Discovery of New Soft Tissue

Somebody call Dr Xiaoya Ma on the things which are possible in evolution and also on the things that are impossible in evolution! Why? Because she has galvanized the field of neuropaleontology!

Before we learn on how she galvanized the field of neuropaleontology let’s begin by introducing to my readers on who Dr Xiaoya Ma is. She is a NERC Research Fellow who works in the division of ES Invertebrates and Plants Palaeobiology. She has keen interest in researching Cambrian fossils in order to obtain more confusion about evolution, oops I mean to understand it. This presents a challenge for her because the animals found in the Cambrian have no evolutionary ancestors along with no new body parts having appeared since. Scientific American called the Cambrian fossils, ‘Evolutionary biology’s deepest paradox’.  And it is not getting any clearer for evolution, but confirming creationism even more.

Before 2005, no evolutionary scientist thought it was possible for soft organic tissue to survive for millions of years. Because they believed soft tissue could only survive a million years or less. So they didn’t bother looking for it, rather soft tissue was discovered by accident.  A young Tyrannosaurus rex contained proteins in its leg! A female researcher had been dissolving the fossil in acid when she made the discovery. Schweitzer who made the discovery, announced to the world there was blood vessels and structures that looked like whole cells inside of T. Rex’s bone! She took a lot of heat from this discovery, later on it was confirmed to be soft tissue. So how could a bone 68 million years old contain organic proteins (soft tissue)?

For creationism, the discovery presented no problems, in fact it confirms a young earth not billions of years old. So what did they come up with for an explanation to keep the bone millions of year old? Schweitzer suggested in 2013, that iron might be the cause of preservation of soft tissue found in T-Rex. The creationist model on preservation would be the flood where T-Rex was buried quickly which didn’t allow the usual characters to degrade it.

But you think a bone containing proteins that are assumed by evolutionists to be 68 millions years was something, you haven’t seen nothing yet which brings us back to Dr Xiaoya Ma!  In what is commonly called, the “Cambrian explosion” was discovered the unthinkable or the impossible for those who believe in evolution! It makes T-Rex’s discovery look like child’s play for trying to keep things old in the evolutionary framework when the evidence disagrees! You see, carbonized residues from a arthropod’s brain was discovered!  What is an arthropod? It’s an invertebrate animal with an “exoskeleton (external skeleton), a segmented body, and jointed appendages. Arthropods form the phylum Arthropoda, and include the insects, arachnids, myriapods, and crustaceans.”

How does a fossil from the Cambrian explosion considered by evolutionists to be 520 million years old retain its brain? Doesn’t bioturbation, oxygen and bacteria degrade organic material that leads to its destruction? It is not possible for fossils that are supposedly 520 millions of years old to remain in one place with all the environmental changes which evolutionists believed happened over the span of many millions of years.

Let’s switch gears now, evolutionists believe this is an animal which lived 520 million years ago, what the comparison to the creatures of today?

“The F. protensa nervous system closely resembled that of modern mandibulates, which include insects and crustaceans; these similarities, the researchers claimed, suggested that the key characteristics of the group’s nervous system developed much earlier than previously thought.” (Nature, 490:258–61, 2012).

Dr Xiaoya Ma wasn’t finished yet, she is only just beginning. In 2014, she discovered ten more fossils with brains along with more body parts, “optic nerves”.

While these discoveries are not the latest, an article was brought to my attention about preservation of the brain. Here is the thing about evidence falsifying evolution, firstly…it’s impossible. Secondly…acceptance. Thirdly…Excitement. Neither of these shed’s more light for evolution, rather it just confuses more and more which is common with theories that are not true. But for creationists, we live in some unique times because we have more information that is totally amazing and mind-blowing which is glorifying to God about His creation than generations living before us!  And yet, this is only the beginning, there is so much more to learn!

5 thoughts on “Discovery of New Soft Tissue

  1. Let me give you two short objections rather than bore you to tears.
    The argument about evolution and creationism is pointless since it has no power to alter human behaviour.
    If the arc were found on the top of Arat the world would go on just the same as it now does.
    Scientists often make dogmatic statements about what is or is not possible only to be proved wrong by further scientific information.
    It was calculated that the sun would only last a few thousand years if made of coal before nuclear energy was discovered.

  2. Hello Kaptonok,

    This is going to be mind-blowing to you, but the headlines reads as follows: Atheist Penn Jillette Receives A Bible, Encourages Evangelism! I suggest you watch his videoSecondly, there have been former evolutionists who are now creationists. I don’t know where you get your idea, but I think Penn Jellette’s video explains where your coming from. Thanks for your response! :)

  3. I had not heard about Penn Jillette being English and somewhat out of touch with most things.
    He is an ebulliant character and I shall enjoy listening to his non- argumentative friendly way of expressing himself.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to this interesting personality.
    I am agnostic in my conclusions about life in general. I’m no genius IQ 105 so some topics are a little difficult for me to follow, especially deep physics.
    Laymen like myself have to rely on the experts and sometimes they say opposite things. Naturally even the intelligent rely on the experts since today expertees in all fields is impossible.
    What is impossible today may become possible tomorrow and what is proven in 2015 may be unproven later in this century the future is always indeterminate.
    We have at this moment in time two major problems : climate ( regardless of the cause) and dangerous antibiotic resistance as predicted by Alexandra Fleming all those years ago.
    To gaze into the depth of space or build Hadron Colliders or debate about the unknowable seems to ignore pressing dangers and put civilisation at risk.

  4. Thanks for the reply kaptonok,

    There are way more than two major problems going on in our present day. For example, over 250,000 people have died in a civil war in Syria. A Muslim couple open fires and kills co-workers. Hate between Israel and Muslims is at an all time high. South Africa leads the world in rapes. This is just a very tiny sample of the major problems going on in our world. And too focus merely on two, one of which have been invented in order to hamper man’s progress than solve real problems puts alot more risk on the populations of the world.

  5. I agree there are many problems that we could consider major but unless we solve climate and antibiotic resistance we may have no ability to solve any of the others.
    Our global civilisation may fragment into an every man for himself society.
    We have to prioritise our scientific efforts — the most dangerous first.
    Stop gazing into space and get our feet back on the ground.

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