflammation, certain disabilities and so on. But what is interesting and different from previous outbreaks in the modern era, only 38 States are recording deaths associated with the vaccines (See Breakthrough Cases) while the other states have stopped recording those stats and now the CDC isn’t keeping track of those type of deaths which are connected to the vaccines! This is what you call rigging the numbers, if only 38 states are reporting and the CDC isn’t recording them, it keeps the numbers low. Which makes the data unrealistic!

Breakthrough Cases?

Dr.Fauci said in his interview to Yahoo an then again in his testimony before the Senate in 2021, that the vaccines are “very good, 94%, 95% in protecting you against clinically recognizable disease, and almost a 100% in protecting you for severe disease…” (See Oct 2020 interview)

Here Dr. Fauci with his fancy wording admitted that the vaccines are not intended to protect you from getting Covid, there is no cure for Covid, just like there is no cure for the common cold. Rather the vaccinations intent is to control the symptoms (recognizable disease) so you don’t get so sick that you require hospitalization or death. His answer had nothing to do with infections. Being fully vaccinated also doesn’t mean you can’t transmit the virus either. Which is why you see mask mandates back, even though mask mandates didn’t slow down the surges in November 2020 when Covid cases were at their highest! But here is the rub, if you were promised that the vaccinations would prevent you from getting Covid thereby stopping the spread, they would be lying! In fact, it is quite possible that the virus may become resistant toward vaccines! Currently there is a variant in South America just started to infect people in the United States which might be one of those type of variants that vaccinations have no effect on! There is a peer-review study coming out on it.

Mask mandates are being used for political reasons even in the beginning when Fauci said there are small enough holes in masks that Covid could go through and people touching their faces to fix the mask so he said masks were not a good idea. But now says they are, but all this is, is giving the government authority to take people’s rights away for future viruses because of health issues that may or may not be that dire! And it’s not only this issue, recently, the State of Michigan lost a case that involved using a child’s DNA without the parents consent! Michigan’s health department argued that requiring a parent’s consent for using their child’s DNA would devastate the government’s research! Thankfully, the judge held up the parent’s rights!

It has been alarming that during the peak season of Vitamin D, we are seeing a major surge in new cases which is unheard of, we never have these types of outbreaks with other viruses during the summer! There has been speculation and hard data from other countries that suggest vaccinated people are being infected with the new variants like Delta, the same as unvaccinated. In the United States, President Biden along with corporate media has been blaming unvaccinated people for a major increase in cases. But what is fueling the conclusion that the virus is responding to the vaccinations with more different variants is the fact that we have 50 percent of the United States fully vaccinated. When there was less vaccinated people there were fewer cases, now with more vaccinated people, we have more cases! Their promises of the vaccinate working, you would think that there would be less cases not more with more people being vaccinated! The only thing that hasn’t change much at all is deaths! Deaths are the same as they were last summer 2020.

Despite former President Trump improving production of vaccines which in turn were approved in record speed and available to the public and now pushed on the public, the focus is not good strategy. The vaccines cause your body to spike proteins which is what Covid does, how long and how many is unknown. We do not know all the possible side effects like blood clots from these spiked proteins. We will know more as time progresses. Over 30 million people are recovered and are naturally immune. Just like the vaccines getting weaker with variants, it might be possible that future Covid variants might be able to re-infect again much like viruses like the flu. This isn’t the worse virus of all time, but it may be the worse strategy of all time that leads to more government control.

New Discoveries About Neanderthals Continues to Falsify Old Assumptions

Neanderthals for many years have this story about them based on the hypothesis of evolution. Yes, hypothesis because I’m not longer calling evolution a “theory” because usually most theories have so much more scientific evidence than what evolution provides.

Neanderthals is a clear example of Paleoanthropologists making up behaviors, how Neanderthals lived, their level of intelligence and what they may have sounded like and often referred to as “brutes” was all based on evolution and you know what? They have been so way off the mark because of their belief in evolution!

In Spain, discoveries were found that Neanderthals had ancient tools like drills and scrapers which they used to process minerals in the caves. Neanderthals created artwork which gave us some insight on how they really lived. They also had their own language which didn’t entail grunting noises as suggested! In the Smithsonian Magazine published on May 19, 2019 said that for years (evolutionists and some non-evolutionists) people described Neanderthals as “stocky, stooped figures, preternaturally low-browed, who became extinct as sapiens inherited the earth.” Basically the fairytale suggested that Neanderthals were too primitive so they went extinct.

In the beginning, if researchers had used the scientific method like they were supposed to do rather than use the discovery for the evolutionary tree without evidence, Neanderthals would have been considered fully human and all this falsification that we have witnessed over the years in recent times would not exist.

As the Smithsonian Magazine correctly points out…

“Through advances in archaeology, dating, genetics, biological anthropology and many related disciplines we now know that Neanderthals not only had bigger brains than sapiens, but also walked upright and had a greater lung capacity. These ice age Eurasians were skilled toolmakers and big-game hunters who lived in large social groups, built shelters, traded jewelry, wore clothing, ate plants and cooked them, and made sticky pitch to secure their spear points by heating birch bark. Evidence is mounting that Neanderthals had a complex language and even, given the care with which they buried their dead, some form of spirituality. And as the cave art in Spain demonstrates, these early settlers had the chutzpah to enter an unwelcoming underground environment, using fire to light the way.”

Now that sounds like ancient humans related to the human race of today! And I suspect more discoveries on how fully human they always were will also surface. But these discoveries haven’t overturned the dating problem that is used by evolutionists. Neanderthal DNA is still around! DNA is organic, we know it decays rapidly. Well, evolutionists believe Neanderthals lived about 40,000 to 400,000 years ago and somehow the organic material (DNA) survived through all them years under extreme conditions. Plus DNA mutates about 100 new mutations every generation! The half life of DNA is estimated at 521 years along with DNA not being stable outside of a living cell!

Courts have ruled that DNA many decades old is too damaged to be used as evidence in a court of law! Just look up cases that involve reconstruction of old DNA for criminal cases. There are even debates in college campuses about the reliability of old DNA. So there are issues in the modern times about how quickly DNA can get damaged, 40,000 to 400,000 years ago would be so damaged thus rendering it unrecognizable rather than remaining intact and in fairly good shape as we see with the Neanderthal DNA today!

Consensus Hinders Science

We have heard the claim that most scientists agree, take Darwinism as an example, if most scientists agree, that it is a fact.

“the scientific theory of evolution is accepted by mainstream scientists around the world as the cornerstone of biology and the single, unifying explanation for the diversity of life on earth and is, therefore, beyond question.”

When consensus talks, it’s like the Pope talking in regards to Scripture. But there is a major problem with this philosophy. In 1961, the American Heart Association came out with a study that suggested a low-fat diet prevents heart disease while a high-fat diet causes it.  Consensus spoke, it was “beyond question” so for a period of time no clinical trials were conducted to test its conclusion! It basically became the law of the land. 

However, there were attempts for clinical trials, but when the evidence from these trials was contrary to the consensus, researchers decided to put an end to the research! The researchers also made a decision to not publish their findings for 16 years! It would be like a creation scientist researching the Ica Stones and testing them for which have been complicating evolutionists for years because these rocks contain very clear dinosaurian representations. The reason why it complicates evolution is that these drawings from pre-Colombian cultures would falsify the belief that dinosaurs were not around when man roamed the earth. There is controversy because the stones were not discovered by the experts. However, one can test to know where or not the stones are what they are from the past or if they are some modern drawings.  So far no such test has been done on the stones, evolutionists would be hard press to conduct one, instead, some sit back and claim consensus. 

It was the same with soft tissue from ancient animals which evolutionist claim was impossible before 2007. While they are right about the preservation part of the organic material, they are anti-science when soft tissue from a dinosaur was discovered by accident by one of their experts so they eventually had to accept its existence but when it came to the reality that soft tissue is not millions of years old, like how they treated the human diet, and the drawings from the pre-Colombian cultures, they bury the evidence in order to keep their narrative. Because organic material degrades very quickly. This a fact. And if evolution couldn’t have happened slowly, there is no evolution. Therefore, the denial.

Consensus has done a better job of keeping most of the research in a box concerning evolution, but it hasn’t been as successful with the human diet. Last year in 2017 a study which has caught the attention of some people in the United States was published in an “open access” medical journal called, “The Lancet report” on the initial findings of the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology.” The largest of its kind across 18 countries which included 135,000 people total.  

Most mainstream nutritionists including one that I had a conversation with about my health a couple of years ago, suggested intake of more carbs while reducing meat, and dairy intake and so on. In other words a low-fat diet. However, this new study discovered that people with low-fat diets had a higher risk of heart disease than those with a lower carb diet confirming other studies that were buried during the late 60’s and early 70’s. 


“Benefits of fruit, vegetable and legume consumption appear to be at a maximum for both non-cardiovascular mortality and total mortality at three to four servings per day (equivalent to 375–500 g/day).”

Getting the human diet right is very critical because every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack! Of course, it is not the only component because heredity also plays a key role in heart disease along with lifestyles like smoking or not non-smoking.

Consensus has failed to follow standard science research protocol, strictly going by proper research procedures, and lack of replication. This mess is compounded by the fact that once an idea becomes popular within the mainstream, it becomes near impossible to overturn along with countless millions of dollars to preserve its narrative. There is a reason why consensus has failed science. Consensus protects certain beliefs in science by not allowing anyone to think outside the box.

It’s beyond question that consensus has hindered scientific research along with a need for change!  This will help improve science for the better!

Crashing Materialistic Paradigms

You have to love space exploration, the Cassini mission was fun to write about as it supplied a lot of data along with others space explorations like New Horizons which is now on its last leg of its mission after it passed by Pluto. And now along comes the Juno mission which hasn’t been a disappointment! Every mission has a huge magnitude of surprises (crashing materialistic paradigms) which goes far beyond the norm for exploring the unknown.

New Horizons 2

But when a human spacecraft is unable to travel vast amount of distances so that observations can be seen from a direct vantage point, evolutionary scientists decided to create SETI and Astrobiology and then waste millions of dollars on hypotheticals based on materialism (evolution). Take this paper contained in pnas as an example…

“The search for extraterrestrial life is one of the most exciting frontiers in present-day astronomy. Recently, the TRAPPIST-1 star was discovered to host seven rocky planets with masses and radii similar to those of the Earth, of which at least three of them may be capable of supporting life. Our paper addresses the possibility that life on one of these planets can spread to others through the transfer of rocky material. We conclude that this process has a high probability of being operational, implying that this planetary system may possess multiple life-bearing planets. Thus, our work has profound theoretical and observational consequences for future studies of the TRAPPIST-1 system and the likelihood of life in our galaxy.”    


You have to give these scientists some credit, the fact that there is not one shred of evidence for life on those planets, no evidence for life being transported to Moon or Mars or any other planet in our solar system and yet, they get paid huge amounts of money to come up with these amazing science fiction stories so they can “look further” into the unknown subject. Abiogenesis or sometimes called chemical evolution or sometimes even referred to as “soups to cells”.  There is an attempt underway to divorce evolution with the origin of life because speculations are decreasing due to advance technology along with the complexity of the cells. The origin of life theory makes evolution overall look weaker. And if you are trying to convince people that evolution is an indisputable fact, you sure don’t want to make it look weak.

But the reality of the situation, evolution is weak. The subsets of evolution are weak as well. The problem with the origin of life from a materialistic view is that all components are required to be present, within the same location in order to have a remote possibility to create a living cell. However,  carbonyl chemical groups which are needed for life can destroy amino acids which are also needed for life. Living cells have mechanisms that prevent cross-reactions but not entirely, sometimes it does happen and when it does, living cells have the ability to repair the damage but dead chemicals do not have such abilities! If scientists do not know after 60+ years of trying how dead chemicals were created life on earth what makes them able to predict life on other planets that a spacecraft cannot fly to?

There is a huge difference between the Juno mission and this kind of so-called research!

Every encounter that Juno makes, crashes another materialistic paradigm as pointed out in The Conversation

“NASA’s Juno mission has started to deliver – forcing scientists to reevaluate what they thought they knew about the giant planet. The first findings from Juno, published in Science, indicate that many aspects of Jupiter have defied expectation – including the strength of its magnetic field, the shape of its core, the distribution of ammonia gas and the weather at its poles. It certainly makes this an exciting time to be a Jupiter scientist.”

Normally evolutionary scientists are taught, along with their egos, and agenda to never admit they are wrong. Rather, they will use words like, “improving our understanding or insight” or “needs to be looked further into” when their models are so way off base and looking into could last 50 to 100 years or more like the origin of life which leads to nowhere. Also admitting they are wrong would suggest that evolution, whether that be planetary evolution, or stellar evolution, or evolution in general, would suggest it’s rather weak in theory and that is a no-no, they want to make it look like the strongest thing in science that we know today. The Juno’s mission is no different.

Juno wasn’t the only spacecraft to record data that crushed assumptions about the planet’s magnetic field but NASA’s Cassini spacecraft during its final leg of its mission discovered as stated in NASA’s site

“Based on data collected by Cassini’s magnetometer instrument, Saturn’s magnetic field appears to be surprisingly well-aligned with the planet’s rotation axis. The tilt is much smaller than 0.06 degrees — which is the lower limit the spacecraft’s magnetometer data placed on the value prior to the start of the Grand Finale.”

“This observation is at odds with scientists’ theoretical understanding of how magnetic fields are generated. Planetary magnetic fields are understood to require some degree of tilt to sustain currents flowing through the liquid metal deep inside the planets (in Saturn’s case, thought to be liquid metallic hydrogen). With no tilt, the currents would eventually subside and the field would disappear.”

This is a common pattern with models that hold to the old age assumption, spacecraft which explore interesting parts of our vast solar system come back with data that contradict previous models held for many years which put scientists into rescue mode. Without these type of missions, it would be extremely difficult to tell what is really happening in the universe. And of course, NASA scientists would make these models sound like they are so well grounded and sound. Back to Jupiter, there are more discoveries to reveal…


What Juno did discover was very interesting, one of the best scientific discoveries of 2017!

There is a lot of strange deep motions going on which requires further exploration. Other discoveries by Juno include:

Jupiter Pole 2

“Juno’s camera has revealed numerous bright cyclones of a variety of appearances – some appear sharp, some have clear spirals, some are fluffy and diffuse, and the largest is some 1400km across. That’s about the same distance between London and Majorca. These bright storms sit on top of dark clouds, giving the appearance of “floating” on a dark sea…”

Perhaps someday a second spacecraft which is smaller than the mothership will be released and take measurements and pictures as it heads into the largest planet in the solar system! While the mothership continues its study of the planet for many days to come. Obviously, Juno will collect more surprises for evolutionists in terms of their models. Juno’s mission has been a great success so far and planetary evolution is not required for this mission, the engineers at NASA are one of the best in the world. That is where the taxpayer money should go when exploring the great unknown, for the most part not always, creating models before observation data comes in anyone can do, but not everyone can build, launch, and drive a spacecraft into a precise orbit to explore the vast unknown like engineers can!