Atheist Jerry Coyne Is Condescending Once Again

Johns Hopkins University decided to invite Ben Carson to speak at their 2013 graduation.ceremony. Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon who attended Johns Hopkins University. He also happens to be a creationist who is against gay marriage. There was an uproar from the gay community about Carson’s stance against gay marriage, so he withdrew which was a mistake.

Instead, he accepted an invite at another university. There were no gay groups protesting at this one, but evolutionists were not happy about it. Namely Jerry Coyne and others. Coyne writes

“Yes, Carson worked his way up from a horrible background (raised in Detroit by a single mom) to a position of prestige and accomplishment, and yes, he’s been a role model to black students.  But none of that, to my mind, outweighs his profoundly creationist views.  He certainly shouldn’t be barred from speaking because of his faith, but the officials who pick commencement speakers should have excluded him because his view of science, based on lies, is hardly exemplary of an institution devoted to learning.  Truth outweighs inspiration.”  

He shouldn’t be barred but just have excluded him? What Jerry Coyne is advocating is restricting freedom of speech because of a difference of opinion about science, he means evolution. Listen, Neurosurgery is a science Mr. Coyne!  Carson has successfully performed surgery on the nervous system and has been good at it without believing in evolution! Neurosurgery has nothing to do with evolution because its operational science. It’s like learning how a car engine works and performing repairs on it, both are intelligently designed!

Here is some of the feedback from Coyne’s choir…

“When a university asks someone with backwards views about science to give a commencement speech, they are tacitly supporting those beliefs even if they are doing so indirectly.

It’s unfortunate as Dr. Carson’s incorrect understanding of biology taints his accomplishments. I’d be uncomfortable if he were my surgeon even though he is accomplished.”

Isn’t Evolution the basis of all medicine? Infectious diseases are a cat and mouse game of evolution of the pathogen in just a short period of time. How did he pass all of the biology courses required to get into medical school? Did he lie when taking the tests? I’m tired of these religious types in medicine. They are fakes. And I hope he’s not praying before surgery. I want my doctor to be a cocky, arrogant, self-centered prick when he’s operating on my brain. I want him to have absolute confidence in his skills not in some wizard in the sky.”

This guy here thinks a belief in evolution is required to pass biology that is about evolution! Another guy claimed he fixed two of Carson’s “less-than-stellar results” and my question to him would be, “How did you use evolution to correct those results?” And I don’t mean just believing in it, I mean actually using evolutionary theory in surgery situations. They treat evolution like a cult.  And it’s the wrong religion based on stories. The greatest fear they have is creationists having success in the area of science. And if creationists are having success, it’s another blow to their ill conceived reasoning on why everyone should believe in evolution. So they remain condescending towards creationists.

Academic Freedom Bills Under Siege

Can students question explanations based on evolution in public schools? Does this imply that public schools would be teaching creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution? Back when the Louisiana Academic Freedom Act,” was filed on March 21, 2008, and then modified into the “Louisiana Science Education Act” which included all areas of science. A storm of protests from special interests like the NCSE, and militant atheists alike in their blogs were all claiming the bill would teach creationism to the students!

Almost five years later, we are observing some of the same attacks with the latest Academic Freedom Bills! Some of which are more bizarre this time around along with lying about its contents…

Consider this example coming from the guardian

“Four US states are considering new legislation about teaching science in schools, allowing pupils to be taught religious versions of how life on earth developed in what critics say would establish a backdoor way of questioning the theory of evolution.”

“A watchdog group, the National Center for Science Education, said that the proposed laws were framed around the concept of “academic freedom”. It argues that religious motives are disguised by the language of encouraging more open debate in school classrooms. However, the areas of the curriculum highlighted in the bills tend to focus on the teaching of evolution or other areas of science that clash with traditionally religious interpretations of the world.”

Exactly what “religious versions” are they talking about? They didn’t specify on how they came to such a bizarre conclusion! They have excellent first hand information now as other states have passed bills similar to this one and it’s been a few years or so since passage, like Texas which is another example to the “Louisiana Science Education Act”, perhaps the best example so far!

Texas science standards have been a pleasant surprise to say the least because its standards changed for the better, with stronger language than ever before! It was a huge victory for empirical science and a stunning loss for the opposition who almost had a heart attack! lol  So again I ask, where are those religious versions being taught in those schools as mentioned by the guardian? They know fully well that it’s against the law to teach creationism in the public schools.

In Texas, their legislation says this…

“In all fields of science, analyze, evaluate and critique scientific explanations by using empirical evidence, logical reasoning, and experimental and observational testing including examining all sides of scientific evidence of those scientific explanations so as to encourage critical thinking by the student.”

“Analyze and evaluate the evidence regarding formation of simple organic molecules and their organization into long complex molecules having information such as the DNA molecule for self-replicating life…analyze and evaluate scientific explanations concerning the complexity of the cell.”

What does this new legislation say? Let’s take a look!

“Public school authorities and administrators must permit teachers to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in a given course.

We know that militant Darwinists have elevated evolution to a cult rather than science. Why? They want to formulate the students opinions which favor evolution, the last thing they want is students doubting evolution while learning about it.

Live Science, Larry O’Hanlon called the new legislation anti-science! He writes

“Anti-science bills are popping up like daisies after a spring shower. Five bills in four states have been introduced with the opening of state legislatures across the United States. All of the bills are aimed at undermining the teaching of biology and physical science — specifically, evolution and climate change — in public schools.” 

Where in the bill does it target specifically, evolution and global warming? Any fair-minded reader can acknowledge when reading the wording in the new legislation that it contains nothing about the Bible, evolution, creation, or “climate change.”  

Like the guardian, Larry O’Hanlon lies and then turns into a conspiracy…

“It is almost identical language in all of the bills,” said Rosenau. “It’s a package of bills that we’ve been tracking since the 2004 ‘Academic Freedom’ bill.” That bill, which was passed into law, was based on language generated by the Discovery Institute, which has long pushed for the inclusion of biblical creationism and pseudo-scientific “intelligent design” into science classes in public schools.”

The Discovery Institute? They didn’t write the bills! They endorse the bills no question about that, and they also give legal advice to lawmakers (when asked) in order to avoid legal challenges. The Discovery Institute doesn’t endorse using the Bible in public schools either. The modern intelligent movement is more like theistic evolution than creationism but does have valid scientific arguments against evolution. Also, The Discovery Institute doesn’t even endorse intelligent design being taught in the public schools!

Larry O’Hanlon and others who concoct a conspiracy story by using fallacies is because creationism cannot be taught legally in public schools so therefore they lie about objective critical thinking legislation, creationism, and intelligent design teaching concepts from the Bible.

What about this whole concept of having students having the option of objectively questioning all theories which includes evolution? Paleoanthropology like cosmology is riddled with an enormous amount of speculation. Take Neandertal man, evolutionists painted a picture of this ancient tribe as being sub-human, communicated with grunts, spent most of his time sitting in a cave with not much talent to speak of but showcased him as being “so-dimwitted.”. Creationists for years challenged that idea. It lacked scientific evidence while mainly relying on speculation for its facts.

But new discoveries have put Paleoanthropology to shame and confirmed creationists arguments!

A) Research has shown that stone tool technologies invented by modern humans from the past were no more efficient than the ones produced by Neanderthal man.

B) Broad use of land resources with scheduling resource use by the seasons.

C) Neandertal’s genome showed modern humans and Neanderthals have very little differences. “…new research published online May 6 (2010) in the journalScience reveals that we differ hardly at all.”

D) Europeans and Asians share about 1% to 4% of their nuclear DNA with Neanderthals, indicating that there was substantial interbreeding that went on between modern man and Neanderthals. This is very important evidence which blows away the story used within evolution because when species can interbreed then they are the same species!

E) A research team back in 2008, had examined shells that were used as containers to mix and store pigments. Black sticks of the pigment manganese, which may have been used as body paint by Neanderthals, have previously been discovered in Africa. The discovery lead researchers to think that Neanderthal man is not “so-dimwitted” as previously suggested.

Even gravity is questioned because of dark matter! One scientist told me, of course, questioning is allowed. However, just by looking at the fight that is going on with these various bills over the years, any fair-minded reader would know, questioning explanations based on evolution is not allowed but rather discouraged.

Scientists are not infallible, planetary scientists predict a whole bunch of things in our solar system but when directly observed from a space craft, their predictions are way off! Is it good for science to hold on to theories without questioning like a cult? No! Science progresses, evolution digresses which taints the practice of the scientific method!

The Mystery of Fossilized Whales In A Desert

Paleontologists were filled with enormous excitement and joy when 80 whales were discovered in the Chile desert.  They deemed it to be quite unusual and rare. Chilean paleontologist Mario Suarez on the excavation, said the mammals died more or less around the same time, then continued with his own spin on history with others coming up with their own while claiming the whales died 2 million to 7 million years ago.

A question was asked, “how did all these whales get fossilized in a desert about a half mile from the ocean?” The problem with evolutionists in trying to answer such a question comes from their rejection of considering a global flood. The discovery of whale fossils being buried in a desert also makes the story about evolution more complex. Other reports suggested that the state the earth’s coastlines were much lower back then. So which is it? The earth’s coastlines cannot be both in the story of evolution. But that certainly could happen to the coastlines with a global flood which explains where the whales lay!  This incredible find is quite remarkable for Christians as it confirms the Biblical account of Noah’s Flood!

When the earth was covered with water, the whales where able swim to this location, but when the water receded as a result of the raising of the continents where the floodwaters flowed into the ocean, they got trapped and thus a rapid burial took place. This same occurrence was responsible for sea shells being deposited at elevations that are much too high for ocean life to ever had existed accept that a flood deposited them! Just like in another location in South America, not far from Chile where fossils like a completely articulated  whale, except for one missing flipper, and a damage front skull with bones being incredibly preserved in a place where ocean life could not have existed!

The evidence for a large-scale catastrophe is overwhelmingly strong as some research scientists have reported. Since creation scientists and non-scientists take the global flood as an plausible event that happened, conclusion consist of the fossil layers to have been deposited mostly during this event. Most biblical geologists accept that the standard geological column represents the general order of deposition during the Flood, with some of the uppermost parts of the column being deposited in the 4,300-year period afterwards. The mystery created by evolutionists is not really a mystery after all but rather an amazing event that confirms the Bible!

The Opisthotonic Death Pose In Fossils

From tiny to enormous from all over the globe, researchers have discovered these amazing fossils with a similar pattern known as the “opisthotonic death pose” but a question remains with this pose for secular palaeontologists. What caused it?

New Scientist writes…

“When palaeontologists are lucky enough to find a complete dinosaur skeleton – whether it be a tiny Sinosauropteryx or an enormous Apatosaurus – there’s a good chance it will be found with its head thrown backwards and its tail arched upwards – technically known as the opisthotonic death pose. No one is entirely sure why this posture is so common, but Alicia Cutler and colleagues from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, think it all comes down to a dip in the wet stuff.”

This is not entirely accurate, when one rules out a phenomenon, it causes unnecessary mysteries that require a story rather than where the evidence leads. The bias that is being referred to is the rejection of a global flood on earth but without logical inferences. However, scientists have suggested that the phenomenon (global flood) could have happened on another planet like Mars.

Back on earth, Alicia Cutler and her colleagues at Brigham Young University used chickens for dessication and dunking and discovered a drowning effect where they immediately went into the characteristic opisthotonic death pose. This of course is proof of a global flood phenomenon.

In other research news, paleontologist from University of Rhode Island wanted these particular fossils (with the  opisthotonic  death pose) to be buried in a sandstorm rather than drowning but later admitted that these 15 Protoceratops juveniles were rapidly buried in order to be preserved in such great detail.

In PLoS One…“In the fossilized skin samples, the researchers can see not only the animal’s scales, but also imprints of the protein fibers that made up its skin.”

For a century now, researchers have discovered various fossils with a similar pattern not just in certain localities but all over the world that continue to discover these particular fossils that contain the “opisthotonic death pose” and the global flood inference is the best explanation, there is no need of turning it into some sort of cult religion of a secret mystery for future storytelling.