Science Journal’s Religious Implications and Impact

A couple of months back, Nature Immunology goes outside the realm of science in it’s review on  how open Francis Collins is about his belief in God. The editor writes…

“The openly religious stance of the NIH director [Francis Collins] could have undesirable effects on science education in the United States. … In the introduction and in interviews surrounding [Collins’] book release, he describes his belief in a non-natural, non-measurable, improvable deity that created the universe and its laws with humans as the ultimate aim of its creation. Some might worry that describing scientists as workers toiling to understand the laws and intricacies of this divine creation will create opportunities for creationism adepts.”

It goes on attacking Christianity and religion by writing…

“Strikingly, despite being a world leader in science, the United States still struggles when it comes to scientific education. Creationism is creeping back into the science curricula of public schools. And although intelligent design, the latest form of creationism, suffered a major defeat in the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial (Nat. Immunol. 7, 433–435, 2006), when the US Supreme Court ruled that including it in science curricula is unconstitutional, creationists are making a comeback.”

This is the Bible of Darwinian evolution for militants in which they attack a person’s character then use misleading statements.  First of all, they believe going with the odds. The scientist who believes casually in religion (not devoted) or none at all are most likely going to stay in the fold and the odds remain stacked. Secondly, there are major fundamental differences between the modern intelligent design movement and creationism. Thirdly, the writers at Nature Immunology are fully aware that it wasn’t the U.S Supreme Court who ruled in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case!  Rather, the editors of Nature Immunology inserted that on purpose  in order to try and overwhelm it’s opposition and have their followers invoke the same concept when defending Darwinian evolution.

This is not all, the piece also attacks recent standards in science that was passed by two states…

“In 2008, Louisiana state legislators passed bills that allow ‘open and objective discussions of scientific theories being studied, including but not limited to evolution and the origins of life.'”

“In 2009, the Texas Board of Education set new standards for incorporating ideas from intelligent- design literature, including doubts that the fossil records represent convincing evidence of evolution. Under the guise of promoting ‘critical thinking skills’, such decisions allow creationists to teach the controversy–a strategy designed to discredit evolution and introduce intelligent design as a viable alternative. Opponents of these bills justly point out that such discussions belong in religion, culture and philosophy classes but not in the science curricula.”

Remember how this piece claimed the U.S Supreme Court ruled against intelligent design back in 2005? If the editors actually meant what they wrote, there would be a calling for lawsuits because according to them, ID material in the public schools was rendered unconstitutional by the U.S Supreme Court in 2005. Another indication it wasn’t just an error but a lie!

Back in April 2010, Science agreed with the new science standards…

“Argument and debate are common in science, yet they are virtually absent from science education. Recent research shows, however, that opportunities for students to engage in collaborative discourse and argumentation offer a means of enhancing student conceptual understanding and students’ skills and capabilities with scientific reasoning.

As one of the hallmarks of the scientist is critical, rational skepticism, the lack of opportunities to develop the ability to reason and argue scientifically would appear to be a significant weakness in contemporary educational practice. In short, knowing what is wrong matters as much as knowing what is right. This paper presents a summary of the main features of this body of research and discusses its implications for the teaching and learning of science.”

Writers at Nature Immunology have demonstrated with it’s religious intentions without the morality, they are not interested in teaching good science rather they want indoctrination and keep students and scientists in line with Darwinian evolution by using lies!

Intelligent Designed Biomaterials Is The Future

While the ancient method of wooden teeth has been done away with, scientists using intelligent design methods are making replacement parts out of living tissue.

In Nature it said…

“Biomaterials made today are routinely information rich and incorporate biologically active components derived from nature,” wrote Nathaniel Huebsch and David J. Mooney in their review article, titled, “Inspiration and application in the evolution of biological materials.”

“In the future, biomaterials will assume an even greater role in medicine and will find use in a wide variety of non-medical applications through biologically inspired design and incorporation of dynamic behaviour.”

Even though Nature is trying to give evolution credit for it and is a sworn enemy of creationism, but in reality, the technology is not based in evolution but created by intelligence. What has evolution done for medicine? Nothing! In fact, things like a well-designed biological prosthetics available when injured is not from a mindless act of nature. Regrowing damage tissues is another example, using stem cells is not a mindless act either.

Intelligently designed science is not only here but it’s also the future for science not evolution which displays a wide range of complexity while being drowned in various interpretations based on contradictions with the evidence, and contradictory positions between its hardcore supporters. not a proponent of creationism or intelligent design but describes the new advances in medicine more accurately…

“The term ‘immunobioengineering’ is used to describe efforts by immunologists and engineers to design materials, delivery vehicles and molecules both to manipulate and to better understand the immune system.  Examples are the engineering of material surfaces to induce or prevent complement activation, the engineering of adjuvants to activate the immune system, the engineering of antigen or adjuvant carriers for subunit vaccine delivery, and the engineering of microenvironments to determine the interaction kinetics of mature dendritic cells and naive T cells.”

“These advances not only will contribute to prophylactic vaccine strategies for infectious diseases but also are likely to affect immunotherapeutics, particularly for cancer, and new approaches to prevent or treat allergies and autoimmune diseases.  The field is rapidly evolving along with advances in our understanding of immunology and is also contributing to our knowledge of basic immunology.”

This article uses “evolving” and “design” which means as a synonym for “intelligent designed” human progress of medicine.  Speaking of human design mimicking biomaterials what has Darwinian evolution done for medicine?

Richard Massey: Science Is A Fashion Statement

The philosophical Pandora box has been opened in order to explain the scientific method being used in our present time. This is the same method which creationists like myself  have been very critical about. In Nature, Richard Massey reveals the approach being used by scientists…

“As scientific fashions come and go, the rivalry between the three houses might be more at home on the catwalks of Paris or Milan.  The techniques are at different stages of the same product cycle.  Initial hype draws a flurry of excitement, but when systematic physical flaws show up, sober reflection brings a sheepish look back at the design.  Some methods may be consigned to a dusty drawer.  But the stitch or two of alterations by Schmidt and colleagues has ensured that gravitational lensing will still be on the hot list next season.”

“Initial enthusiasm for using supernovae as cosmic distance indicators, and thus as a probe of the Universe’s expansion, garnered vast allocations of time on ground- and space-based telescopes, and triggered the first plans for a dedicated, all-sky successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.  Unfortunately, the explosions were later found to depend on the stars’ environment and ingredients, which evolve over cosmic time.  Such effects can be parameterized only to a certain precision, and the technique is falling out of fashion.”

Richard Massey is right on target about how scientists use methods that reflects a fashion but gives no answer on how  cosmologists are converging on a correct answer. Science is about searching for truth which expands our knowledge about nature and the Universe, it’s not a fashion statement, narrowed to a particular framework (naturalism) because it’s popular.

What I find very strange but very common among those who embrace evolution about this article, Richard Massey begins with a very positive message…

“Since the Big Bang, the Universe’s initial expansion has been gradually slowed by the gravitational pull from the mass it contains.  Most of this mass is in the form of invisible and mysterious dark matter.  Today, however, the Universe seems to be re-accelerating under the influence of even weirder stuff dubbed dark energy.  For astronomy funding purposes, ‘dark’ is the new black.  Almost nothing is understood about either dark matter or dark energy – but both are many times more common than visible matter, and their tug of war will shape the fate of the entire cosmos.”

Wouldn’t you think if there is no reliable measuring tool which has been in fashion for many years cast doubt and be in question when it’s collected results are labeled as factual data? If observation is the key component of any science, that critic might also wonder why dark, mysterious unknown stuff which nobody really understands could even become fashionable in the first place!