Can Science Prove or Disprove The Existence of God?

In the previous post within this series, can science prove or disprove the existence of God, we covered Anthropologist, Bruce Latimer’s assumption about what constitutes something intelligently designed like the foot from the argument that sore feet is proof for a poorly designed foot to one of the most marvelous and advanced designs ever to be produced in the universe, the human brain!

Now let’s turn to the fossil record, deemed to be the best evidence for evolution, is actually one of the best evidences for God!

“Animals and plants appear in the fossil record fully formed and remain unchanged through (supposed) millions of years. No knowledgeable individual denies this.”

-Terry Scambray

“The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils.”

-Stephen Jay Gould

For years, evolutionists have been trying to come up with a solution that solves this “uncomfortable paradox.” of hard evidence against evolution. Like poker players, they attempt to come up with explanations in order to bluff their way through a hand of cards that has been dealt to them unfavorably. Thus, they give an illusion that evolution is stronger than what it actually is, a theory with many falsifications!

“The geological record is extremely imperfect and this fact will to a large extent explain why we do not find interminable varieties, connecting together all the extinct and existing forms of life by the finest graduated steps. He who rejects these views on the nature of the geological record, will rightly reject my whole theory.”  

-Charles Darwin

The Cambrian Explosion is not the only sudden appearance of fossils in the record but also the Ediacara Explosion which is believed to have preceded the Cambrian.

“Surprisingly, however, as shown by Shen and colleagues, these earliest Ediacara life forms already occupied a full morphological range of body plans that would ever be realized through the entire history of Ediacara organisms. “In other words, major types of Ediacara organisms appeared at the dawn of their history, during the Avalon Explosion,” Dong said. “Subsequently, Ediacara organisms diversified in White Sea time and then declined in Nama time. But, despite this notable waxing and waning in the number of species, the morphological range of the Avalon organisms were never exceeded through the subsequent history of Ediacara.” 

-Science daily

If evolution was true in nature, scientists would have discovered a wide range of transitional animals, more so than the species themselves rather they discovered animals fully formed, and very complex! For example, Cambrian animals are not what one would call, “simple” by no means, but rather they are highly complex creatures! Trilobite eyes themselves are astoundingly complex!

Why do you think Gould invented his own pet theory that proposed great acceleration in evolution?  Because gradualism, a structure in nature that is achieved by progressive steps from a mindless process as Darwin proposed was being falsified by hard evidence in the fossil record! On the other hand, the Bible refers to animals after their own kind, and the only way abrupt appearances of animals in the fossil record could only happen when available specified information was present and that information came from God!

One experiment which tested to see how natural selection would choose mutations to change a species or in other words add new information which is evolution. The experiment would have broken the back of the creationist model if proven to be true rather than just using assumptions or invented explanations to argue against it. I’m referring to of course is the fruit fly experiment!

After 600 generations, the fruit flies became what? resistant to change. And after millions of generations, they became handicap, less fit…The original generation had a much more advantage in fitness over the mutated ones! If evolution was true, the mutated ones should have been more fit than the originals! The experiment utterly destroys the whole notion of evolution and unwittingly confirms creationism!

What about reproduction? Does this verify or deny either creationism or evolution? If evolution was true, not only would new information have to be created but also would have to be passed on to future generations! Organisms have an array of very complex functions from the smallest one-cell animals to humans. However, science has revealed that only some of the functions are connected with reproduction! The other functions have nothing to do with reproduction so therefore evolution could not have created them! Because evolution requires selection from something!

So we see, evolution doesn’t create. Animals are discovered fully formed, no transitions and remain the same animal. Evolution is not an engineer, so that is why it doesn’t create biological complex function. Nature is not evolving upwards but rather in a downward trend. Even resistance to pesticides and antibiotics by bacteria is not evolution in action! Existing information is used or a loss of information nothing new created.

Can science disprove the existence of God? The answer is clearly, no! Evolution doesn’t not replace a creator, in fact science has shown confirmation for intelligent design by God, confirmation in the fossil record, confirmation with engineering principles that have purpose, fine tuning, mutation experiments, and so on. What it boils down to is belief rather than hard evidence for evolution! The hard evidence favors creationism!

Can Science Prove or Disprove The Existence Of God?

For thousands of years, this has been a debated topic. More so in the modern information age than ever before! Some claim, it can’t be proven nor disproved while others claim science is unable to prove the existence of God but it surely can disprove it. And lastly, science can confirm the existence of God which is the theme of this blog!

The Bible says, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (I Thessalonians 5:21). If it wasn’t possible to prove God’s existence then this text would not be in the Bible. We are going to take a look at various evidences but before we begin, let’s keep in mind that speculation is not valid, because it goes into the realm of alleging multiple miracles of improbability which cannot be verified through traditional means, neither are superstitious myths or traditions based on ignorance!

The definition of ‘science’ has been quite a challenge for philosophers since the 20th century because of growing complexity within evolution’s framework. Prior to that, Bacon who was an English philosopher during the middle ages, known to have popularize the concept of empiricism, was very straight forward with the definition of science which goes like this…

1) Observation 2) Induction 3) Hypothesis 4) Test Hypothesis 5) proof/disprove 6) Knowledge

In creationism the philosophy of life comes from the Bible rather than the data  which is atheism such as adopting a lifestyle of polygamy because of animal behavior as advocated in Live Science, but philosophy is brought to the data and used for interpretation! The establishment within the scientific community (which are evolutionists) have boxed in its own particular ideas for advancement purposes as well as indoctrination. Even if those ideas have naturalistic causes in their explanations, it is still not allowed in the boxed area. It is so tightly boxed in, there are assigned theories that get treated as though it cannot be falsified which means it’s not science!

The reason why they box science in like this is mainly because they want people to have faith in it which in turns brings more money to continue the research. This is why new ideas usually come from up and coming scientists rather than from the establishment itself.

Stephen Jay Gould who is was known to be a strong proponent for evolution once said…“Our ways of learning about the world are strongly influenced by the social perceptions and biased modes of thinking that each scientist must apply to any problem. The stereotype of a fully rational and objective scientific method with individual scientists as logical robots is self-serving mythology.”

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time, conducted science without excluding a creator. He believed God created all things! Newton was all about operational science. Unlike evolution which tells so-so stories where proponents confuse operational science with origins. It is interesting to note that philosophy of science is being under taught to students in the Universities today while focusing on blending experimental, historical and origin sciences all together into one big happy family!

Creationism loves operational science because the evidence drives it! For example, it doesn’t matter what background or nationality you are or what you believe in, using a slow cooker will eventually cook your food to a satisfactory level!

We are living in a day in age where there is an enormous wealth of scientific research being conducted all over the world! Billions of dollars are being spent by governments and private industry. New discoveries in science have been brought to light, containing sufficient evidence for a creator while adding to the complexity of evolution that continues to plague its explanation.

The likes of Stephen Hawkings who is regarded as one of smartest men that ever lived, denies God’s existence. Because he relies on so much of his own rationality, he is not only at odds with a creator, but the philosophy of science as well (often times attacking philosophers) by proposing such things as M theory to explain how the universe came into being from nothing. Hawkings postulates that natural laws were responsible for the creating the universe out of nothing.

We know that physical laws are a description of what happened, not the cause of the act itself. Physicist, Paul Davis once said, “There is no law of physics able to create information from nothing.” One of the most scientific laws known to man is, The first Law of Thermodynamics which says, Matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What does that mean? It means that there is no new matter coming into existence, nor new matter going out of existence. So when Hawkings postulates natural laws are the cause of something being created out of nothing, he is wrong!

It is interesting to note, the first law of thermodynamics, which was established by the very scientific community who seem willing now to ignore it for the sake of their own worldview. The law demonstrates, the universe had to come from a source and that source is God! Let’s go deeper into that proposal! Bill Dembski from the modern intelligent design movement which has it flaws (see here), but valid arguments against evolution, gives his proof from a scientific prospective for the existence of God.

Since new energy cannot be created nor destroyed, what about claims that the universe is evolving into a more complex order? This can be addressed with an observable fact, The Second Law of Thermodynamics! The concept of the universe evolving into a more complex order goes against the second law of thermodynamics which can be best summarized by saying that everything moves toward disorder—or a condition known as entropy! 

We have seen the second law in action even with nature with experiments on mutations concerning fruit flies where after many generations were created in an ideal setting, the fruit flies become resist to change rather than more open to change and begin to go in reverse which surprised many evolutionists who were seeking to expand their knowledge on how new information was created through errors! When applied to the universe, the second law of thermodynamics suggests its winding down, rather than up! Have scientist discovered such evidence in their research?

Yes! Energy cannot recycle itself. There is evidence from decaying stars like exploding stars such as a supernovae. Black holes are another which takes free energy out of the system (the universe). The sun will not provide heat forever, it will eventually cool off. The universe is wearing out and winding down! It like your hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, the heat winds down to whatever environment you’re in. For example, you outside in 32 degrees, that hot coffee will become that temperature. Something cold doesn’t increase without adding outside energy to it such as a stove providing that outside energy!

Can an intelligent cause (God) be detected with traditional scientific means? Yes! Engineering is certainly detectable. We see it all around us, our houses, cars, where we work, and so on. People who work on improving technology for example, working on improving the design of a car to fit our needs, the tech guy doesn’t apply principles based on evolution to build a better car! He uses intelligent information that helps him build or improve the car. Without information no car can be built nor improved!

It’s a concept that many evolutionary scientists tend to overlook when exploring the origin issue with their conclusions of the experiments. Recently, scientists did an experiment that was able to get RNAs called CA and TAP to self-assemble in a lab. Normally they clump together causing it not to assemble but researchers gave TAP a tail that transformed it into chemical which allows it to assemble with CA in water but no double helix or paired bases emerged!

The experiment made headline news with a lot of hype (except from nature), but one very important things is lacking in the experiment. And that is, information or code! Much like building a car, you need information to build one, it is the same for building a living cell! There is so much information contained in a human cell that it is able to store all 30 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica! Not just one copy of the 30 volumes but up to four copies of the 30 volume set!

If it wasn’t possible to detect intelligent design in nature, would you think SETI whose mission is to discover alien life forms on other planets would exist? The detection of design, rather than a mindless process through picking out random acts which are considered errors, relies upon “specified complexity.”

If you were to read letters like this…YJZOEQ, this would mean to be a random act, no order that makes sense. But if you read letters like this…SCIENCE, this is specialize complexity that has order to it along with giving you information! In a living cell with all its machinery requires not random errors, but specified information!

If you create errors (known as mutations), the information will breakdown, for example, SIENCE. which no longer gives you specified information, the word now becomes random which doesn’t make any sense. Not only does a living cell require information, but particular information to fit its needs! You can’t build an empire state building with information that only builds cars! Likewise you can’t build a living cell without specified information for that cell!

To Be Continued…

P.Z. Myers Asserts The Mediocrity Principle

The “anthropic argument” which is used for creationism which includes the existence of God is based on the tight values taken on by certain constants in the world of physics thus making our own existence unique and implies intent produced by intelligence. Albert Einstein was the first to propose the cosmological constant.

Cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurement not only demonstrate the existence of the cosmological constant, but also the value of the constant which makes up the lack of matter in the universe. It’s alternative explanation to the invisible dark matter, many secular scientists have embraced. Now there are also various other constants, here are few examples…

1) An electromagnetic force constant, if this is greater, it would cause chemical bonding to be disrupted; elements more massive than boron would be unstable to fission. Now if it was lesser: the chemical bonding would be insufficient for life chemistry.

2) Ratio of electron to proton mass, regardless of greater or lesser, the results would be the same, chemical bonding would be not sufficient enough for life chemistry.

3) The sun, earth’s closest star. It’s made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. Surface temperature is an incredible 6,000 degrees Kelvin. The Bible talks about the sun being, “the greater light” which governs the day. All life on earth depends on the sun. If the sun would burn out one day, it would cause the earth to freeze, the atmosphere would condense, liquefy and freeze, rendering the earth’s temperature to deep space.  The sun is unique, the light and heat from most stars is very variable but the Sun is relatively constant.

PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Some regard him as a militant atheist who presents very anti-christian viewpoints in his blog. Recently, he wrote about how he teaches students at his University about the “Mediocrity Principle” which he regards it as a must for science. What is it?  He describes it this way…

1) “The mediocrity principle simply states that you aren’t special.”

2) “What the mediocrity principle tells us is that our state is not the product of intent, that the universe lacks both malice and benevolence, but that everything does follow rules — and that grasping those rules should be the goal of science.”

3) “Everything that you as a human being consider cosmically important is an accident.”

4) “Most of what happens in the world is just a consequence of natural, universal laws”

P.Z. Myers claims that “Opposition to the mediocrity principle is one of the major linchpins of religion and creationism and jingoism and failed social policies.” He fails directly to answer, why is that “essential” to science?  Why would accidents be compelled to follow any rules? ““Everything that you as a human being consider cosmically important is an accident.” How could your kids be considered nothing special but just an accident? Many people plan with their intelligence (not instincts) on having kids and many also accomplish those goals.

PZ is clearly advocating atheism while attacking Christianity and other religions by calling them a “cognitive ill” which can be done a way with if only people would have faith in the Mediocrity Principle which has no foundation on what is observed in the real world and attempts to tell us that this is required in science. We are special, we live in a special place, with tight constants that have been designed in such a way that allows us to live our lives in, kids are a blessing to us, not an accident!