Special Interest Goes Nuts Over Course

In the world of special interests, you may attack anything which is not politically correct, but show any weaknesses in Darwinian theory then it becomes an abomination!

In a University at Amarillo Texas, Professor Stanley Wilson was teaching a course called, “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design” using a textbook written by “two microbiologists, two philosophers of science and a technical writer present for students a concise introduction to the cases, both pro and con, regarding major aspects of neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory.”  The name of the textbook, “Explore Evolution.”

This course was authorized by the administration for Dr. Stanley to teach through the adult continuing program which means it wasn’t a regular course for students. One of the fears of special interests is that it may be offered that way. An atheist who wasn’t even taking the class nor could he, began a protest which got so intense that it lead to police action. He is a leader of a group called, “Freethought Oasis” where people are free to learn about all kinds of information, well except for intelligent design.

It was funny how one of the school’s administrators, viewed the name of the organization in light of the protest.

“He gave me a card about the organization, the link to their website is below. I don’t know where the free thought comes in though, seems more like the lack of…

Like any of these special interests, they use disruptive protests in order to intimidate people. This also follows along the line with certain political protests as well. Although, some of those were not as successful.

Due to my accident until my hand heals, I cannot type much more, it’s not easy doing this with mostly one hand…but I want to say this…Farren the leader of this protest used falsehoods to scare the university…His emails and a facebook comment went public even though he claimed he never went public with the case, showing how low he went and his ally…

“Thanks for the heads up. I don’t think the article was referring to you and your group; rather, anonymous phone calls promising disruption.

The Designed Discriptions of Neo-Darwinism

Despite some claims of the ones who like to argue about the term “evolution” as only exclusive to nature, proponents of evolution in the media display much more broad definitions of it which includes an unthinking process has a “purpose and design.”

One of the more funnier descriptions of evolution is how it’s suppose to save or even sink a car business, namely GM. In Live Science, it states and I quote…

“There are many forces of evolution, but natural selection, biologists feel, is the most important. It works like this: All sorts of variation is produced (think SUV, compacts, vans, and sedans) and then the environment (think free market) selects for some and ignores others. The ignored ones are dropped out of the gene pool (think showroom floor or metal recycling plant), and too bad for them.”

“In this biological (or economic) system, only the best adapted survive. So what if evolution is presented with something more sleek, in cool colors, or with tinted windows — if it takes too much energy (gas) to use, it will be selected against.”

“Natural selection operates on individuals, or individual automobiles companies because not all of them are going bankrupt, and that affects the future of the total gene pool, or automobile business. That’s how biological life, and capitalist economies, have been shaped over generations.”

This news article also states, humans are not “designed” for caring about people we don’t know, who loose their jobs. We also lack talent to plan for the future according to this silly explanation of evolution because of our supposed hominid history which contained unpredictable and uncontrollable environments. This seems to overlook the fact that animals like birds and squirrels are very good long term planners.

In science daily, evolution is described as having a “toolkit” to accomplish various tasks time and time again…

“Evolution has a ‘toolkit’ and when it needs to do a particular job, such as see light, it uses the same toolkit again and again,” explains lead author Margaret McFall-Ngai, a professor of medical microbiology and immunology at the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH). “In this case, the light organ, which comes from different tissues than the eye during development, uses the same proteins as the eye to see light.”

So an unthinking process knows what to use and how to use it over and over again? Why do humans have a brain if nature can supposedly do that?

Because of their beliefs dwelling in a black box, they plagiarize intelligent design words and contradict their own core beliefs. Yes, we see design, but it’s really an unthinking process designing it…lol…No, it’s a real designer namely God who came up with some of the most amazing things we see in nature today.