Discovering Function in Non-Coding DNA Continues

Scientists have found non-coding in a high degree in mammals, about 98 percent that claim are “conserved” which goes by another label known as “evolutionary conservation” where evolution didn’t take place.

Also, evolutionary scientists say they found non-coding RNA (95 percent in the body) which shows to them, a strong purifying selection which is another function of natural selection that protects certain parts from mutation. So scientists believe there are many thousands of these non-coding RNA in various mammal’s genomes.

The more scientists discover functions for non-coding DNA or RNA hurts the theory of evolution, because if the rate is so low (less than five percent) it would put evolution’s mechanism on overload to create unique functional information like a computer that freezes up when the too many programs are running in the background, rendering the computer useless as far as being able to work properly.

As evolutionary scientists admit; “The absence of evolutionary conservation cannot prove the absence of function.” If evolutionary conservation is unable to prove absence of function than it most certainly cannot prove evolution itself.

In the meantime, more methods are continuing being developed in finding functions for non-coding DNA.

“The method involves identifying all of the grooves, bumps and turns of the DNA that make up the human genome and then comparing those structural features to those seen in the genomes of other animal species…”

“This new approach is an exciting advance that will speed our efforts to identify functional elements in the genome, which is one of the major challenges facing genomic researchers today,” said NHGRI Scientific Director Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D.”

“Coupled with continued innovations in DNA sequencing, this topography-informed approach will expand our ongoing efforts to use genomic information to improve human health.”

While finding functions in non-coding DNA hurts creative science in evolutionary ideology, it’s certainly very useful not only in creation science but also in the medical field as well! Understanding of DNA points to a Creator namely God while also giving more understanding to human health and disease.