“Organs Of Extreme Perfection” Discovered In Cambrian

Wow, that is one word which describes this incredible find in the Early Cambrian! Some think that the fossil record somehow proves evolution. Most of us who went to school have seen a diagram of the geologic column presented to us as we learned about the story of evolution. It displays smooth progressions over millions of years, and does give you the impression that fossils are always discovered in the same definite order with no problems fossils ever being discovered ‘in the wrong place’.

This latest discovery is quite remarkable. Trilobite eyes found in the Cambrian were already astonishing and surprisingly complex due to the fact on where it was found, and now complex eyes with amazingly designed modern optics from an unknown arthropod was discovered!

In Nature

“Despite the status of the eye as an “organ of extreme perfection”, theory suggests that complex eyes can evolve very rapidly. The fossil record has, until now, been inadequate in providing insight into the early evolution of eyes during the initial radiation of many animal groups known as the Cambrian explosion.

This is surprising because Cambrian Burgess-Shale-type deposits are replete with exquisitely preserved animals, especially arthropods, that possess eyes. However, with the exception of biomineralized trilobite eyes, virtually nothing is known about the details of their optical design. Here we report exceptionally preserved fossil eyes from the Early Cambrian (~515 million years ago) Emu Bay Shale of South Australia, revealing that some of the earliest arthropods possessed highly advanced compound eyes, each with over 3,000 large ommatidial lenses and a specialized ‘bright zone’.

These are the oldest non-biomineralized eyes known in such detail, with preservation quality exceeding that found in the Burgess Shale and Chengjiang deposits. Non-biomineralized eyes of similar complexity are otherwise unknown until about 85 million years later. The arrangement and size of the lenses indicate that these eyes belonged to an active predator that was capable of seeing in low light.

The eyes are more complex than those known from contemporaneous trilobites and are as advanced as those of many living forms. They provide further evidence that the Cambrian explosion involved rapid innovation in fine-scale anatomy as well as gross morphology, and are consistent with the concept that the development of advanced vision helped to drive this great evolutionary event.”

Let me begin by asking a few important questions, How does a sudden appearance in the fossil record that has a complex trait like vision could “drive” an evolutionary event? Where are the transitional eyes in the fossil record that are simpler than these which were recently discovered? Was evolution so fast nobody could see the transitional eyes in the fossil record? While the authors invent more stuff into the story of evolution due to another falsification, the evidence points to more complexity and adaptive perfection than was thought possible for animals this early!

There are a number of things to take note of, first, let’s do a science experiment by taking a look at a side-by-side comparison of the fossil imprint with a living insect eye, and one notices that it’s virtually no difference in complexity!  “The extremely regular arrangement of lenses seen here exceeds even that in certain modern taxa, such as the horseshoe crab,” the authors point out. The eyes were designed advanced enough to give the owner binocular vision!

What is even more amazing is this admission, “The arrangement and size gradient of lenses creates a distinct ‘bright zone’ (also called the acute zone or fovea), where the visual field is sampled with higher light sensitivity (due to large ommatidia) and possibly a higher acuity (due to what seems to be a more parallel orientation of ommatidia),” they said.  “Such visual specializations, characteristic of many modern taxa, are otherwise unknown in the Early Cambrian.”

The authors even used the term, “explosion” in their conclusion but with the story of evolution without any evidence of in the fossil record that contain transitional forms of this newly discovered animal. Also, one cannot call this a “trigger” of the Cambrian explosion! It would be like saying, a rocket appeared abruptly which then triggered a trip to the moon! Talk about completely and utterly nonsense! By the way, evolutionists for years have been trying to refute, the Cambrian explosion , claiming it wasn’t really an explosion (another illusion) but here we find authors who most likely dislike creationism or intelligent design, using the term “explosion” a number of times in their paper!

So they find these “organs of extreme perfection” in the early Cambrian with no transitions just giving the public a story about how stuff just happens in evolution. But Christians ought to rejoice in such a discovery and feel blessed, it clearly reveals a Creator, one with an amazing mindset that goes well beyond our understanding that we can learn from and also confirms this as His creation not some mindless process of errors!

Geologists Tinker With The Cambrian Explosion Data

One of the most extensive defenses of Darwinian evolution against the Cambrian explosion (the lowest layers of fossil-bearing strata) since Charles Marshall’s attempt to explain it back in 2006 where he writes

“The Cambrian “explosion,” or radiation, is perhaps the most significant evolutionary transition seen in the fossil record.  Essentially all of the readily fossilizable animal body plans first appear in the fossil record during this interval (Valentine 2002).  We move from the depths of the Precambrian world, where the sedimentary record is essentially devoid of animal fossils, to the Phanerozoic, where animal life leaves pervasive evidence of its existence, both as body fossils and as disturbers of the sediment.”

“Numerous explanations for the Cambrian “explosion” have been posited (note here that I am not considering here in any detail explanations for the precursor to the Cambrian “explosion,” the Ediacaran radiation).  Classification of this rich panoply of explanations is somewhat arbitrary but typically explanations center on one of the following factors: (a) changes in the abiotic environment, (b) changes in the genetic or developmental capacity of the taxa involved, or (c) changes in the biotic environment, i.e., in ecology.”

“All of these factors must have played a role, but how important was each?  To what extent did the Cambrian “explosion” flow from an interaction between them?  How might we develop a conceptual framework for understanding that interaction?  Developing a coherent explanation for the Cambrian “explosion” faces several challenges….”

The Cambrian has been a thorn in evolution because it falsifies Darwinian claims about a slow gradual process and evolutionary scientists for years have been working on trying to explain away the sudden appearances of fully structured and complex animals found in the lower strata. Since fossils cannot be revised observationally, tinkering with the time line and simplifying was the focus of this recent paper

“He writes “[w]e should not forget that only a small portion of the world is known with accuracy” (Darwin, 1859, p. 307).  It is this explanation—the incompleteness of our knowledge—that has turned out to be closer to the truth.  The problem of missing fossil ancestors was solved by the discovery of the Precambrian fossil record, the problem that nearly all the animal phyla appear in the Lower Cambrian with no evidence of intermediate taxa was solved by the recognition that most Lower Cambrian fossils represent stem-groups of living phyla, and the problem of the explosive diversification of animals at the start of the Tommotian was solved by improved correlation and radiometric dating of Lower Cambrian sequences—to which we contribute here—showing that this diversification was drawn out over more than 20 m.y.”

Radiometric dating with comparisons of calcium carbonate isotopes in fossil shells were used to determine a new time line. By expanding the time line it would quiet down the explosion in the Cambrian period. So geologists from Princeton, MIT, UC Santa Barbara, and Washington University made their assumptions with calcium carbonate isotopes which they argued changes ocean chemistry and thus gave us the appearance of an explosion.

What is even more interesting, they resort in making a fraudulent claim which is very misleading to the public.  “The problem of missing fossil ancestors was solved by the discovery of the Precambrian fossil record…” Some may also see this as a bluff of what hand they really have. You see, in the introduction of the paper, it was a different story…

“Despite abundant evidence for a variety of life extending back to at least 3.5 Ga, Precambrian fossils mostly record the evolution of bacteria and microbial eukaryotes.  The earliest evidence for animals predates the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary by only ~100 m.y.  (Xiao et al., 1998; Yin et al., 2007; Love et al., 2009, Maloof et al., 2010b), and the few unquestioned examples of Precambrian Bilateria are <15 m.y. older than the beginning of the Cambrian (Fedonkin and Waggoner, 1997; Martin et al., 2000; Jensen, 2003; Droser et al., 2005).”

“Significant increases in trace fossil diversity and complexity across the boundary and the absence of soft-bodied animals in upper Precambrian Burgess Shale–type biotas (Xiao et al., 2002) suggest that the general absence of bilaterian animal fossils from upper Precambrian rocks is not a preservational artifact.  Rather, it appears that animals originated and began to diversify relatively close to the base of the Cambrian.”

What is omitted in this paper? Charles Marshall also had problems with it too in his explanation. It’s intermediate forms, the transitional forms that must have existed between all the phyla. The Precambrian fossils consists mostly of bacteria and microbial eukaryotes! Then all of a sudden it jumps to higher levels of life for example, Trilobites, show up at about 525 million years in the evolutionary time frame but no pre-trilobites have ever been found. Scientists are not observing microbes becoming cnidarians, or Ediacarans becoming worms in the fossil record!

It is assumed that since bacteria and eukaryotes are found in Precambrian fossils, that Trilobites and other animals had evolved. Does this solve the Cambrian Explosion and proves a slow and gradual process? Is this really their best evidence so far? The fact of the matter is, if evolution were true there would be intermediate forms in the fossil record. Also, there would be more intermediate forms than the species themselves. These geologists didn’t explain the Cambrian explosion away, all they did was tinker with the data which deals only with fully complex structured species, revise the time line which is a common practice in evolution because it’s based on assumptions and then made a fraudulent claim (because it has to do with creationism and intelligent design proponents) that wasn’t based on an observation in the fossil record.

The Philosophy of Evolution: Cambrian Explosion

“There is another and allied difficulty, which is much more serious. I allude to the manner in which species belonging to several of the main divisions of the animal kingdom suddenly appear in the lowest known fossiliferous rocks.” (Darwin, The Origin of Species, p. 348).”

“Evolutionary biology’s deepest paradox concerns this strange discontinuity. Why haven’t new animal body plans continued to crawl out of the evolutionary cauldron during the past hundreds of millions of years? Why are the ancient body plans so stable?” (Jeffrey S. Levinton, “The Big Bang of Animal Evolution,” Scientific American, Vol. 267, November 1992, p. 84)”

One of the most remarkable pieces of evidence (for creationism) that perplexes even the greatest of evolutionary thinkers for over 150 years now is the great quantity and diversity of life found in what is called the Cambrian layer of the geologic column. Earlier this year, two papers (here and here) were published in Geology where scientists have found even more animals suddenly appearing in the fossil record! One was found and assumed to be 8 million years earlier while “a variety of   novel body plans and ecological strategies already existed among echinoderms, pushing back the timing of important divergences into the lower Cambrian in Spain dating from the middle Cambrian.” These are the most diverse to be found so far according to the paper.

It is now confirmed “that all skeletalized metazoan phyla appeared in the Cambrian” which means that every body plan is found in the Cambrian while each discovery they find more animals earlier and earlier. No evolutionary sequence here, they are all coexistent simultaneously. Once more, observations from the layers above the Cambrian period gradually decrease with each successive layer. Once you reach the most recent layers approximately 98% of every thing that has ever lived is extinct.

This is obviously diametrically opposite to what would be predicted by evolutionary theory.  If evolution was true, then one would see simple organisms in the lowest layers and a gradual increase in diversity and complexity of life as you progress to more recent layers in the geologic time scale.

Darwin was certainly aware of this problem, it was thought during that time as well as many years after that the fossil record wasn’t sampled enough but once it was then it would solve the problem or at least come closer to solving it. However, today the fossil record is sampled quite a bit and more observations have only enhanced the problem like many other falsified predictions within the realm of evolutionary theory.

So why do scientists who are entrenched into the system avoid dealing with such things as what they observe in the Cambrian layer? It’s because they bought into the philosophy of evolution which entails a metaphysical premise with applications of ‘theory-rescuing’ devices that abandons the scientific method!

Dr. Scott Todd, of Kansas University speaks in nature magazine about this very subject, he states and I quote…“Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such an hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic.” When you believe in a theory in spite of the evidence, it’s a religion unto itself.

Some scientists were drawn to Christianity while others went to the modern intelligent design movement but the reason why this philosophy mentioned by Dr. Scott Todd is put into place is because the alternatives for explaining origins is extremely limited and those entrenched into the system (who want everyone to believe like they do) know this well, various shades of explanations concerning nature depend on two options, evolution which represents naturalism and if it’s not that, then it’s supernatural in origin. There are no others!

Science in it’s truest sense of the word and practice has always been like a tool given to us in order to gain “knowledge (of something) by study or by experimentation where ever it leads.”

An Explanation About The Cambrian Explosion

Most likely one of the more preplexing items, a thorn in the hypothesis of evolution is the Cambrian Explosion. Two reports from a militant defender of evolution, New Scientist tries to explain the observation.

Of course, we have since discovered innumerable fossils from far earlier periods.  Rocks as old as 3.8 billion years contain signs of life, and the first recognisable bacteria appear in rocks 3.5 billion years old.”

“Multicellular plants in the form of red and green algae appear around a billion years ago, followed by the first multicellular animals about 575 million years ago, during the Ediacaran….”

The sudden appearance of a multitude of complex and varied life forms at the very bottom of the fossil-rich portion of the geologic column where evolutionists expected to find much simpler life forms so the solution we have seen so far according to New Scientist, is not to address this particular issue which is important.

Now they do try and explain some date shifting, Sponge embryos were found in China. Using the evolutionary time frame, they put the sponge embryos at the beginning of the Ediacaran era which is over 600 million years. By the way, an the sponge embryo has many complex multicellular processes already in action.

Next, they decided to let their imaginations take hold on the question of why the evidence is missing.  By speculating that the Chinese embryos could represent cysts formed under hard environmental conditions.

Fox and Le Page speculated once again but not specifying where they came from.  “They lack a nervous system and have no need for circulatory systems.  Animals like jellyfish might also have evolved early.” Somehow, central nervous systems appeared. But animal life was pretty rough at first.  This is why the evidence is missing, they claim! Instead of explaining how the setting of the stage was accomplished, they turn their attention to the climate.

“For a while the climate bounced between wild extremes: during warm periods complex life thrived and lots of carbon was locked away, leading to deep ice ages.  During the ice ages, carbon burial ceased, and the planet warmed again.”

“These swings ended only when burrowing creatures with a gut evolved towards the end of the Ediacaran, [Martin] Brasier [U of Oxford] thinks.  By recycling the organic matter falling to the sea floor, they reduced carbon burial and stabilised the climate.  “There are no Snowball Earth glaciations after big animals evolve,” he says.

We are still waiting for the evidence in another words, after all, the animals are there. Then the authors were spending time on how the complex animals were at war with bacteria. Trying to fit in the survival of the fittest.

I must say, their title is a bluff (solved at last), much like all evolutionary stories. They like to come across as confident and try to explains things, they really have no answers for. They didn’t “solve” anything while avoiding how complex animals with nervous systems arose so fast during an early time period. Instead they start talking about oxygen, carbon, and ice.

Another thing, the selective pressure in which they mentioned has no desire or power to create wings; it is just a filter against entities that do not have wings. “Selective pressure” is nothing more than a misdirection in order to lead someone away from common sense.

Like every evolutionary story does it ends with this admission, “I suspect things will turn up, but if they don’t we will have to listen to the evidence.” Proving once again, their title was misleading as well as their storyline, the problem wasn’t solved!  And they are certainly not listening to the evidence.