Fossils Of Arthropods Discovered

Out of  the ancient past there are highly complex creatures along with specialized organs along with articulated limbs and mouth parts. These highly complex and interesting creatures according to the evolutionary story, were exposed to a variety of world of change such as; mutations, cosmic rays, meteor strikes, global extinctions, glaciers, earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions, mountain uplifts and climate shifts causing these Arthropods to go through some interesting evolutionary changes as one would assume believing in evolution.

What is real interesting was this when newly fossils of Arthropods were discovered

Antiquity of the gall mites in much their extant form was unexpected, particularly with the Triassic species already having many of their present-day features (such as only two pairs of legs); further, it establishes conifer feeding as an ancestral trait.”

“Feeding by the fossil mites may have contributed to the formation of the amber droplets, but we find that the abundance of amber during the Carnian (ca. 230 Ma) is globally anomalous for the pre-Cretaceous and may, alternatively, be related to paleoclimate. Further recovery of arthropods in Carnian-aged amber is promising and will have profound implications for understanding the evolution of terrestrial members of the most diverse phylum of organisms.”

Let us get this straight, are we supposed to believe with all those environmental changes happening according to the evolutionary story as mentioned before both in the world and all those mutations being produced through the generations inside the complex creature never changed for 230 million years?

Then they show up in amber with no transitional forerunners and no morphological changes, oblivious to the evolutionary story that consists of non-living material producing a living cell along with the emergence of plants, mammals and man. This is very profound discovery when understanding evolution, isn’t it?

Indeed it is! Evolution has once again been falsified with new discoveries on one of its most fundamental principles! Why do we need researchers trying to explain away the evidence of Arthropods which look identical to modern ones as being 230 million years old? There was expectations of discovering a transitional form being that old but they discovered none!

Even one of their attempts to rescue such a falsification in evolution was science now which said, “were probably trapped during a 10-million-year climatic shift that caused the trees to produce more resin than usual,” without going into the climate change debate going on today is nothing more than trying to explain the evidence away.

Noticed how they are surprise and then go into what they do best and that is storytelling that forces what we see into the evolutionary framework. Let the evidence speak for itself! No sign of evolution is because evolution is not a true interpretation of what goes on in nature!