Living Things Are Designed With Advanced Physics

Could plants depend on quantum mechanics to convert solar energy to energy in which living organisms are able to use? In a new study in Nature, this is exactly what they are saying…

“It is common knowledge that plants, algae and certain bacteria use photosynthesis to convert solar energy into a form that can be used by the organisms to live and reproduce.  But what is less well known is that the efficiency of photosynthesis might depend in part on quantum-mechanical processes.”

“On page 644 of this issue, Collini et al.2 report evidence suggesting that a process known as quantum coherence ‘wires’ together distant molecules in the light-harvesting apparatus of marine cryptophyte algae.  This is the first time that this phenomenon has been observed in photosynthetic proteins at room temperature, rather than at much lower temperatures, bolstering the idea that quantum coherence influences light harvesting in vivo.”

Post-it notes and other stickers have a certain amount of adhesive to bond. Beetles employ a similar concept in order to stick to the leaves. They are amazing, they can cling to leaves with a force 100 times their own weight and then detach themselves quickly. Engineers at Cornell, are trying to create prototype adhesive similar to that of the beetle as mentioned in science daily

“The rapid adhesion mechanism could lead to such applications as shoes or gloves that stick and unstick to walls, or Post-it-like notes that can bear loads, according to Paul Steen, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, who invented the device with Michael Vogel, a former postdoctoral associate.”

Physicist James Clerk Maxwell who lived in the 19th-century had a vision that the 2nd law of Second Law of Thermodynamics could be overcome by inserting a intelligence…PNAS reported that bacteria could be employed to harness random Brownian motion to turn gears…

“The laws of thermodynamics prohibit extraction of useful work from the Brownian motion of molecules or particles in systems at equilibrium (nonexistence of a perpetuum mobile of the second kind or Maxwell demon).  When, however, such randomly moving objects interact with certain types of time-varying external potentials or with asymmetric geometrical obstacles under nonequilibrium conditions, their motions can be “rectified” and made directional.”

“This phenomenon, first considered by Smoluchowski and then analyzed in detail by Feynman, underlies the operation of so-called Brownian ratchets and motors.  The examples of biological “Brownian motors” include kinesin and myosin proteins converting chemical energy into directed motion on microtubules, and bacteria propelling themselves in viscous fluid owing to the “asymmetry”/chirality of flagellar rotation.”

This is where evolutionists always commit a fallacy when it comes to these observations…For example, we have the ability to turn trash into electricity and heat by using a machine that employs gasification, a process that overall pollutes less than combustion.

Does this way of harnessing energy appear natural? We can use different types of fuels for our cars, one being of course gas, does this appear natural? We can overcome the second law of thermodynamics by doing goal directed work which can harness the energy for other uses.

It’s the same way with ATP synthase motors and other things like the flagella in the microscopic world which can also harness energy. There is nothing natural about this either as it too overcomes the 2nd law of thermodynamics! These living organisms are not “deciding” to set goals and work toward achieving them.

It’s also not intelligent agents at work deciding which direction to take the living creatures like many in the modern intelligent design movement would like to suggest either. The inference of overcoming the 2nd law is no doubt design, but not by evolution (an unthinking process which sets no goals) either but by a structure created by God.