Talk Show Host Attacks Christians For Not Believing

Former writer and producer of CNN,  radio talk show host since 1987, Mike Malloy made a derogatory comment in light of the storms which ravaged the South where he suggests that those storms were God’s way of punishing Christians for not believing in science. In reality, it is not “science” in which he alludes to but rather “evolution.” All too often, many liberals interchange the wording which tries to create an illusion of a riff between Christianity and science.

The real riff lies with Christianity and Evolution! Science is merely a tool to expand knowledge, it a defined method which includes carefully controlled experiments with provisional conclusions that are discussed and debated. Studying DNA for example would be hardly anti-biblical but to say it evolved into man over many millions of years, then it becomes anti-biblical.  So this is hardly being “anti-science” rather it’s “anti-evolution.”

In light of his comment going viral over the internet, Mike Malloy made this comment

“During my program last Friday night, I commented on the potential for destruction caused by the tornadoes that were moving through the south with historic fury. First and foremost, I sincerely apologize for the inflammatory language that I used, and for the anger and pain that came as a result of my comments. “

“Those comments, as published on various blog sites, were lifted out of context from a larger point I was making about the hypocrisy of many political leaders and commentators who refuse to acknowledge science, logic and fact in assessing disasters such as this one. That said, my language was unnecessarily harsh in light of the lives that would be lost later that evening.” 

“I have nothing but the most heartfelt sympathy for those families who were devastated by those tragic storms. I will say again I am sincerely sorry for the pain and anger my comments evoked. I made a mistake, I was wrong, and I will not let it happen again.”

Despite his own mistake on his little known talk-show, he tried blaming blogs who carried his story to the mainstream before taking his own responsibility.  No Mike Mallory, we refuse to worship evolution which takes more faith but embrace science as a great tool which confirms the Bible, science which improves the standard of living such as medicine, technology in general and so on.