How Moons Defy Evolutionary Predictions

You might have heard this story, the moon is geologically dead because it contains no volcanos, no tectonic plates, no frost or wind erosion. There are no lakes or rivers either, therefore no water erosion. No living organisms that can change sedimentation, but all it has done through the assumed time frame of billions of years is shrink as it cooled down, yet the earth’s moon has defied such a prediction!

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered the moon has brand new surface features which happened recently and it continues to shrink. In fact it’s possible that it may still be occurring today! Reported in science daily...

“The moon cooled off as it aged, and scientists have long thought the moon shrank over time as it cooled, especially in its early history. The new research reveals relatively recent tectonic activity connected to the long-lived cooling and associated contraction of the lunar interior. “We estimate these cliffs, called lobate scarps, formed less than a billion years ago, and they could be as young as a hundred million years,” said Dr. Thomas Watters of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, Washington.”

Since “the scarps look crisp and relatively undegraded why couldn’t they be as young as a few thousand years or so, or 100 years? The article did point out the moon shrank early on in it’s supposed long history! Interesting to note, the article also mentioned Mercury. Despite being smaller it’s lobate scarps are 100 miles high and snake across the surface for hundreds of miles which is much larger than the scarps contained on the earth’s moon! All they could say was the moon shrank less.

Titan is another that was suppose to be geologically dead due to it’s supposed old age of billions of years, science daily reported…

“Since the formation of Titan, which scientists believe occurred around four billion years ago, the moon’s interior has cooled significantly,” as the old story goes…“But the moon is still releasing hundreds of gigawatts of power, some of which may be available for geologic activity.”

Another evolutionary prediction falsified once again! Observations like probing the moons and planets is what we really learn from in science, the reason why we don’t learn from evolutionary predictions and other speculations is because they are using the wrong model to explain things and discovery after discovery bare this out. It takes more faith to believe in these evolutionary predictions than God himself. If one goes by a young universe model, these recent observations are not opposed to it at all  in fact, it confirms it!

Did The Moon Gives More Information About Evolution?

In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the very first time. That particular mission (Apollo 11) was followed by five more missions. Many do not know this, the man behind the Apollo moon mission was a creationist rocket scientist named; Wernher von Braun.

Now the moon missions were the result of the cold war competition and not surprisingly, President Obama did not mention any further exploration of man in space during his speech during the 40th year celebration of the first landing on the moon.

Evolutionists claim, the moon gave us insight on naturalism as stated below by Professor Martin Ward, who is head of Physics at Durham University…

“Apart from the sheer wonder of seeing on live TV grainy images of man on the moon, many people might ask ‘what has the moon ever done for us?’ There are superficial justifications for visiting our nearest neighbour, one being that space technology saw the advent of non-stick frying pans. However, the Apollo programme also pushed forward computer technology and the miniaturisation of electronics which benefit our lives today.”

“The deepest justification for visiting the moon, though, is that many astronomers now believe it may have played a crucial role in the evolution of life on Earth. Information gained from moon rock samples, and experiments set up on the lunar surface, have given us new insights into the make-up and evolution of the moon and hence our own origins.”

Ward omits detail on how the moon’s rock is connected with the origin of human life on earth. Currently, there are a few theories concerning the moon’s origin in evolution. Every single one of them has major flaws which is one of the reasons why they haven’t settled on one particular hypothesis yet.

Impact Theory – Excess angular momentum is a major problem for this theory. Calculations show that to get enough material to form the moon, the impacting object would need to have been twice as massive as Mars.

Fission theory  –This theory was was tossed years ago because the earth could never have spun fast enough to throw a moon into orbit, and the escaping moon would have been shattered while within the Roche Limit.

Capture theory -The moon being captured by Earth’s gravity is not practical even it there was such a miracle, the moon would be in a elongated comet-like orbit.

Condensation theory –no dust cloud could be dense enough, and it doesn’t account for the moon’s low iron content.

So did the moon give us more information about evolution? The answer is “no” but it did create more questions than answers for evolutionists. The moon of course was designed by God, and it does what it’s suppose to do in a precise way, the study of it is quite interesting!

Earth’s Moon Shows A Younger Feature

Much attention has been paid to Mars, and Saturn but the moon reveals a nice amount interesting features as well! Some of which should be explored in more dept over time. A Japanese lunar satellite KAGUYA found volcanic rock which evolutionists have estimated is about 2.5 million years old.


According to the evolutionary model, the moon was suppose to cease it’s lunar volcanism a few billion years ago. The hypothesis says, the moon would have cooled down enough over a span of 1.5 billion years to supposedly freeze out any lunar volcanic activity. Evolutionists are now scratching their heads with this new discovery of the moon which may in fact cause some modifications in their model.

The implications are enormous as so-called evolutionary theories need massive amount of time. It’s the only framework they follow religiously. To observe younger features on the moon which are much younger than the so-called theory allows, destroys the requirement of a very long naturalistic process.

It’s true, if the moon was active for a period of time, the coldness of space would eventually freeze the heat energy solid. There is no dispute there, it’s basic physics. It’s like when you have a cup of coffee in the morning and then let it sit in a room for a while. Eventually the heat from the coffee dissipates reducing itself to room temperature.

Same concept with the moon, it’s hard to believe that for more than 4 billion years the moon has been sitting in the cold while erupting with lava until 2.5 million years ago. I believe, moon exploration is so badly needed. Not only could it be a great source for potential alternative fuels such as helium 3 depending upon what is actually found and innovation, but we would also have important data from the moon to evaluate and glean from especially in the area of creation science!

While it’s true that the moon is not as glamorized as looking for little green men on Mars is. Oops, I mean little blobs of possible microscopic alien life forms. Now I’m not saying exploring Mars is a waste of taxpayer’s money, because there is certainly some value in learning about the planet. But I believe the moon being closer with more potential to help mankind, and just the exploration of man being there in person is way better!