Astrobiology A Creative Array Of Stories Considered Science

Many have speculated for centuries about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, some of which in our own solar system has become one, what shall I say, imaginative fields in evolutionary science. It takes the term “creative science” to a whole new level.

One of the more recent stories to surface is about Ceres or should I say something more like Ceres. This icy asteroid has had been a subject for debate. First, it was assumed to be a dwarf planet, then it was reduced to a asteroid but in 2006 as debate about Pluto being a planet was being discussed,  the International Astronomical Union, declared it’s now  a dwarf planet. The spacecraft DAWN is heading out there to Ceres and will arrive around 2015.

Now the recent proposal and I use term this loosely in this situation which states the origin of life on Earth came from Ceres. Mind boggling isn’t it? How did Ceres manage to get to Earth? Well according to the story, small asteroids like Ceres manage to survive this massive bombardment where life was able to begin there. Then parts of rocks somehow blasted away traveling into our solar system where it encountered Earth which was ready to receive life.  Are all organisms on Earth, including humans, descendants of Ceres? Sounds like a science fiction novel, doesn’t it? Indeed it does!

Joop Houtkooper from the University of Giessen was the one who first proposed radical hypothesis (story) admits the concept is very difficult to prove and yes he believes also his so-called proposed hypothesis does in fact sound like science fiction.

But what does this really tell us? It tells us, that if you come up with one of the strangest stories one has ever heard, while walking hand in hand with evolution and call yourself an astrobiologist, the likes of will most likely publish it.

Storytelling is not science by any means even though science can be “creative” at times, but when it comes to searching for origins of life, it’s no longer just a creative craft, it’s science fiction.