What Is Your Favorite Scientific Debunked Belief?

Liberal blogger Richard Thaler, asked an interesting question about science theories going wrong and why it took so long for it to be corrected. He quite a response from scientists. One Physicist, writes…

“The earth is flat and the sun goes around it for the same reason that an apple appears to be more strongly attracted by the earth than a leaf, the same reason that when you add 20% and then subtract 20% you return to the same value, and the same reason that the boat is heavier than water. All of these statements appear to be correct, at first sight, and all of them are wrong…”

“The length of time it takes to figure it out is a matter of history and culture. Religion gets into it, psychology, fear of science, and many other factors. I do not believe that there is one parameter that determines how these things are found to be wrong…Religious people of all religions believe even more ridiculous things than all of the above. These are examples of the last 10 years, not of the middle ages.”

Here we go, the flat earth concept again, it has been used quite often by certain evolutionists to mock creationists or intelligent design proponents. One wonders how many years has this physicist really studied Christainity or religion? Most likely he has done some study, but ultimately he wrote a response that is based on a lie.

Isaiah 40:22…

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”

Suggesting the earth is a circle would not give the impression of it being flat! Rather than admitting their own faith in these conclusions they exalt evolution over God…

“The Great Chain of Being is another great example of a long-held, still not fully displaced, false view and also stems from the same kind of “wrongly centered ” thinking. Essentially the view is that humans stand at the pinnacle of creation (or just below God) and all other life forms are less perfect to a varying degree. Evolutionary theory teaches that all creatures are equally adapted to the niches in which they live; every branch of the tree is thus in a sense equally perfect.”

Who said Christianity and science were separate? First that say, it’s not a science, then they write in a blog that it’s a debunked science, which is of course is another lie coming from this particular camp of scientists. However, he does have a point about interpretation of the data, it’s based on a person’s logic or way of thinking. But his logic is clearly bias and outright wrong.

Science is a tool to learn with. On the other hand, evolution is a story that has been created by man. Take for example, Steven Taylor, a macro-invertebrate biologist from the University of Illinois who spent two decades studying the mysteries of cave life. His adventure was spending a lot of time in tight dark spots in numerous caves, observing bizarre creatures that live in these ecological “islands” cut off from the outside world. Now what he did in this project was about observing, recording data and studying the effects of the above-ground environment on the creatures below ground. It’s good science without a story about evolution. Science that confirms the Bible is another!

The cultists in evolution would like the public to believe that understanding these creatures without evolution would be impossible. The cultists in evolution would also like the public to believe that their truth is the way and the light and nobody canĀ interpret nature but them. Answering the question about one’s favorite debunked scientific beliefs shows more than ever a need to open up science research, allow more views, creationist, intelligent design or otherwise!