Odd Marine Animal In Cambrian Turns Evolution Upside Down

A new study has found hundreds of  small animals which looks like a flower in the strata located in China as reported in live science. This unusual but amazing small creature has a  U-shaped digestive tract, along with mouth and anus side by side. They attached themselves to the seafloor where they use their tentacles to create a water current which guides food particles to their mouth so they can eat.

The body plan of this fossil is almost identical to modern living animals!  One of the most notable differences is, the fossil is bigger than modern living ones, about 56mm.  Also, “unlike what is found in living entoprocts, the stem and flowerlike feeding cup of the ancient creature were covered by tiny hardened protuberances called sclerites, which may have formed a sort of hard exoskeleton for the creatures.”

This fossil evidence recently discovered turns evolution upside down! Here is another example of an animal phylum appearing suddenly in the oldest layers containing multicellular animals. It appears out of nowhere, fully formed, and doesn’t change its basic body plan for 520 million years in the evolutionary time frame.

And this is not the only animal discovered like this,  it’s true about all the animal phyla! How does this fit into the story of evolution? Reporter Stephanie Pappas tried to answer that question by claiming the animal was “likely an ancestor of a group known as the entoprocta.”  Do you realize what she just did in order to try to rescue evolution from this discovery?

Think about it, How can this animal be an ancestor to the modern ones? How can you argue that this creature which is larger and more complex than the modern animals of its kind, be an ancestor?  It turns Darwin’s tree upside down!

It’s about time evolutionists come to grip with reality, to start viewing things in a logical manner and that the fossil record is not their strongest evidence for evolution! From a creationist prospective, this scientific discovery is another confirmation which doesn’t increase complexity in its explanation that it turns things upside down and all around.

Cambrian Explosion: “Then Something Happened”

Without any transitional life forms that show small changes increasing complexity over long periods of time, in a relative blink of an eye, we see complexity of animals appear out of nowhere in the geological column. Paleontologists continue to discover new varieties of animals for example in 2010, eight new kinds of creatures have been discovered in the Cambrian rocks.

Interesting to note, the newly discovered fossils back in 2010, consisted of soft parts like eyes and gills on creatures which are alleged to be a half a billion years old in the evolutionary time frame. But the soft parts found in the rock is an indication that the fossils are much younger. The Cambrian Explosion has baffled many evolutionary scientists who are now seeking some sort of explanation on why these fossils fall way short of evolutionary expectations.

A press release by the University of Wisconsin-Madison (also found in science daily and phys.org)  states the following over this incredible phenomena…

“The oceans teemed with life 600 million years ago, but the simple, soft-bodied creatures would have been hardly recognizable as the ancestors of nearly all animals on Earth today. Then something happened. Over several tens of millions of years – a relative blink of an eye in geologic terms – a burst of evolution led to a flurry of diversification and increasing complexity, including the expansion of multicellular organisms and the appearance of the first shells and skeletons.”

Is the “second geological curiosity” going to be able to solve the first mystery or will there be more? The paper published in Nature, contains various charts, data references, and so on. One must determine if these are nothing more than props which really doesn’t solve any mystery or the real deal.  Research papers are often times hyped up in press releases to show importance for reasons like funding purposes or showcase talent or attempting to sway public opinion or any combination of those three.

Drs. Peters and Gaines confined their research to the Darwinian framework and history along with the assumed evolutionary geological timescale.

“Although Darwin and other palaeontologists [sic; Darwin’s only degree was in theology] have regarded the resultant widespread hiatus in the rock record as a failure of preservation, the formation of this prominent gap may have actually been an environmental trigger for biomineralization, thereby promoting the Cambrian explosion of marine animals.  Determining the geodynamic causes of extensive Neoproterozoic continental denudation followed by Phanerozoic sedimentation, and linking those dynamics to the timing and spatial distribution of marine transgression and biogeochemical change, is now a challenge for geoscience.”

This is why evolutionary research is way out there in left field somewhere, we see them using the “gaps” as “data” without explaining a geodynamic cause to it, nor an explanation of a cause for subsequent sedimentation that includes complex Cambrian animals which are fully formed with no transitional forms preceding them! Then we see them pass off the assumption of  imaginary geological processes with their invented imagination of  biogeochemical changes that brought trilobites out of new seawater chemistry to someone else’s future research calling it a “challenge for geoscience.” 

So what has the public and scientists learned from this paper? A great mystery that Charles Darwin called a huge gap in the fossil record but this huge gap they say is no longer a problem rather in this new study they call it the solution (using reverse psychology to make their research sound more relevant). Wait a minute! Didn’t the research paper propose a scientific explanation to the Cambrian explosion based on facts?

Here is what they actually proposed…

“During the early Cambrian, shallow seas repeatedly advanced and retreated across the North American continent, gradually eroding away surface rock to uncover fresh basement rock from within the crust. Exposed to the surface environment for the first time, those crustal rocks reacted with air and water in a chemical weathering process that released ions such as calcium, iron, potassium, and silica into the oceans, changing the seawater chemistry.”

Doesn’t that sound scientific? No! On the surface it gives the illusion of being scientific, but what they are doing is filling a gap in with their own imagination (then something happened), there was no evidence to suggest that shallow seas somehow and repeatedly advanced and retreated, wearing down sediments to basement rock all over the world! Where was the gully erosion on a global flat surface as a result of that happening or how would they know which new minerals would spring out having the ability to cause evolution to burst out? Was there a lab test about this?

So here we are told that new minerals sprang into existence somehow and then supposedly changed the chemistry of seawater where it supposedly caused an explosion of specialized complexity and diversity among the animals. This is what evolutionary scientists call the “Great Unconformity.”  Using one’s imagination to fill in the gaps and call it a greater understanding is nowhere near scientific. The press release along with the research did the public a disservice rather than a service.  Science entails a lot more than creating a man-made story.

The Cambrian explosion confirms the Biblical account of creation which says a global flood occurred. Using a global flood model, it is plausible that the flood had generated enormous tsunamis that swept ocean-floor sediments landwards, catastrophically burying progressively the organisms then living in nearshore, coastal and land environments.  Thus the Cambrian layers contain the fossils of the large variety of animals including unusual pre-Flood creatures that are now extinct like the seven-foot shrimp.

Modern geologists observe that most new sediment layers are deposited rapidly in catastrophic events but since Darwinism is invoked, it is  causing an array of complexities within its own mysteries. On the other hand, the Grand Canyon was carved by water and one can draw reasonable conclusions from that. In the flood model there is something real and observable to point to, in the evolutionary explanation of the Cambrian Explosion, there is nothing to point as previously mentioned, where is the gully erosion on a global flat surface as a result of that happening? And then point to other unobservable ideas which state, then something happened and fill it in with more ideas that were not observed.  The Cambrian Explosion isn’t just something that happened, it is a confirmation of God’s creation which can be seen today!

The Truly Amazing, and The Bizarre in Science

All living things ranging from animals to humans rely on the ATP ability to manufacture a “energy pellets” in order to survive. There have been some remarkable discoveries on how the  ATP synthase works. It continues to astound with truly amazing features.

A team of scientists in Germany have detected  the rotary engines of ATP synthase and other parts of the respiratory chain and created a diagram that resembles a factory. The design of the ATP is highly advanced with engines that are arranged in pairs, the F0 parts are observed to almost touching, their F1 parts separated, by angles ranging from 40° to 70° depending on the species. And quite interestingly, the authors of the paper mention that the ATP isconserved during evolution”.  Have they grasped a better understanding about how evolution works? No! Have they grasped a better understanding of its design and how it works? Yes!

Last week it was reported that scientists turned a chicken into an alligator, well not quite that profound but rather, “rewinding evolution: scientists alter chicken DNA to create embryo with ‘alligator-like’ snout.” Since mutation experiments have been falsifying evolution, evolutionary scientists are trying to advocate a more simple approach to the problem. Flip some switches, and new information is created or at least that is what is believed.

The scientists who altered the DNA in the chicken by inserting a protein gel into the eggs to that would restrict certain gene regulators actually created a deformity or another words a defect. There was no new information created in the genomes which would turn the chicken into an alligator. This research lacks any value for trying to understand evolution with malformations. Rather this is great research for studying birth defects and how to prevent them!

In another story, Jerry Coyne who is an American professor of biology and known for his public opposition of creationism and the modern intelligent design movement, recently, natural selection has been an interesting topic for him because of what he had written in various publications. The first being, “The Improbability Pump” where it says…

“In principle, natural selection is simple. It is neither a “law” nor a “mechanism.” It is, instead, a “process”–a process that is inevitable if two common conditions are met.”

Jerry says it simple, but is it? He writes about natural selection again in his book, “Why Evolution Is True” and on page three it says…

“In essence, the modern theory of evolution is easy to grasp. It can be summarized in a single (albeit slightly long) sentence: Life on Earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species—perhaps a self-replicating molecule—that lived more than 3.5 billion years ago; it then branched out over time, throwing off many new and diverse species; and the mechanism for most (but not all) of evolutionary change is natural selection.”

I ask again, simple Jerry? Are you really trying to tell us natural selection is that simple? So which is it? Is natural selection a mechanism or not or is it just a process or a combination of both and why? His writings on the subject are a bit confusing which is not surprising considering evolution is full of confusing stories that evolve over time due to falsifications. One wonders about the growing complexity in evolution, which perhaps has it gotten to the point where it is even confusing to those who are trying to tell the public it’s factual? Sure does looks that way!

On August 23, 2011, MSNBC reported that daddy-long-legs has remain relatively the same after the supposed assumed time frame of 300 million years. There are other species that have been quite amazing, not showing evolution. The fossil record is becoming less and less Darwinian as more studies are done with it. It is not as bizarre as calling certain animals, “living fossils” as though they came back from the dead and now are alive!

What was thought to be just a fossil from long ago is actually swimming pretty good in the water. A report by phys.org

“A new species of eel found in the gloom of an undersea cave is a “living fossil” astonishingly similar to the first eels that swam some 200 million years ago, biologists reported on Wednesday.”

Where is the evolution? Labeling it incorrectly as a “living fossil” like Charles Darwin, doesn’t explain evolution. When you take away all those millions of years that evolutionists believe in, and you discover that the resemblance of these creatures to their fossilize ancestors means they are not separated by millions of years through evolution but variants within in kind that was designed by God!

Defying Evolutionary Logic: Complexity Found In Simplicity

It’s coming a pattern in science, what has been deemed to be primitive is no longer. Charles Darwin envisioned simplicity evolving into complexity which is still held for the most part today. The assumption is turning into a mix bowl of soup. Jellyfish are considered to be one of the simplest forms of life so there are things scientists have taken for granted over the years as a result…

Why do Jellyfish have two dozen eyes but yet has no brain? New research has shown that scientists are now beginning to discover, these eyes do in fact have specialized functions…

Live Science reports…

“The skyward gaze of one set of eyes belonging to box jellyfish provides evidence that these creatures — which lack a conventional brain — are capable of sophisticated behavior. New research has shown that one species of jellyfish uses one set of eyes to navigate and keep itself close to home.

“It is a surprise that a jellyfish — an animal normally considered to be lacking both brain and advanced behavior — is able to perform visually guided navigation, which is not a trivial behavioral task,” said lead researcher Anders Garm of the University of Copenhagen. “This shows that the behavioral abilities of simple animals, like jellyfish, may be underestimated.”

Also, the innate immune system which is found in all plants and animal life which comprises the cells and mechanisms that defend the host from infection by other organisms in a non-specific manner was considered simple. However, this is no longer the case as this discovery was quite amazing!

“When scientists can’t believe their eyes, it is very likely that they are on to something quite extraordinary. This was precisely the case for Arturo Zychlinsky and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin. White blood cells that cast net-like structures to ensnare pathogens? No one had ever seen the likes of it before. Now the first patients are reaping the benefits of this discovery.”

The surprise discovery of complexity found in what was assumed to be a “simple” system subsequently led to other fruitful leads about how the immune system operates, and how serious diseases ensue when mutations disrupt the works.  The question is, which world view expects simplicity in lower forms of life, and which world view is normally wrong about it?

The proteasome is a garbage collecting complex machine whose job is to dispose of the protein “trash”. What could be one of the more simpler things to do than trash collection? Right? Well as it turns out, even this is more sophisticated as previously assumed as it uses two different mechanisms to determine which targets to destroy!

Physorg says…

“This signal, known as the degron, is composed of two components: an unstructured ‘initiation region’ within the target protein and a proteasome recognition tag. This tag typically consists of a chain of ubiquitin molecules, but some proteins get steered to the proteasome with the help of ubiquitin-binding ‘adaptor’ proteins. “These two pathways work in parallel with and independently from each other, and converge at the initiation step,” explains Tomonao Inobe of the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Wako, Japan.”

“By analyzing the efficiency with which different synthetic protein constructs get degraded by the proteasome, Inobe and colleagues in Andreas Matouschek’s laboratory at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, have uncovered important structural details of the recognition mechanisms used by the proteasome to manage these distinct pathways.

Incredible! Creationists believe God created all things, He is advanced in knowledge far beyond humans and has build this universe for Himself. So in other world creationists are more likely to be looking for complexity in lower life forms than what is considered simplicity by evolutionary standards! Slow and gradual from simple to complex in evolutionary teaching is fading away with the evidence!

New Dinosaur Forced Into The Evolutionary Framework

Dubbed as a “nasty” and fierce predator who’s size was only 4 foot tall was found in Argentina with an assumed time frame of 230 million years ago, a new study suggests. Eodromaeus, whose name means “dawn runner” is supposed to be revealing new light on the evolution of dinosaurs. When you examine this particular small dinosaur it certainly appears it was well designed animal for running and taking care of itself, but the BBC in it’s report, argued to the contrary, “Even though their descendents may have gone on to great things, neither of the creatures were dominant in their time, and the researchers believe their eventual rise may be down to blind chance, and perhaps some unknown environmental catastrophe.”

Stuff happens with blind chance (as it’s always claim to do), according the BBC which means the interpretation is outrunning the bones. Keep in the mind, the dating method used was a complete assumption. As it states in the journal of science, “A current geologic time scale, which assumes an average rate of sedimentation between radioisotopically dated horizons.”

What if that assumption is inaccurate as a result of human error? The impact of such an error would radically change the story of evolution. Another interesting observation when you look at their chart, there is decreasing diversity over a period of time.  So if we are to assume their long-age interpretation of the formation, the evidence contradicts evolutionary predictions – and their paper is very honest about this particular observation in their data as they admit to it!

“One explanation for the rise of dinosaurs has been that a few key features led gradually to the competitive dominance of dinosaurs.  This view has been overtaken by a hypothesis of noncompetitive replacement, in which their rise is split into two successive episodes of extinction and noncompetitive infilling of vacant ecospace.  In the replacement hypothesis, the earliest dinosaurs are regarded as particularly rare (1 to 3% of terrestrial vertebrates), their abundance and diversity increasing successively at the Carnian-Norian and Triassic-Jurassic boundaries coincident with mass extinction of rhynchosaurs, traversodontid cynodonts, and dicynodonts and later of (noncrocodyliform) crurotarsal archosaurs.”

“In contrast, the fossil record from Ischigualasto indicates that early dinosaurs in the latter half of the Carnian (231 to 228 Ma) were more common and diverse than previously thought, equaling the percentage of dinosaurian genera in the late Norian fauna from the overlying Los Colorados Formation (Fig. 4).  Thus, in terms of taxonomic diversity, dinosaurs did not increase their percentage among terrestrial vertebrates toward the end of the Triassic in southwestern Pangaea.”

They continued on with the disappearance of the other creatures (assuming their timeline) had nothing to do with the rise of dinosaurs: “The disappearance of rhynchosaurs at the Carnian-Norian boundary was not linked to an increase in dinosaur diversity but rather coincided with the local extinction of dinosaurs.” It’s not like the dinosaurs were taking advantage of space vacated by the unlucky ones that had gone extinct, in other words (vacated perhaps due to their lack of Darwinian fitness).

Also, they went on about speculation with increases in the size of the body that was supposed to become something like dominate T-Rex. But Eodromaeus was a well-designed, complex creature with fast legs and grasping claws, which in no way indicates that this animal like the study wants us to believe (because otherwise it would mess up the story of evolution), was inferior to later dinosaurs in terms of complexity and fitness!  Here is what they say about him…

“The discovery of Eodromaeus, the reinterpretation of Eoraptor as a sauropodomorph, and the faunal record of the Ischigualasto Formation provide additional evidence that, by mid Carnian time (~232 Ma), the earliest dinosaurs had already evolved the most functionally important trophic and locomotor features characterizing ornithischians, sauropodomorphs, and theropods.  These attributes are thus unlikely to have functioned as the competitive advantage to account for the dominance of dinosaurs in abundance and diversity in terrestrial habitats some 30 million years later in the earliest Jurassic (~202 Ma).  Eodromaeus increases the range of salient theropod features present in the earliest dinosaurs, and Eoraptor shows that the enlarged naris, basally constricted crowns, and a twisted pollex were present in the earliest sauropodomorphs.”

This suggests that so-called, evolutionary advances must have appeared all at once (hyper-evolution, which is growing in popularity for explanations) in the earliest dinosaurs,  according to their own timeline, with variations on the same theme appearing in future animals. Is this something evolutionists envisioned or Charles Darwin for that matter? Folks, the Bible says creation suddenly was produced by God (not out of nothing by blind chance), creating animals which are designed to vary within their own species. Basically if you take out the interpretation of evolution in the study, that is exactly what the evidence is suggesting!

Geologist Disagrees With Darwinian Evolution

Michael Rampino is suggesting another approach in trying to understand the story of evolution. This approach could put himself at great odds with the Darwinian school of thought. Unlike creationists who acknowledge that they have made assumptions with certain models and are prepared to discuss and debate those assumptions, evolutionists do not acknowledge that they are making assumptions rather they treat their ideas as though they were part of the laws of nature, and then try attempt to silence opposition even if the opposition is based in naturalism.

In physorg

“Matthew discovered and clearly stated the idea of natural selection, applied it to the origin of species, and placed it in the context of a geologic record marked by catastrophic mass extinctions followed by relatively rapid adaptations,” says Rampino, whose research on catastrophic events includes studies on volcano eruptions and asteroid impacts.”

In light of the recent acceptance of the importance of catastrophic mass extinctions in the history of life, it may be time to reconsider the evolutionary views of Patrick Matthew as much more in line with present ideas regarding biological evolution than the Darwin view.”

Michael Rampino believes his colleagues will be receptive to this proposal, but the religious crowd in evolution (like militant atheists) most likely will see this as pointing in the direction of creationism. Because for one, some evolutionists like to argue against a global flood that happened 4,500 years ago because they say adaption is unable to create such variety of animals so quickly.

By suggesting it can, some would say that strengthens the creation position on a global flood which would bring out the Darwinian security guards for rebuke as it gives comfort to the enemy. Make no mistake about it, they are very concerned on the way they sell evolution to the public while holding to dogmatic beliefs about it.

However, viewing evolution in catastrophic events as a prime factor, and maintaining those mass extinctions doesn’t give any evidence nor understanding on how the nervous system was created for example, nor how the eyes was created or the ears, nose or even the mouth. It just assumes that evolution did it.

2009 Represented An Outstanding Year For Creationism

Science has limitations, but in a year that was supposed to celebrate Darwin’s birthday and his book on “Origins of Species” has turned up many things that verify creationism. In contrast, 2009 has not been kind to evolutionary thinking as it has been falling by the wayside in terms of evidence.

For example, Johns Hopkins University conducted a study on variation of phenotypes in populations and diseases as reported in science daily

“For more than 100 years, mainstream science has embraced the basic tenets of Darwin’s view that characteristics that increase an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce will be passed from generation to generation. Scientists later demonstrated that stable, significant traits are indeed inherited in the DNA carried in parental genes on chromosomes and randomly distributed to offspring.”

Evolutionary scientists such as Andrew Feinberg and Rafael Irizarry looked at gene regulation for a mechanism but found that to be inadequate. So for 150 years they are still looking for a mechanism that supposedly Darwin had proved. Without a mechanism they come up with a variety of untested models and expect the public to embrace it as though they have proven something.

Speaking of evidence, transposons which are parts of DNA machines that replicate themselves, was used as one of their best evidences for evolution. You were not for science if you rejected this so-called; magnificent proclamation. These scientists and some continue to believe it, that these were functionless parts that evolution could develope over time in a random non-thinking way.  However, true science said otherwise.

In a new study published in Nature Genetics, it was discovered that transposons have a function after all. They can regulate the expression of gene products. So not only did this study disprove one of evolution’s best arguments but it verified what was actually predicted by creation scientists who did not believe the activity came from viral or random processes, but instead was part of a well-designed, original created cellular process.

As every year, there is always some debate on whether or not creationism or intelligent design is a science. Could science really point to a Creator or intelligent agents which is what the modern intelligent design movement advocates as the source of the design.  Here is some of their argument…

“What he has just done is to admit that the hypothesis of a Designer is not science, as it predicts every possible result. If you predict every possible outcome, the ones that are seen and the ones that are not, then you have not predicted anything! …If there are none, then the Design he speaks of is an infinitely flexible hypothesis that predicts nothing, and thus is really not a scientific hypothesis at all…which is what I originally said.”

According to this, in order to qualify a proposal as a science the theory or facts must be able to distinguish between different outcomes. So it’s argued, naturalism can only fit such a standard.  However, evolution fails to meet this standard! For example, when we observe these incredibly fantastic, mind boggling designs from the simplest forms of life to the most complex, they always give credit to one source, “natural selection.”

Whatever we find in biology, evolutionists say it must have evolved. Their expectations and predictions fail on a regular basis, just like one of their strongest arguments mentioned previously which recently crashed and burned. They are always in a process of patching up their hypothesis.

If distinguishing between outcomes is the hallmark of true science, then evolution is the theory that doesn’t qualify. One evolutionist told me a long time ago, creationism has to prove itself on a higher level than evolution because evolution is fact he said or in other words, he had faith in it. Christians all over the world should rejoice, the Lord has revealed many things in 2009! I can’t wait till 2010…