Does “Many-Worlds” and “MultiUniverses” Really Exist?

This sounds more like a Hollywood script of the tv-series Sliders back in the 1990s but this in fact a bizarre interpretation of quantum mechanics or more like a highly imaginative storyline coming from scientists rather than Hollywood. Rumblings started in 2004, that scientists were taking additional universes than our own more seriously. Hugh Everett proposed, “many-worlds”  where one has a coin and it could go one way or the other providing two different outcomes. How it splits into two actual coins one wonders but the more technical aspect which combines many worlds and multiple universes goes like this…

Justin Mullins at New Scientist, supporters of the multiverse hypothesis are seeing a cosmic convergence of Everett’s ideas (many worlds) with theirs…

“TWO of the strangest ideas in modern physics – that the cosmos constantly splits into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens, and the notion that our universe is part of a larger multiverse – have been unified into a single theory. This solves a bizarre but fundamental problem in cosmology and has set physics circles buzzing with excitement, as well as some bewilderment.”

“Cosmologists reconcile this seeming contradiction by assuming that the superposition eventually “collapses” to a single state. But they tend to ignore the problem of how or why such a collapse might occur, says cosmologist Raphael Bousso at the University of California, Berkeley. “We’ve no right to assume that it collapses. We’ve been lying to ourselves about this,” he says.”

And they call creationist models non-scientific. This requires leaps of faith with a lot of imagination for these untestable conjectures that increase over time because of their unwillingness to face the obvious so they lie to themselves, forcing the data into  an endless stream of worthless speculations!

The facts are quite clear, the universe appears designed because it is designed which indicates intelligence namely God. There is no way of getting around it, not even with a combination of “many worlds” and “multi-universes!” Scientists ought to be thinking about engineering of the universe rather than science fiction stories!

From The Exciting To The Bizzare In Scientific Research

Adult stem cell research which is often times overlooked by liberals in favor of  embryonic stem cells has been one of the more exciting things to write about in the world of science.  Science Daily just recently reported that there has been an enormous jump in progress in producing better stem cells.

“The new technique, which uses three small drug-like chemicals, is 200 times more efficient and twice as fast as conventional methods for transforming adult human cells into stem cells (in this case called “induced pluripotent stem cells” or “iPS cells”).”

“Both in terms of speed and efficiency, we achieved major improvements over conventional conditions,” said Scripps Research Associate Professor Sheng Ding, Ph.D., who led the study. “This is the first example in human cells of how reprogramming speed can be accelerated. I believe that the field will quickly adopt this method, accelerating iPS cell research significantly.”

Ida, a fossil that I reported on in here before has been verified once again as not being a so-called; ‘missing link’ as hyped up by the media back in May 2009…In the BBC news outlet it states…

“The research is the first independent assessment of the claims made in a scientific paper and a television documentary earlier this year. Dr Erik Seiffert says that Ida belonged to a group more closely linked to lemurs than to monkeys, apes or us.”

Parallel Universes: Science Fiction or Theoretical Possibility?

Two scientists now claim that can actually calculate an estimate of other universes. I kid you not, this is not the twilight zone or sliders! What Hollywood has been using for years for entertainment purposes is now taken seriously by some scientists…Here is the story on how they arrived at such a strange conclusion reported by Physorg

“To work these numbers out, Linde and Vanchurin looked back to the time shortly after the Big Bang, which they view as a quantum process that generated lots of quantum fluctuations. Then during the period of inflation, the universe grew rapidly and these quantum fluctuations were “frozen” into classical perturbations in distinct regions. Today, each of these regions could be a different universe, having its own distinct laws of low energy physics.”

Scientific research without the storytelling (evolution) has always been praised in here. There is nothing anti-biblical or anti-religion for research that enhances the quality of life whether in be in the field of electronics or biomimetics, biochemistry, biophysics, systems biology and genetics when it’s presuppose information and creationism!