Frankenstein Research vs Human Brain Research

Frankenstein was from a novel written by Mary Shelley about a creature that was created by an unorthodox scientific experiment. The concept came to her in a dream in which she then wrote about. But one would think it was just a dream right? Not necessarily, the concept is incorporated to some degree in trying to explain how life supposedly arose from non-living chemicals.

Instead of a rogue scientist going against the mainstream in the world of science, we see NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif, “creating concoctions of organics, or carbon-bearing molecules, on ice in the lab, then zapping them with lasers.” Thus, trying to create their own version of Frankenstein at the cellular level with intelligently designed lasers rather than with a full body human along with the natural electrical current that comes from thunderstorms.

In science daily we read…

“In a new study published in theAstrophysical Journal Letters, the research team provides the first direct look at the organic chemistry that takes place on icy particles in the frigid reaches of our solar system, and in the even chillier places between stars.”

“Scientists think that the basic ingredients of life, including water and organics, began their journey to Earth on these lonesome ice particles. The ice and organics would have found their way into comets and asteroids, which then fell to Earth, delivering “prebiotic” ingredients that could have jump-started life.”

“The various steps needed to go from icy organics to slime molds are not clear, but the new findings help explain how the process works. The lab experiments show that organic material can begin the processing it needs to become prebiotic — while still frozen in ice.”

This type of Frankenstein research is held by only a minority among secular scientists who consider special delivery from space a valid option. In fact, this is one of the strangest experiments concerning the origin of life that I have ever read about. The press release hypes the story up, claiming there was scientific progress being made!

“The various steps needed to go from icy organics to slime molds are not clear, but the new findings help explain how the process works.”

What is wrong with this picture? Do you know which “organic molecules” they are talking about along with this press release hyping it up? Yes! The organic molecules in which they are referring to are nothing more than poisons!

“These carbon-rich molecules can be found on Earth as combustion products: for example, in barbecue pits, candle soot and even streaming out of the tail pipe of your car.”

It sure doesn’t appear like it is even going in the right direction for life as the experiment progresses! They are zapping the things with lasers which caused some of them to break-up into other non-living carbon molecules! How is this connected with the origin of life? Does anyone care to explain? The article lacked an explanation.

What a waste of taxpayer’s money! For the last 60 years they have been conducting experiments like these with the same results, no breakthroughs. Robert Hazen from the teaching company has as lecture series on the “Origin of Life.” And in there, he highlights the competing theories for the origin of life which are falsifying one another. He admits that evolutionists are clueless on how life arose.  Which is interesting because taxpayers are spending a lot of money to have scientists locate and then speculate life on other planets when it has no clue on how it supposedly arose on earth!

There is a saying, “A circular firing squad does not lead to progress.”  Now on to human brain research, a highly productive area! The latest research shows the brain has consistency, complexity, and precision in its design!

In the press release, Science Daily

“Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science reported in the latest issue of the journal Nature that human brains share a consistent genetic blueprint and possess enormous biochemical complexity. The findings stem from the first deep and large-scale analysis of the vast data set publicly available in the Allen Human Brain Atlas.”

The research dispelled some common misconceptions that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, also it dispelled right-brained people are different than left-brained.

“The results of this study are based on extensive analysis of the Allen Human Brain Atlas, specifically the detailed all-genes, all-structures survey of genes at work throughout the human brain. This dataset profiles 400 to 500 distinct brain areas per hemisphere using microarray technology and comprises more than 100 million gene expression measurements covering three individual human brains to date.”

“Among other findings, these data show that 84% of all genes are expressed somewhere in the human brain and in patterns that are substantially similar from one brain to the next.”

“The right and left hemispheres show no significant differences in molecular architecture. This suggests that functions such as language, which are generally handled by one side of the brain, likely result from more subtle differences between hemispheres or structural variation in size or circuitry, but not from a deeper molecular basis.”

The statement about brain patterns are substantially similar between brains raises questions about how well we can communicate with one another. But the overall emphasis of the story is how complex the human brain is. The article did however conclude with giving credit to evolution when discussing animal and human brains, but evolution was useless for this research.

Because this is operational science that can be verified, the study of a human brain. The only thing they could have done was give credit, other than that, the ‘theory’ has nothing to do with learning about how the human brain functions! Just to think about how wrong they were in portraying the life of Neandertal man, how much more wrong they would be with trying to explain the human brain in terms of evolution!

5 thoughts on “Frankenstein Research vs Human Brain Research

  1. Hi Jason,

    You have to look at this way, intelligently designed lasers do not represent how the universe works. There are no natural lasers in the universe which is why they should drop the whole notion of that experiment which wastes taxpayers money and doesn’t represent the origin of life rather discovering things about the human brain is the way to go!

  2. Michael believes that research into the human brain should be encouraged.

    He will ultimately be unhappy with this choice. Because he never thinks through the consequences of what he says

    What is the purpose of scientific research? To understand natural phenomena, and ultimately to exert control over them. In the case of brain research, we wish to understand how the physical brain produces the mind—including the emergent entity that we call “consciousness.” This understanding will allow the recreation of the human brain in some other form—in a computer, in another animal, perhaps in a totally new physical environment.

    When the brain is recreated, a new mind will also appear. So will this human-created being be a human being? But created by man, not by God. Will it have a soul? Will it have all the legal rights and moral obligations of a human being?

    Most importantly for Michael, will this human-created intelligent being be a creationist? And, if so, which creator will it worship?,

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