Specialized Genes Confirm Creationism

According to evolutionary theory, housekeeping genes are shared with other living things, because of common decent. Evolutionary theory suggests that tiny progressions will eventually lead to other living things. But as scientists sequence more genomes from different animals, they discover something which isn’t that friendly towards evolution and it’s been 20 years and counting for coming up with an explanation which would be more friendly toward evolution.

What scientists have been discovering within the genome project are specialized genes or best known as orphan genes. What is an orphan gene? An orphan gene has coding in it that is unique only to that animal and no other. These DNA sequences appear suddenly and fully functional without any trace of evolutionary ancestry. This is why I refer to it as “specialized”. It’s been a surprise for scientists who believe in evolution. Orphan genes are not easily discovered. It takes careful research because the genomic world is very massive. There is also no standardized method in which to use, so it varies from researcher to researcher.

Orphan genes are found in humans too, in fact there was a recent discovery which increased the differences between humans and chimps. Scientists found over 1300 orphan genes which are completely different between humans and chimps. It is possible they may find more as research techniques get better and covering more of the body. In this recent discovery, the focus for these orphan genes were found in the liver, heart, brain, and testes. In ants, researchers have found over 28,000 orphan genes that were specialized only for ants and not other insects.

While orphan genes cause more confusion in the theory of evolution, creationism on the other hand finds these discoveries intriguing because it helps to understand the patterns of genetic diversity related within a created kind. Creationism holds to the view that there are only variants within a kind but no kind changing into a totally different species which is what evolutionary theory claims. Such precise genetic arrangements are truly amazing!


2 thoughts on “Specialized Genes Confirm Creationism

  1. the bible, koran, etc. are fariy tales, if there was a god, why would it make useless genes? Just today there was new researched published that we have genes from neandrethals who died out thousands of years ago. So if humans were created six thousand years ago, why to we have fragments of DNA from older species of humans?

  2. Hi Don,

    Before 2007, there was no scientist actually looking for DNA in fossils because soft tissue degrades quite fast. As a result of discovering soft tissue in T-Rex, we see more scientists looking for soft tissue, and as a result they are discovering more of it in supposedly very old animals and insects. Scientists are finding soft tissue because the earth and all that dwells on it, isn’t that old!

    I have written various articles in here about Neanderthal man in this blog beginning in 2010. According to research beginning six years ago, we hardly are different than Neanderthal man. Moveover, Neandertals and modern humans — differ from the chimps in virtually identical ways. Logic would seem to indicated that the time span of 550,000 years would have drifted Neanderthals so far apart that interbreeding would have been impossible with modern man. Neanderthals were people who migrated after the Flood, like everyone else. They became a very close-knit tribe which separated themselves from others.

    Stories about Neanderthal man being not that intelligent, who supposedly grunted for communication has been refuted by the evidence. Neanderthal man made complex tools, painted pictures, had their own language, they fished and hunted for food, they cooked food and so on. There is no evidence that Neanderthals were any less fit as hunter-gatherers of the late Pleistocene than any other human ancestor living at that time. The whole concept of Neanderthal man from an evolutionist point of view is invalid by the evidence.

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