Science Consensus Continues To Tumble From It’s Kingship

A centralized system where opposing viewpoints were not allowed, careers were lost for those who didn’t go along with the program, overconfidence abounded especially with President Obama in office, huge amounts of taxpayer’s money was spent while most mainstream media outlets practiced a no questioning policy, rather hype the news which came from there.

Many policymakers would just eat it up without much debate on most issues. Creationists and intelligent design proponents cried fowl for many years to how things were being conducted and demanded more freedom to be critical of the centralized system.

Then along came climategate and the public got a taste of the true fruits of this centralized system known as the science consensus which continues to tumble from it’s kingship! Not long ago, this couldn’t have never been predicted, but in the journal of science of all places we read the following…

“As a climate scientist and a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, my heart always warms when I hear policy-makers refer to doing what “the science dictates,” as President Obama did in his remarks toward the end of the U.N.  Climate Change Treaty negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

“However, after the first-hand experience of the rapid crash of the Copenhagen meeting, I have changed my thinking: World leaders, please stop listening to us!  I don’t say this because I have lost faith in the verity of scientific results or the projected warming and subsequent global damages.  I say this because international policy-makers are adhering too rigidly and too literally to recommended concentration thresholds and emissions targets, and it is crippling the international policy process.”

He argues perfectionism (kingship) is crippling the science consensus like a near-obsessive need to benchmark everything against the 2°C target!

Anthony Cashmore, a biologist at University of Pennsylvania, told the National Academy of Sciences they have no free will. He also expanded that comment to criminals who he suggests don’t have the free will to prevent themselves from being civil and productive in society.

In other words, he is suggesting the devil or should I say “natural causes” forces people do things against their alledged good will…Did Dr. Cashmore  produce any lab results or scientific evidence for such conclusions? Are you kidding? No, he didn’t present any evidence for his conclusion.

In nature news

“One of the main jobs of the AAAS meeting is to parcel up original research that has already been published, and often publicized, into digestible chunks.  These then reappear as news stories in papers and broadcasts around the world, turbocharged by quotes from the scientific luminaries attending the meeting.”

“This at least marks a change in tempo from the weekly routine, which converts original scientific findings, via a production line of embargoed press releases from journals and universities, into a steady stream of largely uncritical stories…”

Macilwain needs to be applauded for his efforts, indeed we agree that the media should hold science accountable, even questioning the data, allowing findings have a “detailed, critical assessment” which shows how it’s really practiced. Scientists are only humans, we should not put them on some sort of throne where they can dictate policy, human behavior, and so on…The solution is an open scientific consensus system which allows freedom while holding science accountable!

Obama’s Policy Shift: Lifting The Ban On Embryonic Stem Cells

I can remember a friend of mine who’s husband was sick and his condition was getting progressively worse. As we were voice chatting over the internet with a group of other friends, while talking about her husband (which is also a friend of mind) she got extremely angry at Bush who was the President at the time. In her emotional state,  I can understand her desire for wanting her husband to get better and adult stem cell research at that time hadn’t taken off yet but there was a lot of hype about ES in the media and as a result, she lashed out at Bush for banning Embryonic Stem Cell research. What she didn’t know or may have forgotten, Bush was just reaffirming the old Clinton policy of not using taxpayer dollars for the research, but as for the ES research itself, it wasn’t banned at all.

“James Thompson, the stem cell pioneer from the University of Wisconsin who was the first to grow human embryonic stem cells in 1998, is an independent codiscoverer of iPS cells along with Japanese scientists. Already these reprogrammed cells have eclipsed the value of those harvested from embryos, he has said, because of significantly lower cost, ease of production, and genetic identity with the patient. They also bring unique application to medical and pharmaceutical research, because cells cultivated from patients with certain diseases readily become laboratory models for developing and testing therapy. That iPS cells overcome ethical concerns about creating and sacrificing embryos is an added plus.” -USN

Indeed, there are ethical concerns but not all ES collections involving the killing of an embryo (a human being) but there is so much more promise and progress with adult stem cells. Recently, science daily reported another breakthrough with adult stem cells that will help treat Muscular Dystrophy in the future.

“The research team, which is based at UNSW and formerly from Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital, adapted a technique currently being trialled in bone marrow transplantation. Adult stem cells are given a gene that makes them resistant to chemotherapy, which is used to clean out damaged cells and allow the new stem cells to take hold.”

Not only is adult stem cells showing promise in the area of  Muscular Dystrophy but there are new and safer ways being developed in reprogramming these important cells of the body. Also the discovery of new methods in creating stems cell could lead to to vital treatments and possible cures for fatal or very disabling diseases…“This new method of generating stem cells does not require embryos as starting points and could be used to generate cells from many adult tissues such as a patient’s own skin cells.”

Maintaining the behavior of adult stem cells acting as though there were still in the embryonic stage (iPS cells) is a very critical piece for treating such things as Parkinson’s disease. Scientists have shown progress in this area…

“Until this point, it was not completely clear that when you take out the reprogramming genes from human cells, the reprogrammed cells would actually maintain the iPS state and be self-perpetuating,” says Frank Soldner, a postdoctoral researcher in Whitehead Member Rudolf Jaenisch’s laboratory and co-author of the article.”

One of the major advantages of using adult stem cells, it eliminates the threat of the body rejecting the cells. In any transplant there is a risk of rejection, but if one is able to create stem cells from the patient, it will certainly hold more promise and have a greater success in treating patients than using stems cells from another person.

How many treatments as adult stem cell research produced? The results speak for themselves, the answer is 74 different treatments for various diseases. On the other hand, how many treatments has embryonic stem cell research produced? The answer is; none. Yep, you got it, not one single treatment. This is not to say, it’s going to be a cure all for everything. There might be some problems down the road, but my point is this, there is more promise with this new technology than with embryonic stem cell research, and it avoids the ethical issue of killing an unborn person.

Obama’s policy shift from two previous Presidents (Clinton and Bush) is hailed by the liberal establishment as restoring “scientific integrity.” And what many do not know, the shift in policy lifts mandated funding for adult stem cell research! This means there is a cut in funding for adult stem cell as the well could dry up in some areas in this research. When the government is not mandated it becomes selective, and depending on who is in office, the funding changes.

Is scientific integrity for a doctor who had to leave the US because he could not get the funding needed for his adult stem cell research for spinal cord injuries? Is reducing funding for heart patients using adult stem cells “scientific integrity?”

“One of his congestive heart failure patients was Dr. Howard Lindeman, a heart attack victim who says he has been given a new life- “I had the procedure done and since then, I’ve just been getting better and better and better. I’m going to be 58-years-old in May and I’m on my way to being 35 again,” he said.”

Here is another success story about those who heart problems being treated in other countries while the United States has been behind in this area due to all the regulations the treatment has to go through before being approved which takes years.

There is an astounding number of success stories about adult stem cell research, that I’m unable to list them all on this page with any great detail but it’s absolutely amazing in such a short period of time, the progress being made with adult stem cells.

Is it scientific integrity to reduce funding for 74 or more promising treatments? The Obama shift in policy in stem cell research is not about getting people better treatments for various diseases but only what is politically correct in the liberal part of the scientific establishment who not only helped him get into office, but are  just so bent on rebelling against God!

Adult Stem Cells Making Noise Again In The News

Using the patient’s own adult stems cells, the Crohn’s disease is no more according to successful stem cell therapy by doctors in Barcelona, Spain. Crohn’s Disease millions worldwide, in the United States about 600,000 are affected with this disease. Crohn’s disease has very little treatments to combat the symptoms, leaving the person with a very dimished lifestyle.  The new successful adult stem cell therapy gives great hope for people afflicted with this disease.

“11 of 12 Crohn’s Disease patients in the USA who underwent the stem cell therapy had very good results.   That is almost 92%!!!3 of 4 patients in Italy who received this stem cell treatment had excellent results.  That is 75%. If we put them both together, 14 of 16 had great results from the Adult Stem Cells– that is 87.5%Can we call the stem cells a cure yet???” –DM Blog

I wouldn’t call it a cure yet, as the human body is very complex, so more people need to be treated successfully using adult stem cells in order to call this a cure for Crohn’s Disease but in the meantime it’s certainly headed in the right direction! It’s such good news!

More good news in adult stem cell research include…

“House Joint Resolution 1035, by state Rep. John Enns, would send a constitutional amendment to a vote of the people that would allow 10 percent of the interest earnings on the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund to be used for adult stem cell research.

“I really believe adult stem cell therapies hold the cures for many diseases – Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injuries, heart failure, cancers – and there are already nearly 70 research treatments that use adult stem cells,” said Enns, R-Enid. “By focusing on this promising research, Oklahoma can attract new businesses, create new high-paying jobs, potentially save lives, and do it all without the ethical compromises required by funding embryonic stem cell research.””

President Obama out to find some funding for adult stem cell research instead of paying back those who supported him such as special interests who are so focused on funding for embryonic stem cell research that they disregard adult stem cell research! Adut stem cell research is making another case to become 2009 science discovery of the year!