Creationist Museum’s Second Anniversary

Containing more space than London’s Natural History Museum, the BBC asks the question, “who goes to the creationist museum and what motivates people to make a visit?

I remember the controversy when this particular creationist museum was proposed. As I recall, they had to change locations due to special interests groups which turned out to be much better, and added more space to the project. When the museum did finally open it was greeted with some protesting from airplanes flying by to protesting signs on the ground…

I find it interesting, those who believe in a faulty view of separation from church and state (the government can only disagree with religion), would be so worried about a creationist museum. One of the reasons is competition from other museums, another is the fact that they just don’t like Christianity or any other religion.

Back to the BBC quest in answering why people go to a creationist museum. They interviewed a few people, not a very good study but interesting comments nevertheless…

Laurie Geesey, the former high school teacher, who says she believes God created “everything visible and invisible”, feels people look down on her views “especially under the current [White House] administration”. “It interferes with their lifestyle, you know ‘If it feels good go ahead and do it’ – the Bible doesn’t teach that,” she says.

Scott Rubin, “Evolution is a good theory, I don’t believe in it, but parts of it are sensible and parts of creationism are sensible,” he says. “When it comes down to it, how can you know for sure? What I do know is God’s changed my life. I believe God created the world in six days, I do believe that.”

Dan Schoonmaker, the Army helicopter pilot (who as a member of the military gets in free) described himself as a “creationist in training”, admitting it needed “a lot of faith”. “I personally don’t know, but natural selection seems to be the only thing people go on. It should be more open,” he says.

Robert Mailloux, the retired businessman dismisses Darwin’s theory as “not even a low grade hypothesis” and said it had “no substantial science” in it. “The Bible says God created the Earth in six days and we flat believe that. There are over 100 ways science is able to look at the Earth and 90 say it is thousands of years old – only 10 say it’s real old…Darwin buried with kings at Westminster Abbey? He’s not a king. He’s the king of the atheists’ movement.”

What I found also interesting, the BBC enters the creation vs evolution debate by trying to make a case for evolution with the fossil Ida found years ago, which has been dismissed by most evolutionists even as a ‘missing link’ and used for profit reasons.

So there has been skepticism from the other side about Ida’s impact on the hypothesis of evolution but the BBC makes a weak attempt to say otherwise…“The most recent such finding, a “47-million-year-old fossil” of a primate, called Ida, may have given scientists a “fresh insight” into evolution.”

Speaking of skepticism, what I found lacking in the BBC report, was the fact that anti-creationists have visited there as well, not just outside protesting, but actually taking on tour on the inside. The Creationist Museum is a great family destination,  and refreshing to see that evolution is not taught like a religion like you see in secular museums.

Some Claim Dinosaurs Cannot Be Part Of Creationism

Reading one out of many reviews concerning a fairly new 27 million dollar Creationist Museum built in 2007  and located in Petersburg, Kentucky I couldn’t help noticed this commentary which some of it is used quite often…

“Driving into the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, the first thing we saw wasn’t biblical at all: two model dinosaurs guarding the front gates. In fact, there are dinosaurs everywhere.”

“There’s a “dinosaur dig site”; you can get your photo taken with dinosaurs; a bumper sticker tells the world that the Museum is “Taking Dinosaurs Back.” My favorite, an orange, diamond-shaped “T-Rex crossing” sign, reminds us that according to the Museum, humans and dinosaurs used to interact.”

Darwinists attempt to argue, dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible therefore not part of Creationism. Dinosaurs are very important for the militant evolutionist, because the interest of these remarkable creatures are being used as a tool to try and convince children of naturalism.

The term “dinosaur” was coined in way back in 1841, before that particular time period many referred to dinosaurs as “dragons.” As far as the Bible, it does indeed describe what we would call a “dinosaur.”

In Job 40:15-19, it states the following…

“Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.”

“His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.”

Behemoth was one of the largest animals ever created by God, “he is the chief of the ways of God.” Behemoth wasn’t an elephant or hippopotamus because those two animals do not have cedar-like tails so that is one indication it wasn’t one of those animals.

Another indication of this animal being a dinosaur is the fact that an elephant does not have a nose but a sauropod dinosaur most certainly does and has a cedar-like tail!  Behemoth was most likely a sauropod dinosaur.

The Bible uses the term “dragon” to describe Satan himself, but the Bible also uses the term “dragon” in referring to living creatures as well which matches the description of dinosaurs themselves.

Paleontologists have found numerous bones of dinosaurs, some of which have soft tissue. Now we don’t know for sure the exact appearance of these dinosaur findings because bones can only tell us so much. However,  finding such great animals certainly doesn’t mean these are anti-creationism discoveries but rather they are just part of the animal world in which God created.

Tom Stern

The Museum Conflict: Creationism vs Secularism

Ken Ham finally wrote about the controversy over the Cincinnati Zoo having a one time joint promo in celebration of Christmas. This promo consisted of one ticket to view both X-mas displays. The zoo is located about 35 minutes away from the Creationist Museum.

Militant atheists got wind of this promotion. Ken Ham names PZ Meyers, but he’s not the only one who advocated the zoo drop the promo. It wasn’t the zoo celebrating Christmas that bothered the atheists, it was the fact that the zoo was unequally yoked together with the Creationist Museum.

In the one atheist wrote…

“Asking me to ‘tolerate’ this kind of worldview is akin to asking me to ‘tolerate’ illiteracy. Both are problems of education and intelligence. Creationist thought is … naïve, it is anti-intellectual, and it harkens back to pre-enlightenment thinking. I don’t have any tolerance for that.”

“Shame on the zoo” PZ Meyers said, as angry letters like the two previous examples came flooding in to the zoo’s PR office. As a result, the zoo caved in fairly quickly. The one time promo was one time with the Creationist Museum.

Militant atheists have a prejudice attitude towards creationists especially when comes to science and faith in God.

“This is not a war against Christmas” one man wrote to me in his blog. I agree it’s not a war with X-mas but rather a war with “creation science.”    You see, Christmas is highly ecumenical for many groups who are religious, Christian, and even the godless!

PZ Meyers who is part of the godless crowd is a classic example of a man at war with Christianity, but celebrates the customs of Christmas like having a X-mas tree and opening gifts on December 25 like it’s someone’s birthday.

However, Mr Meyers claims Christmas is no longer a religious holiday!  He’s not being honest, the truth of the matter is, the holiday is definitely religious, but full of materialism as well. The commercial aspect and also the  popularity are so overwhelming that it’s hard for PZ to ignore it, so he joins in on the celebration.

I noticed atheists do have a double standard in which they are misleading the public. The zoo is promoting a holiday which does advocate the supernatural rather than naturalism but strangely are not allow to join a one-time promo with a creationist museum in celebrating X-mas.

Some atheists claim, the zoo would have been the laughstock of the world.  If this is true, then they should be still laughing at the zoo because they are celebrating a religious holiday not based on naturalism!