Judge’s Decision On ESC Overturned

On August 23, 2010, a judge ruled based on the Dickey-Wicker Amendment of 1996 which prohibits funding for research that destroys human embryos! Liberals in support of this research were reeling and took up arms, as well as publications like Nature whose editors wrote…

“Congress is unlikely to have a huge appetite for a bruising, highly polarizing debate in the weeks immediately preceding November’s midterm elections.  Yet time is of the essence, and a great deal is at stake.  The House may revert to Republican control in November, in which case action to affirm the funding would be highly unlikely….

Congress should take up the issue speedily when it reconvenes mid-month.  And if ever there was a time for scientists to let members of Congress and the public know what they think, it is now.”

This political statement from a science magazine goes to show, its not about the research but about the money because the science breakthrough of the year in 2009 continues to have momentum which is ethically-untainted adult stem cell research. Furthermore, embryonic stem cell (ESC) researchers are free to seek private or corporate funding which lacks interest. One of the reason why it lacks interest is because adult stem cells are progressing well for treatments such as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) might be able to treat immune diseases says Medical Xpress while the other not so much but contains a lot of hype and promises for possible future treatments.

“Many countries have tried to research embryonic stem. Embryonic stem cells bring with them transplant rejection issues…”

Last Friday, the high court overturned the decision“The ruling was hailed by both the White House and the National Institutes of Health, which allocated about $40 million to human embryonic stem cell research in 2010 and has set aside $125 million this year — a tiny fraction of its $31 billion budget.”

This is a classic case of taxation without representation, if there was evidence of ESCs being so promising for health, private investors would flood research labs with big bucks to make profits.  The only way the ESC-greedy research community can proceed is by taking money from taxpayers, many of whom are appalled by killing embryos!

Nerves and Heart Continue To Show An Amazing Design

An Australian team published their findings on how the potassium gate has a sophisticated switch that employs such things as pulleys, other switches and an iris-like rotating latch that selectively lets in potassium ions.  Our hearts and nervous system rely on potassium.

Potassium channels have been a popular area in research over the years, many groups have studied it. In 2001, nature published this about potassium channel research and more…

“Potassium, sodium, calcium and chloride ions are used ingeniously by living systems in the performance of fundamental cellular tasks.  Through the action of ion pumps, a large fraction of a cell’s metabolic energy is spent establishing transmembrane ion gradients.”

“These gradients, through the action of ion channels, are used to produce electrical signals, activate signal transduction pathways, regulate cell volume, and mediate fluid and electrolyte transport.  To carry out these tasks, an ion channel has to be selective, that is, permit only certain ionic species to flow through its pore.”

Precision is a key here when it comes to placement of charged ends of amino acids along the pore attracts the chloride ions down the channel, while not allowing ions to bind to them and get stuck. This specialized complexity (channels) needs to work accurately otherwise kidney or serious muscle diseases can occur. The paper is incorrect on this point, it was not the living systems that are the geniuses on how they were use channels but rather it’s the work of a intelligent designer namely God.

Let’s get back to the more recent discovery which reveals a creator but how? As scientists learn more about cellular machines the more it resembles man-made machines. And we all know man-made machines are what, created by intelligence!  Just look at the new things they have discovered so far…

For example…

Rotors: “The structures cluster into two groups with distinct conformations, independent of space group and crystal form.  The difference between the groups corresponds to a rigid body rotation of 23° (viewed from the membrane), about the molecular four-fold, of the entire intracellular assembly relative to the transmembrane pore .”

Pulleys: “Coupling is facilitated by actions of the N and C termini, which effectively act as a pulley system.  The intracellular domain of each subunit is an immunoglobulin-like [beta] sandwich, overlaid on the surface by N and C termini.  Its C terminus is tethered both to the N terminus and the underlying [beta] sandwich such that all motions are interdependent.  In addition, parallel [beta] sheet interactions formed between [beta]CN on one subunit and [beta]M on another (Figure 3D) adapt the basic fold by interweaving neighboring subunits into a circle, coupling the motion of each subunit to that of its neighbor.”

Switches: “Our findings provide strong evidence that the selectivity filter can switch between nonconducting and conducting configurations  without significant displacement of the inner helices.  This is distinct from findings that inactivation at the selectivity filter is driven by widening at the bundle crossing, and vice versa ([Blunck et al., 2006] and [Cordero-Morales et al., 2007]).  While research into selectivity filter gating has primarily focused on C-type inactivation, our data indicate that the selectivity filter is not limited to this and is susceptible to subtle global conformational change, suggesting a more universal role in gating than hitherto expected.”

Latches: “Intersubunit connections are clustered near the membrane in the arrangement, but they reorganize, in the unlatched arrangement, into a more extensive array of interactions.”

It is interesting to note, there is no mention of evolution in these papers for the most part except for some vague references to two channels being “highly conserved.” Other than that, it’s straight up science, learning about the incredible and highly advanced design we see in nature. So reflect for a moment when you feel a pleasant sensation that may come from smelling flowers or having that cup of coffee or feeling a gentle cool breeze on a warm day or a loving hug and think for a moment that those sensations don’t just happen.