Travel Poll Lists: Creation Museum

What are your favorite places to take your kids? A traveling agency asked web surfers this very question, up to 15 places.  So people nominated their favorite places to take their kids and one of them happened to be the creation museum where it had the top spot out of 15.

Ken Ham in his blog, writes…

“For atheists, there really is no basis for their ethics, therefore they believe they can do whatever they want if they can get away with it. What is “right” or “wrong” to such people is all relative. So, to them, their tactics aren’t “unethical,” and their actions against AiG and our Creation Museum are just what atheists are inclined to do because they are so intolerant of Christians. It is a part of their “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1) as they try to censor those they disagree with—especially Christians.”

“These are the same people who are largely behind efforts to stop students even hearing evidence against evolution in the classroom or being allowed to hear the Bible’s account of history. As they attack our Creation Museum by attempting to crash an on-line poll, these atheists have shown their disdain for Christianity. However, atheists found out about this poll…”

As of today, the creation museum dropped to third place and has well over 700 comments which is substantially more than any other nominated location and most of the comments are like this…

“A top notch museum that is both entertaining and educational! Kids will come away with a memorable experience that will last a lifetime, especially the dinosaur exhibits! Too much to see in just one day! – Cindy Stevens

“This place is amazing. I’m a teacher who took my 6th grade science students to see this place and they loved it for 2 reasons: 1)It LOOKS like Disney World. It’s one of the best quality museums Ive ever been to, including the Smithsonian, and 2) They learned a lot of things they didn’t know enough to even ask questions about to begin with. It sets up a true “discovery” experience. – Dave Scott

“Thoroughly educational and a lot of fun for kids. With a petting zoo, animatronic dinosaurs and many other fascinating displays, it’s the perfect place to take the whole family. – Chris Carlascio

Now the atheists who Ken Ham mentioned in his blog who tried to crush the poll came from Pharyngula which is by none other than PZ Meyers who is a biologist from Minnesota.   Here is what some atheists write when a poll like this comes out with a favorable rating about creationism where PZ Meyers tells them to crash it…

“I actually sort of think that seeing the Creation Museum can be good for kids. My daughter is 8 and REALLY into science, and she was just APPALLED when we explained to her (just the other night, actually) what the Creation Museum is. Of course, we promised her a trip there sometime to marvel at the insanity of it all. Maybe this summer; since we live in Cincinnati, it’s not a far drive for us.”

“About the first 30 comments praise this piece of crap, an obvious attempt to poll crash this by creotards. But then after that, the comments go downhill fast. Worth reading for the amusing critiques, how many different ways can you torpedo this monument to stupidity? Looks like the creotards have given up on supporting this in the comments, they probably hope nobody will bet past the first 30. Too bad you can’t down vote.”

This is one of the reasons why evolution is not good for science, currently there are hundreds of positive comments, nobody stopped at 30.

“CM down to fifth place now. The pro-Creation Museum comments will make you weep for the children of creotards.”

Again, this is why evolution is bad for science, the site has the Creation Museum at number #3, and the poll crashers can only vote once every 24 hours.

Doesn’t poll crashing and bashing others is child’s play rather than by those who perceive themselves as intellectuals? All you parents out there, the Creation Museum which has had over one million visitors since it opened, has many amazing things to see and do, it is a great way to spend the day with your family!

LiveScience Article On Creationist Museum

Stephanie Pappas from LiveScience must have been reading about the mosque controversy for plans to build one at ground zero (not anywhere else in America) and decided to use the theme and also a study for her article on the creationist museum. Answers in Genesis had a few things to say about it…

“An especially egregious example of bad reporting on the Creation Museum occurred yesterday when a commentary appeared on According to, it is a well-trafficked website that ranks an impressive number—6,700 out of millions of websites worldwide.”

If I were AIG I wouldn’t use Alexa rankings as a way to determine traffic to a website because it’s no where near an accurate measure on how many people visit a website because it requires people to use a toolbar or some sort of software that records browsing habits by the host and then sends it to the site for rankings. Many people who surf the internet do not have it! And rankings from that site can be artificially inflated as well so it’s not really impressive. Unlike a real-time tracker which records most people who visit the site which is impressive and way more accurate on web traffic.

LiveScience starts out with misleading the reader into thinking the creationist museum is inclusive (non-club members not allowed sort of thing) but in reality it’s open to everyone of all faiths or non-faiths. If they read the Bible, the Gospel is to be preached to everyone. Likewise, the creationist museum is opened to everyone. If it was inclusive they would only sell tickets to like minded groups.

Now Bernadette Barton of Morehead State University in Kentucky who feels threaten by the Museum (because it’s creationist) conducted a study by bringing in hand picked students for field trips who reported their experiences. LiveScience reports it this way…

“The Creation Museum, opened in 2007, puts its own brand of scientific explanations of creationism  alongside exhibits of Adam and Eve, dinosaurs with humans, and Noah building his Ark. One exhibit, “Graffiti Alley,” purports to show what happens when mankind abandons Young Earth Creationism. These consequences include the birth control pill, abortion, divorce, murder and gay marriage.”

Stephanie Pappas, we want a picture of this exhibit where you mentioned those words stated above that is supposed to be in the creationist Museum or make it known to your readers that you are just interpreting the message rather than repeating the words which looks like this…

Rejection of Scripture not young earth creationism which leads to those things mentioned in the picture. “I was seeking to understand the fundamentalist framework,” Barton told LiveScience. ” No, it was a fishing expedition. The article also claims that faith is being forced on people, this is also not true. Do you see people being dragged in against their will making them watch certain videos and look at exhibits? Of course not! AIG was right, this is a clear attack on Christianity rather than “we just want to understand” study on the Museum.