A Dust Disk Makes A Stellar Disappearance

The widely accept planetesimal hypothesis among secular scientists where it is believed that the solar system was built from.  According to this hypothesis, planets require material from orbiting dust disks surrounding stars.

A new observation by astronomers revealed a dusty circumstellar disk, supposedly 10 million years old all of a sudden evaporated within 3  short years. This was indeed a falsification, none in the circle of consensus concerning the planetesimal hypothesis expected to witness such a rapid change: reduction of infrared emission by a factor of 30 in 3 years, caused by, the astronomers believe, “a correspondingly drastic depletion of the dust disk” in such a short period of time!

Why would something deemed to be 10 million years old, all of a sudden disappear in 3 years in a time frame when humans are able to observe it?  Rescue explanations arise, but as Nature News points out, “…these hypotheses (along with the possibility of occulting material lying somewhere along our line of sight to the star) can be excluded on the basis of the stability…

The reason why some were discounted was because of the catastrophic nature of what went on in which gravity is supposed to produce step by step gains in building planets rather than a complete pulverization that galvanized it out of existence.   This observation is not conducive to supposed planet formation according to the planetesimal hypothesis.

“Such a phase of rapid ejecta evolution has not been previously predicted or observed, and no currently available physical model satisfactorily explains the observations.”

So how was this explain in the media, phys.org said this was a break through in obtaining new insights on planet evolution.

“The most commonly accepted time scale for the removal of this much dust is in the hundreds of thousands of years, sometimes millions,” said study co-author Inseok Song, assistant professor of physics and astronomy in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. “What we saw was far more rapid and has never been observed or even predicted. It tells us that we have a lot more to learn about planet formation.”

“…planets might form much faster than previously thought or, alternatively, that stars harboring planets could be far more numerous.”

Adding complexity to the hypothesis always creates more problems than it solves which also happens with Darwinian evolution, thus challenging the value on explaining reality.

“The researchers explored several different explanations for how such a large quantity of dust could disappear so rapidly, and each of their explanations challenges conventional thinking about planet formation… Like many important discoveries, the scientists’ finding raises more questions than it answers.”

How does a dusk disk disappear so quickly? When you break free of the framework created by consensus it sounds more logical. Stars and planets were created but that is not why they are breaking up so quickly rather it is because of the laws of thermodynamics, that is the cause of the breaking up, not building up.

We entrust our scientists with the job of explaining what is going on in the natural world.  Keep in mind there is a huge difference between scientific discovery and scientific explanation; it is great to make these observations, but not so great to maintain a false theory in the face of contradictory evidence by invoking ad hoc rescue explanations that refuse to consider non-paradigmatic solutions, such as creation!

What Is Your Favorite Scientific Debunked Belief?

Liberal blogger Richard Thaler, asked an interesting question about science theories going wrong and why it took so long for it to be corrected. He quite a response from scientists. One Physicist, writes…

“The earth is flat and the sun goes around it for the same reason that an apple appears to be more strongly attracted by the earth than a leaf, the same reason that when you add 20% and then subtract 20% you return to the same value, and the same reason that the boat is heavier than water. All of these statements appear to be correct, at first sight, and all of them are wrong…”

“The length of time it takes to figure it out is a matter of history and culture. Religion gets into it, psychology, fear of science, and many other factors. I do not believe that there is one parameter that determines how these things are found to be wrong…Religious people of all religions believe even more ridiculous things than all of the above. These are examples of the last 10 years, not of the middle ages.”

Here we go, the flat earth concept again, it has been used quite often by certain evolutionists to mock creationists or intelligent design proponents. One wonders how many years has this physicist really studied Christainity or religion? Most likely he has done some study, but ultimately he wrote a response that is based on a lie.

Isaiah 40:22…

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”

Suggesting the earth is a circle would not give the impression of it being flat! Rather than admitting their own faith in these conclusions they exalt evolution over God…

“The Great Chain of Being is another great example of a long-held, still not fully displaced, false view and also stems from the same kind of “wrongly centered ” thinking. Essentially the view is that humans stand at the pinnacle of creation (or just below God) and all other life forms are less perfect to a varying degree. Evolutionary theory teaches that all creatures are equally adapted to the niches in which they live; every branch of the tree is thus in a sense equally perfect.”

Who said Christianity and science were separate? First that say, it’s not a science, then they write in a blog that it’s a debunked science, which is of course is another lie coming from this particular camp of scientists. However, he does have a point about interpretation of the data, it’s based on a person’s logic or way of thinking. But his logic is clearly bias and outright wrong.

Science is a tool to learn with. On the other hand, evolution is a story that has been created by man. Take for example, Steven Taylor, a macro-invertebrate biologist from the University of Illinois who spent two decades studying the mysteries of cave life. His adventure was spending a lot of time in tight dark spots in numerous caves, observing bizarre creatures that live in these ecological “islands” cut off from the outside world. Now what he did in this project was about observing, recording data and studying the effects of the above-ground environment on the creatures below ground. It’s good science without a story about evolution. Science that confirms the Bible is another!

The cultists in evolution would like the public to believe that understanding these creatures without evolution would be impossible. The cultists in evolution would also like the public to believe that their truth is the way and the light and nobody can interpret nature but them. Answering the question about one’s favorite debunked scientific beliefs shows more than ever a need to open up science research, allow more views, creationist, intelligent design or otherwise!

Are Evolutionists Coming To Grips With Primordial Soup?

Evolutionary scientists have been trying for many years to answer one of the more fundamental questions about their hypothesis, “how did life arise?” For the past 80 years, evolutionists have been advocating that chemicals produced life in a soup type situation. A new study reveals…

“Textbooks have it that life arose from organic soup and that the first cells grew by fermenting these organics to generate energy in the form of ATP. We provide a new perspective on why that old and familiar view won’t work at all,” said team leader Dr Nick lane from University College London.”

“We present the alternative that life arose from gases (H2, CO2, N2, and H2S) and that the energy for first life came from harnessing geochemical gradients created by mother Earth at a special kind of deep-sea hydrothermal vent – one that is riddled with tiny interconnected compartments or pores.”

Many of these arguments used in the study were presented by creation scientists many years ago. It has been also presented in here…So, why is it that we have scientific observations which do not confirm life evolving from the soup like the destructive power of ultraviolet light and oxygen coming out now? Because they have finally come up with another way to try and explain how life began, this time through hydrothermal sea vents.

These vents have their own problems with creating information for life and then life itself as experiments have already shown. Evolutionary scientists claim the evidence is in the “zinc” instead of what the oceans consist of, “salt.” So how could natural means produce zinc? Can zinc really help produce life because it can store energy? There are so many of these conjecture ideas concerning the origin of life in evolution. What we observe is life comes from life, this is scientific and it’s biblical!

Newly Discovered Fossil Puts Another Hole In Tree

So DNA is not confirming horse evolution but rather showing variants within it’s own kind, but are dinosaurs any better? In PhysOrg it doesn’t appear the case…

“The description of the new species, named Tawa after the Hopi word for the Puebloan sun god, appears in the Dec. 10 issue of the journal Science in a paper lead-authored by Sterling Nesbitt, a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences.”

Latest depiction of the animal.

“The fossil bones of several individuals were recovered, but the type specimen is a nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile that stood about 28 inches (70 cm) tall at the hips and was about 6 feet (2 meters) long from snout to tail. Its body was about the size of a large dog, but with a much longer tail.”

“The firm placement of Herrerasaurus within the theropod lineage points up an interesting fact about dinosaur evolution: once they appeared, they very rapidly diversified into the three main dinosaur lineages that persisted for more than 170 million years. Herrerasaurus was found in a South American rock layer alongside the oldest members of two major lineages—the sauropods and the ornithischians.”

The fossil was discovered in New Mexico when hikers accidently stumbled upon the bones back in 2004, key words to consider, “appeared” and “very rapidly diversified” which is something they also said about their DNA research on horses.  In 2006, imaginary feathers were created on Tawa in the artwork even though there were no feathers found on the bones, rather they said, “it was likely” the creature had features. But newer artwork found in PhysOrg of the animal shows no feathers unlike Nature

The newly discovered fossil also presents a problem about its source location of the missing ancestor. Tawa was found next to two other theropod dinosaurs which were around the same period of time. The article goes on to say that these three dinosaurs were related to those in South America. How could have these dinosaurs migrate so far away?

More articles are being published recently that are anti-gradualistic in theme but support abrupt appearance. Creationists have been advocating this for years, the evidence doesn’t show slow and gradual evolution. Proponents of this hypothesis (a non-thinking process) generally want to replace God with it, evolution according to them can do all the things the Lord can do.

They focus primarily about gene loss and alterations in the regulation of existing genes – not the increases in genetic information that molecules-to-man evolution would require.

Science Journal And Media Goes Into The Political Realm

Wernher von Braun was behind the creation of rockets in Germany but later came to America to help jump-start the space program which includes putting man on the moon. He faced numerous accusations of Nazi collaboration during his life and still does today. For example, a book recently published called, “The Dark Side of the Moon” makes an allegation.

Mike O’Hare reviewed the book for New Scientist

“The consensus arose that he was as much an unwilling victim of the Nazi war machine as those killed by his V2 rockets. His cause was obviously aided when, after the war, he was headhunted by the “right side”, avoiding retribution in Europe by being deployed on the US’s space programme.

So it’s fascinating to read Wayne Biddle’s deconstruction of this aura of acceptability in Dark Side of the Moon. This is a man, Biddle points out, who was the son of a Prussian aristocrat, a prime candidate for the SS of which he was a member, and happy for slave labour to be used in his Nazi missile programme.”

Von Braun studied mechanical engineering at the University of Berlin. Albert Einstein was in contact with him by answering his questions in a letter. He had a PhD in physics by 1932. Rocket science was a strange concept back then, but Von Braun found the German army appealing because it had a unique small rocket development program under Walter Dornberger.

“Stuhlinger explains the army connection: “The situation of the young rocketeers was similar to that of the aviation pioneers when the airplane could only be developed because of military support” (Ordway, p. 24).”

In October 1942, the first successful rocket was launched. This got Hitler’s attention, and Nazi intrusion began to grow. After a very successful attack by the British in 1943, Hitler ordered production of the rocket underground. Himmler, who had visited the Peenemünde center the previous summer, tried to recruit von Braun but when it was rebuffed, the Gestapo arrested him in the middle of the night and was kept in jail for the next two weeks.

He was then tried in court by the Nazi regime where he was accused of not having any intend to use rockets for war rather for space travel only. He was also accused of spying and trying to escape. Hitler was convinced by others, the rocket science could not progress without its main scientist. Von Braun was then released. The Nazis gave him two choices, either cooperate or be shot. Yes, people were critical of his decision when faced with life or death and yes it was a mistake to cave in to the Nazis.

As far as Mike O’Hare from New Scientist, he presents lame evidence on Von Braun embracing Nazism which is more like guilt by association. The only reason why these liberals attack him is because he went to America where his work in peaceful conditions is still felt today. I say this because Nature one of the major science journals gives Qian Xuesen special treatment. He’s the one who learned to make rockets in the US, later on he went to China to help jump-start their program, let’s look at the difference this guy gets than what Von Braun had to endure.

Nature tried to give multiple attempts to exonerate Xuesen from any allegations of cooperation in communist ideology. Qian Xuesen did have an impact on America’s science program as well. However, Xuesen believed he had been wronged by America so he joined the communist party. By going to China where Mao was mass murdering people, about 77 million, Xuesen remained in good standing. He wasn’t arrested or threaten with violence.

New Deep Field Image of Distant Galaxies

It’s been five years since the Hubble telescope was able to produce an image from the dark corners of deep space! I really look forward to these types of scientific observations. The further you look out into space, the more complex the big bang theory and other related theories becomes as a result of failed expectations and the more observable data for a younger Universe which confirms the Bible.

“Hubble’s newly installed Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) collects light from near-infrared wavelengths and therefore looks even deeper into the universe, because the light from very distant galaxies is stretched out of the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum into near-infrared wavelengths by the expansion of the universe.”  -Hubblesite

We are blessed to live in a day in age where we are seeing new discoveries like this one. It displays God’s highly advanced intelligent design, His power in the creation. It’s not good news for evolutionists as it challenges more of their theories. New Scientist openly admits this…

“THE universe is far more transparent at high energies than we thought. This discovery – based on sightings of unexpectedly bright objects that should be too far away to see so clearly – may call into question our understanding of how galaxies are born and evolve.”

“Most light travels through the cosmos unimpeded. But photons with very high energies of more than 100 gigaelectronvolts can collide with intergalactic infrared light. The longer these photons have to travel, the greater their chances of colliding and the less likely they are to reach Earth. As a result, distant blazars – galaxies with gluttonous black holes at their centres whose flares are pointing directly at Earth – are supposed to be much dimmer at higher energies than those that are not so far off.”

Most astronomers are surprised that galaxies exist at all let alone they are pretty bright to begin with supposedly 600 million years after the big bang.  This is because there is a“lumpiness problem” in cosmology in which structures display abrupt appearance rather than various slow changes.  So what about using light distance with all this talk about billions of years, does this cause a problem for creationism?

Not many know this, but light travel causes a major problem for the big bang. So much so, there is an hypothesis known as “inflation” which was invented in 1981 in order to solve the light travel problem…Jason Lisle, Ph.D. outlines it in detail…

“The temperature of the CMB is essentially the same everywhere5—in all directions (to a precision of 1 part in 100,000).6 However (according to big bang theorists), in the early universe, the temperature of the CMB7 would have been very different at different places in space due to the random nature of the initial conditions.

“These different regions could come to the same temperature if they were in close contact. More distant regions would come to equilibrium by exchanging radiation (i.e. light8). The radiation would carry energy from warmer regions to cooler ones until they had the same temperature.”

“(1) Early in the alleged big bang, points A and B start out with different temperatures.
(2) Today, points A and B have the same temperature, yet there has not been enough time for them to exchange light.”

“The problem is this: even assuming the big bang timescale, there has not been enough time for light to travel between widely separated regions of space. So, how can the different regions of the current CMB have such precisely uniform temperatures if they have never communicated with each other?9 This is a light-travel–time problem.”

Time measurement doesn’t cause a problem for the creationist model, the speed of light is not constant, as we’ve been taught since the early 1930s, but has been steadily slowing since the first instance of time. We have observed the speed through various past data and found the speed of light being higher 100 years ago and as high as seven percent in the 1700s! Keep in mind the limitations of historical science. We cannot go back in time or have clocks from A point to B point to determine more accurate measurements. But one thing is for sure, it makes more sense from a Biblical point of view than a world point of view! Can’t wait till the new deep field image!

Future Observations: Super-resolution technology

Microscope makers are going where no man has gone before! Within five to ten years this new designed technology is going to make it possible to see more images of phenomena at the molecular level.  However, we are not referring to electron microscopes rather we are talking about using light microscopes in real-time!

Diffraction limit has been thought for a very long time, an impossible task until now…Nature reveals in two articles promising news…

“For many years it was a source of frustration for biologists that the internal components of a cell were practically invisible to them.” wrote Kelly Rae Chi in her article, “Microscopy: Ever-increasing resolution. Researchers believed that the wavelength of light determined a fundamental limit to the resolution of optical microscopes.”

“In Finland in the 1990s, thought that, with the right lasers, he could activate a fluorescent spot and then shrink it by superimposing a larger, hollow beam of light to deplete all the light emission except for that at the centre of the spot.  He called the technique stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy.  Although many physicists were initially sceptical of Hell’s ideas, by 2000 he had used STED to produce the first nanoscale fluorescence images.”

“Super-resolution microscopy has blossomed since, allowing researchers to see cellular processes unfolding at nanometre scales.  “This is something that the field has desired since people first started looking through light microscopes,” says Jan Liphardt, a biophysicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.”

There is more methods being developed which includes compiling images of billions of fluorescent proteins, photo-activated localization microscopy (PALM), and “stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM), which uses what they call a photoswitchable probe or probes which temporally separates the overlapping images of individual molecules which boosts resolution to ten times better than the diffraction limit and so on.

It’s very nice to see no storytelling about Darwinian evolution and not only that but the new technology is a vital tool when observing the craftsmanship of God’s design in nature. It’s going to bring out details beyond our wildest dreams which is very beneficial for creationism but it’s also going to cause problems for evolution, expansion and more complexity in their storytelling will grow like leaps and bounds because of the detail of specialized complexity.

For some evolutionists, they feel when they have answered one question and five more questions pop up as a result is job security because the mystery leads to more mystery it never ends. As creationists and Christians, nature will be showing some awesome designs to learn from that were created by God, it’s the future for observations and more evidence in the microscopic world.