Evolutionists Confounded That Creationism and ID Will Not Die

Militant evolutionists have worked hard in attempt to get rid of creationism and intelligent design and they so naively thought that the Dover case back in 2005, was the nail on the coffin. But this has not been the case rather it has confounded them to the utter most with great concern.

For those who are not familiar with the Dover case, the whole point was not about teaching alternative theories in the classroom but instead it was about allowing students to hear a brief message that other material supporting intelligent design was available in case they were interested. By the way, intelligent design is not the same as creationism. Those there some areas of agreement but overall it’s not the same. A critical analysis of it was written here.

New Scientist, John Farrell puts points his finger at the Discovery Institute which he gives most of the blame…

“None of this means that the Discovery Institute, the Seattle-based think tank that promotes intelligent design, has been idle. The institute helped the conservative Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), headed by Christian minister Gene Mills, to pass a state education act in 2008 that allows local boards to teach intelligent design alongside evolution under the guise of “academic freedom”.

Really John? Where in the school’s textbooks are you seeing this? Is the school teaching about intelligent agents providing information to DNA for the origin of life? Barbara Forrest, philosopher who is a long-time activist with the NCSE makes an absurd claim that Louisiana is going to start teaching intelligent design next year. All this means is, Forest is very worried that children will have access to creationist materials (if they desire them) and the focus of her troops that normally fight for her cause have shifted elsewhere in a troubling year popular wise for her preferred political party.

This same Barbara Forrest believes that self-organization and self-assembly which are non-Darwinian mechanisms with naturalistic origins would lead the public towards creationism or intelligent design. The fact of the matter is, the American public is already there! This is the same Barbara Forrest who believes showing weaknesses in evolutionary theories is intelligent design. The fact of the matter is, science theories have weaknesses and it depends upon the pattern of those weaknesses and how that affects the theory. The establishment is stacked and under the influence of grant money which holds to faith in evolutionary theory.

A friend of mine son who is in his first year of college, who has been home schooled prior to that, who was also given evolutionary biology as an easy “A” class by his counsellor has found out that his University biology textbook the previous year was openly making anti-religion comments. So much so that students complained about the textbook which prompt the school to replace it this year with a more traditional textbook which claims evolution is an indisputable fact.

So creationism and intelligent design have confounded evolutionists who thought or were hoping that creationism and intelligent design would have died at the hands of a state judge who ruled what was science and what was not, and what the students could be told and what they couldn’t be told. In the end, both are alive and well!