The Government & Corporate Vaccination Strategy

Former President Donald Trump whose top health care expert, Dr Fauci decide to forgo therapies as the focus to combat Covid-19. Suppressing early at-home treatment by making false claims about dangers of successful drugs used for other things and proven to work with Covid like hydroxychloroquine that can only be prescribed by a doctor. Currently, there are doctors who will prescribe it based on your condition and it will not prevent you from getting Covid, it only treats. Treatments from hydroxychloroquine have been favorable with many patients and not perfect in all cases. The only focus on early home treatment approved by the government and corporate media was to isolate and if you get sick enough, then you go to the hospital, this is utter nonsense for at home treatment. Not a good strategy for treating people at home for Covid!

Instead, the focus and solution in the beginning as we know was to combat the virus with lockdowns, and mask mandates once the masks became plentiful to the public and of course later on, vaccinations. The problem was, vaccinations take 2 to 5 years to study and then be approved, and Covid 19’s second variant was spreading in the United States like wildfire. Fear of the unknown concerning possible massive deaths and fear of hospitals all over the country would overfill their capacity because of Covid-19 patients.

Then President Donald Trump does what any great business men would do, he improved production. He made a deal in May 2020 that was mentioned in the previous blog and cut some regulations that would normally slow down the process. The deal and cutting the red tape allowed drug companies to come up with a vaccine much faster! After 9 months with heavy opposition from Democrats at the time who at first tried to cast doubt on the vaccines and how fast it could be accomplished, we saw the first vaccinations among the elderly. As former President Trump had predicted, the first major vaccine was approved as experimental on an emergency basis only and ready to go in December 2020. But something was different and not just about new technology but other things about these vaccinates which will be addressed later.

Four months later in April 2021, within a two week span there were significant decrease in deaths and new cases especially among the elderly who were were suffering the most from the virus and also were previously victims. Because things happening to them like in New York where Gov. Cumo at the time was placing sick Covid patients into nursing homes. Two other major states were doing the same thing. Later on, Gov. Cumo administration admitted to the public that he was trying to hide the actual numbers of nursing home deaths connected with Covid-19. But the Gov. of NY did not get into trouble for that among his party, rather it was sexual harassment accusations that lead to his resignation after fighting it for months.

As millions have been vaccinated either by mandate or like federal employees who were threaten by the Biden Administration that your life will become hard if you don’t get the shot. Side effects have been increasing as well. Such as heart inflammation, certain disabilities and so on. But what is interesting and different from previous outbreaks in the modern era, only 38 States are recording deaths associated with the vaccines (See Breakthrough Cases) while the other states have stopped recording those stats and now the CDC isn’t keeping track of those type of deaths which are connected to the vaccines! This is what you call rigging the numbers, if only 38 states are reporting and the CDC isn’t recording them, it keeps the numbers low. Which makes the data unrealistic!

Breakthrough Cases?

Dr.Fauci said in his interview to Yahoo an then again in his testimony before the Senate in 2021, that the vaccines are “very good, 94%, 95% in protecting you against clinically recognizable disease, and almost a 100% in protecting you for severe disease…” (See Oct 2020 interview)

Here Dr. Fauci with his fancy wording admitted that the vaccines are not intended to protect you from getting Covid, there is no cure for Covid, just like there is no cure for the common cold. Rather the vaccinations intent is to control the symptoms (recognizable disease) so you don’t get so sick that you require hospitalization or death. His answer had nothing to do with infections. Being fully vaccinated also doesn’t mean you can’t transmit the virus either. Which is why you see mask mandates back, even though mask mandates didn’t slow down the surges in November 2020 when Covid cases were at their highest! But here is the rub, if you were promised that the vaccinations would prevent you from getting Covid thereby stopping the spread, they would be lying! In fact, it is quite possible that the virus may become resistant toward vaccines! Currently there is a variant in South America just started to infect people in the United States which might be one of those type of variants that vaccinations have no effect on! There is a peer-review study coming out on it.

Mask mandates are being used for political reasons even in the beginning when Fauci said there are small enough holes in masks that Covid could go through and people touching their faces to fix the mask so he said masks were not a good idea. But now says they are, but all this is, is giving the government authority to take people’s rights away for future viruses because of health issues that may or may not be that dire! And it’s not only this issue, recently, the State of Michigan lost a case that involved using a child’s DNA without the parents consent! Michigan’s health department argued that requiring a parent’s consent for using their child’s DNA would devastate the government’s research! Thankfully, the judge held up the parent’s rights!

It has been alarming that during the peak season of Vitamin D, we are seeing a major surge in new cases which is unheard of, we never have these types of outbreaks with other viruses during the summer! There has been speculation and hard data from other countries that suggest vaccinated people are being infected with the new variants like Delta, the same as unvaccinated. In the United States, President Biden along with corporate media has been blaming unvaccinated people for a major increase in cases. But what is fueling the conclusion that the virus is responding to the vaccinations with more different variants is the fact that we have 50 percent of the United States fully vaccinated. When there was less vaccinated people there were fewer cases, now with more vaccinated people, we have more cases! Their promises of the vaccinate working, you would think that there would be less cases not more with more people being vaccinated! The only thing that hasn’t change much at all is deaths! Deaths are the same as they were last summer 2020.

Despite former President Trump improving production of vaccines which in turn were approved in record speed and available to the public and now pushed on the public, the focus is not good strategy. The vaccines cause your body to spike proteins which is what Covid does, how long and how many is unknown. We do not know all the possible side effects like blood clots from these spiked proteins. We will know more as time progresses. Over 30 million people are recovered and are naturally immune. Just like the vaccines getting weaker with variants, it might be possible that future Covid variants might be able to re-infect again much like viruses like the flu. This isn’t the worse virus of all time, but it may be the worse strategy of all time that leads to more government control.

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