Covid-19: Are We Really Going Back To Normal?

Last April in 2020, Covid was talked about in this blog. It was deemed important to address some of the issues known at that time which is still an issue today. This is a follow up with updated data such as the latest research is telling us the vaccines give immunity to Covid up to six months (updated April 9, 2021). This begs the question or questions, Are we getting closer to normal and will people have to take another Covid vaccine shot or shots every six months and can vaccines keep up with the variants fast enough to eventually eliminate Covid 19. Let’s find out…

Wisconsin’s example of new Covid-19 cases in the United States…

Operation Warp Speed

May 15, 2020, President Trump at that time made a deal with drug companies in particular worth 18 billion dollars in order to create and deliver 300 million doses of vaccine by January 2021. However, since this was an accelerated rate, the normal for research for new vaccines to find out their long-term effects were to be by-passed so this means, the 300 million doses would not be FDA licensed which generally takes 5 to 10 years but rather be approved for emergency experimental use only. Many skeptics made their opinions known including former Vice President Joe Biden, 21 months was the previous record to get an experimental vaccine on the market.

The United States would fund clinical trials by Pfizer and Moderna worth between almost a half billion dollars to two billion dollars. During the final Presidential debate, Former President Trump had previously announced the US would have vaccines by December! But Biden who was running for President argued that wasn’t possible and he also argued that Trump didn’t take Covid-19 seriously and warned about rushing the vaccines too quickly.

Operational Warp speed wasn’t changed much by the Biden administration. In fact, Biden notified the public on March 11, 2021, that May 1st everyone in the United States who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated. Previous projections was middle to late summer or early fall. So the process has increased in speed with no slowing down in sight, something contrary to what Biden said wasn’t good to do when he was running for President.

But what about the speed in which these vaccines that came to be and the millions of people who have been vaccinated as well as other people who will be vaccinated in the future? We have seen some positive effects, cases of the Covid-19 have dropped dramatically, reserve hospitals are being taken down or reduced greatly. Some counties in the United States are dropping the mask requirement since over 60 percent of their seniors and those living in nursing homes and assistant living places have been fully vaccinated. But other states or counties remained more limited but easing some restrictions. While other counties are imposing more restrictions.

This blog is not here to give you advice on whether or not someone should take the vaccine which you will have to decide on, it’s your own risk, rather this is information. Remember science is imperfect because human knowledge is limited. We have heard positive things through the mainstream media and there are some positives but often times they overlook the risks. Let’s take a look. There is a negative to these vaccines, yes people have had some reactions, a very small percent have died not long after getting vaccinated. Next, it’s the unknown, what is the long term effect of these vaccines on the human body? Prior to the Covid-19 vaccines, vaccines like for polo used a harmless live virus to give the population herd immunity. Normally vaccines went through various testing that lasted 5 to 10 years in order to determine long term effects on human subjects. This is especially important for new types of vaccines.

Pfizer and Moderna accomplished something new which in the past wasn’t successful for FDA approval, but now claims the problem had been solved. The new type of vaccine is using RNA rather than a harmless virus. RNA is the messenger that gives DNA critical information in this case something that would fight off Covid-19 which gives your body the ability to resist a virus. In the past, these RNA vaccines were highly reactive! This hasn’t changed, there have been cases with these new RNA vaccines as well. The fact of the matter is, we will not know for sure what the long-term effect is with these new vaccines say 5 or 10 years from now or longer. For now the emergency use only is nothing more than a short term fix with an uncertain future.

Johnson & Johnson considered to be a “game changer” for the fight against Covid-19. This is not an RNA vaccine but rather uses a harmless virus, much like what traditional vaccines have done in the past. There seems to be a little confusion over its effectiveness verses it’s RNA counterparts, Pfizer and Moderna. 85 percent effectiveness doesn’t mean overall effectiveness, rather, it means the effectiveness for severe cases of Covid-19 and variants which the other two vaccines didn’t have at the time of their studies so it wasn’t factor in as part of their effectiveness. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has been deemed near perfect in preventing hospitalization and death. However, it’s too early to tell over the long run it’s effectiveness just like the other two, so when they say Johnson & Johnson is 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalization and death, it is way too early to make that claim! But it is certainly has been effective in the short term with a limited amount of patients being vaccinated just like its RNA counterparts. Also, Johnson & Johnson vaccine is one-shot rather two-shots. It could also be stored in a regular refrigerator up to three months. One short-term negative, the vaccine was studied with the new variant from South Africa and it didn’t do that well however, while it’s effectiveness was lower, 57 percent, nobody was hospitalized or died from the variant after being vaccinated with the vaccine. Like it’s RNA counterparts, some people have gotten sick from being vaccinated while others had no effects. It’s common with a one-size fits all vaccine.

Operation Vaccination

While the Biden administration has sped up the vaccine process even more because o a third vaccine, mandates for vaccinations are being imposed or proposed in counties across the country. In New York, the idea of a “vaccine passport” to allow people to go to certain events had gained a lot of support among NY’s government. The council in Washington D.C. passes a law back in October 2020 which gives kids some power over their parents the Washington Post.reports…

“A bill passed by the D.C. Council on Tuesday would allow children as young as age 11 to obtain vaccinations without their parents’ consent.” “One thing that we’ve learned from Covid, for example, is that policymakers, lawmakers, need to make science-driven decisions about public-health policy,” Gray said at a breakfast for council members before the legislative meeting Tuesday.”

Even though the Democrats argue against Covid-19 vaccinations being available by the end of the year and harped on blaming former President Trump for the deaths of Covid. We see already back then lawmakers deciding the usurp parental rights for kids 11 years old and up using the Covid pandemic. No doubt we may see other mandates popping up trying to force people to take the vaccine or take some of their rights away from parenting their kids. Along with more incentives to take the vaccinations. The chart below is only from one state, Wisconsin.

Lockdowns Very Slowly Unlocking But Will It Be The Normal?

We have seen conditioning of more government control over our lives here in the United States and abroad. First it was 15 days to slow the spread, this “flatting of the curve” became weeks then months now over a year and according to Biden’s administration, masks and social distancing are to remain a requirement well into 2022 despite many being fully vaccinated while new cases and deaths have been decreasing at significant rates since last November 2020. The timeline for going back to normal keeps on getting pushed back much like the lockdowns. Here are two interviews from Dr. Fauci who keeps pushing back on normal despite what the data is showing…

Teacher Unions have been pushing back on reopening the schools. Prolonged online classes have hindered children’s progress in education as the failure rate had significantly increased this past year. However, not all of is bad, South Dakota which is the only state in the country which never locked down and was told by Dr. Fauci that their worse day would have 10,000 people sick with Covid. South Dakota’s worse day was a little over 600 patients. South Dakota opened their school last September for in-person learning well before vaccines were available. Did this create an unsafe environment for the teachers, were teachers dying of Covid, was there a great increase in Covid cases within the schools with the kids in South Dakota? No! In fact I bet most people didn’t know that South Dakota wasn’t even locked down during this past year! It’s businesses remained open. The governor’s administration gave the public information and it was up to them to implement their own safety. Schools implemented safety procedures which worked with in-person teaching. The Teacher’s Union which really controls the public schools around the country not the parents who have been pushing back on opening up the schools has no merit!

So the question remains, are we really going to back to normal? Some states like Texas have dropped the mask mandate requirements along with other mandates, South Dakota never had a mask mandate requirement, Other states like Maryland, Mississippi, Connecticut, Arizona, West Virginia and Wyoming have followed with reopening their economies without restrictions leaving up to people to determine their own safety. The Biden Administration has been pushing back on the reopening claiming we have to worry about variants of Covid-19, like the one in South Africa. Going back to normal relies on you, the people, if you are willing to be more subjective under government control, there will be a different normal, which really isn’t normal. The next virus that comes along that gives governments another opportunity to lockdown will do it, and will be extremely slow to give back people’s rights even more so than with Covid-19 despite the risk factor or data as we know more about the virus. We have seen it with Covid-19. Unless enough people want something different!

And one more final note, CNN and other media outlets like it have been ultra critical of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis handling of the pandemic with a population that is around the size of New York. But now since Biden is President, CNN admits that Florida’s governor was right as they point out the data that suggests how wrong they were! Take a look, CNN Poltics…

CNN’s Admission of being wrong in post Trump era…Despite far fewer rules and restrictions, Florida lands nearly in the middle of all states on a variety of coronavirus metrics. The state has had about 3% more Covid-19 cases per capita than the US overall, but about 8% fewer deaths per capita. More than 32,000 Floridians have died of Covid-19, and the state’s per capita death rate ranks 24th in the nation.”

There is one thing for certain, Covid-19 with its variants are not going away anytime soon. We have seen major increases with new cases in 2020, when mask mandates were in place many weeks before so there wasn’t much of an impact. We also seen cases come down when vaccinations were just beginning. So it is not surprising to see an uptick in new cases. We will continue to see some flux with new cases in the months to come even with more people being vaccinated. Deaths remain low which is a good thing. We will see in the future if these vaccines are as safe as they claimed to be in the short term under limited studies. As far as governments are concerned, we are not going back to normal, this is the new normal.

The Joys of Discoveries In A Young Solar System

In the vast and cold region of the solar system lies a dwarf Planet called “Pluto.” Some scientists have claimed it was dead, frozen out for many millions upon millions of years. New Horizons was a mission that was supposed to shed light on the origin of the solar system but instead has discovered some very young characteristics from the dwarf planet which complies a vast wealth of complexity within the old age framework.

Sand dunes are usually found in deserts where the wind blows the same around making some cool hills and more. Most wouldn’t think of sand dunes being present on Pluto. Even yours truly wouldn’t have thought of that even though it was predicted that young activity would be discovered on Pluto and beyond. That is exactly what New Horizons discovered as it flew by Pluto. 

Pluto's Sand Dunes

In Nature…“Dramatic dunes of methane sweep across part of Pluto. The discovery shows that the dwarf planet’s atmosphere, although thin, can still generate winds powerful enough to blow particles across the surface.”

“The dunes probably formed in the past 500,000 years — which means Pluto is a geologically active world.”

This presents a major problem for planetary evolutionists who believe in billions of years. Because if these winds have been active for many millions upon millions of years, wouldn’t the process eventually stop? Scientists believe Pluto’s atmosphere is escaping.

In Science, they speculate on an answer…“The methane grains could have been lofted into the atmosphere by the melting of surrounding nitrogen ice or blown down from nearby mountains. Understanding how dunes form under Pluto conditions will help with interpreting similar features found elsewhere in the solar system.”

 Young solar systems are active and old ones are not active because eventually, they lose energy and freeze out especially being so far away from the sun! It would be really cool if someday we could land a robot on Pluto (similar to that of Mars) which would be able to study the surface in much more detail. How many more surprises concerning Pluto’s activity would be discovered? My guess, quite a few more! 

Ceres as seen by DAWN

New Horizons is not done yet, on January 2019, the spacecraft is set to encounter another Kuiper belt object which again is believed to be composed largely of frozen volatiles like methane and water. My prediction, this objective will reveal some youthful surprise! Don’t forget that the spacecraft Dawn has flown down to it’s the closest point of Ceres and is now collecting data to be later transmitted back to Earth.  We are living in some of the most exciting times when it comes to space exploration! 

The Joys of a Youthful Dwarf Planet

When a woman is pregnant she can feel the energy of the child from the womb when born and growing up, children display a lot of energy because of their youth. In space exploration, we can expect to see an active solar system because it’s not billions of years old. If the solar system was billions of years old, activity on Pluto, for example, would be completely dead by now. 

Back in 2007, the Dawn space probe was launched by NASA with a mission to study three dwarf planets but later on, NASA decided to narrow it down to just two. Since then, the mission has completely contradicted billions of years old which have shocked some planetary scientists who are working on the mission. 

“Changes in the abundance of water ice on a short timescale, as well as the presence of hydrated sodium carbonates, are further evidence that Ceres is a geologically and chemically active body,” said Cristina De Sanctis, VIR team leader at the Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Science.” 

Ceres Dwarf Planet

What scientists have discovered was rapid geological changes and these rapid geological changes did not happen 100 years ago, nor 5 years ago nor 1 year ago, rather the space probe was able to detect the changes within 6 months! Do you know how cold it is in space? Do you know how long your coffee would stay warm if let it sit outside in freezing weather? Not long, right?

Now think of Ceres which is basically an asteroid which is smaller than Pluto, sitting out there in space which is very cold. One would think after billions of years that Ceres would be frozen out by now with no activity, right? Of course! Just like the coffee in freezing weather, there would be no reason to assume that the coffee would stay warm for many years after being exposed to cold weather for that long! Those who believe in the billions of years age would assume that as well and rightly so. But their assumptions about how old the solar system is, are in direct conflict with what is really going on in the solar system! 

So how did the scientists maintain the billions of years with Ceres? The answer, they didn’t, however, they came up with some imaginary estimates based on millions of years instead which falls way short of the billions of years in which they believe.  

But it’s not in conflict with creationism, rather it confirms it!  


Fatty Oil Discovered In A Fossil

The earth is young, some of its processes are much quicker than evolutionists want to believe because their assumption is that the earth is billions of years old along with evolution moving at a very slow pace. If that is the case, why are scientists discovering soft tissue in fossils which they assume are many millions of years old? Prior to 2007, they didn’t even attempt to look for it. Soft tissue was discovered by accident in a T-Rex. Now a new discovery surfaces which have absolutely stunned them! 

“As a rule, soft parts do not withstand the ravages of time; hence, the majority of vertebrate fossils consist only of bones. Under these circumstances, a new discovery from the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Messel Pit” near Darmstadt in Germany comes as an even bigger surprise: a 48-million-year old skin gland from a bird, containing lipids of the same age.”

 Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum

“As shown by our detailed chemical analysis, the lipids have kept their original chemical composition, at least in part, over a span of 48 million years. The long-chain hydrocarbon compounds from the fossil remains of the uropygial gland can clearly be differentiated from the oil shale surrounding the fossil,”

Mayer claims this is a very rare occurrence, or really? They never tested the fossils for soft tissue prior to 2007, how does he know its rare? Oh, the age assumption! How can organic material which is known for decomposing within weeks, sometimes years last many millions of years? How is that possible? It takes a lot of faith and denial of what goes on in the real world to believe in evolution. Here comes an unproven invention of how…

“It is possible that hey hardened into nore [sic, more] decomposition-resistant waxes under exclusion of oxygen. In addition, the researchers assume that one of the properties of the preen oil played a role that is still shown by modern birds today – its antibacterial components. They may have been the reason that after the bird’s death only few bacteria were able to settle in, preventing the full-on decomposition.”

Nobody will be able to test such an explanation but from human experience, we all know that soft tissue degrades quickly! And even with the earth was billions of years old, evolutionists claim the earth went through extreme climate changes over a course of millions of years and if this was true, it would have affected the soft tissue.  

And there is another thing, this fossil doesn’t show any evolution because this ancient bird had a gland that is identical to modern birds of today. Overall the ancient bird is not that much different than we see today and yet it is assumed to be 48 million years old with fatty oil still present. Any common sense would tell you the remains indicate the bird did not fossilize very long ago! It confirms creationism, not evolution! Not long ago more soft tissue was discovered in a turtle claimed to be 54 million years old! The list continues to grow. 

We live in exciting times, a young earth will provide a lot of information from the past that normally evolutionists assume should have been gone a long time ago because of their view on materialism moving very slowly.