Breaking News: Stem Cell Research

Adult stem cell research is providing opportunities to treat people with a various  diseases and conditions.  In 2010, a man’s ankle refused to heal so the doctor took  bone marrow from the man’s pelvic bone with a needle, condensed it to about four teaspoons of rich red liquid, and injected that into his ankle. Four months later, the ankle was healed!

Since 2000, there has been great controversy over stem cell research namely embryonic stem cells which is mainly left-wing  ideology that blamed former President Bush for denying treatments rather than where the science goes. Embryonic stem cells are taken from a developing embryo at the blastocyst stage, destroying the embryo, a developing human life.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are found in all tissues of the growing human being and, according to latest reports, also have the potential to transform themselves into practically all other cell types, or revert to being stem cells with greater reproductive capacity.  Here is some of the latest research concerning stem cells…

How often have you donated or seen money raised for muscular dystrophy? Has there been any progress recently? Well yes there has been!


“The research, published today in Cell Stem Cell, outlines the strategy for the development of a rapidly dividing population of skeletal myogenic progenitor cells (muscle-forming cells) derived from induced pluripotent (iPS) cells. iPS cells have all of the potential of embryonic stem (ES) cells, but are derived by reprogramming skin cells. They can be patient-specific, which renders them unlikely to be rejected, and do not involve the destruction of embryos.”

“Upon transplantation into mice suffering from muscular dystrophy, human skeletal myogenic progenitor cells provided both extensive and long-term muscle regeneration which resulted in improved muscle function,” the article said.

In North Carolina  School of Medicine, they had discovered that embryonic stem cells will commit suicide rather than risk DNA damage! Bax is a protein that is responsible for causing cell death.


“Of all the important things our bodies’ cells do, staying alive is clearly key. But a cell’s ability to die when something goes wrong is equally critical. For example, a faulty self-destruct button is one factor that allows cancer cells to proliferate unchecked and cause tumors.”

“Deshmukh and his colleagues discovered stem cells are extremely sensitive to DNA damage, which can be caused by factors like chemicals, radiation or viruses. The experiment showed that virtually 100 percent of human embryonic stem cells treated with a DNA-damaging drug killed themselves within 5 hours, as compared to 24 hours for other types of cells.”

There had been concerned over iPS stem cells but techniques for inducing pluripotent stem cells from tissues (iPS) continue to improve.

“Our results show that human iPS cells accrue genetic changes at about the same rate as any replicating cells, which we don’t feel is a cause for concern,” says Linzhao Cheng, Ph.D., a professor of medicine and oncology, and a member of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering.

“Each time a cell divides, it has the chance to make errors and incorporate new genetic changes in its DNA, Cheng explains. Some genetic changes can be harmless, but others can lead to changes in cell behavior that may lead to disease and, in the worst case, to cancer.”

Great research continues to progress with adult stem cells, the craziness of promoting ES back in 2000 to the present day were wrong.  If If iPS cells or other adult stem cells do better with fewer problems and no moral concerns, why is there a dispute?

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Stem Cell Research

  1. This has been said and supported many times, but it has apparently still not penetrated Michael’s hardshell cranium.

    Everyone prefers the use of adult stem cells. But without continuing research into embryonic stem cells, 85% of the current adult stem-cell research would grind to a halt. Got it now, Michael? Somehow I doubt it.

    You may object to embryonic-cell research if you like on ethical grounds, but you must realize that the practical effect of prohibiting it would delay and/or prevent cures from adult cells as well.


    Oh, yes: Another important advantage of adult stem cells is that they allow human cloning, whereas embryonic stem cells do not. So, by pushing adult-cell research, Michael hastens the day when he will be able to clone himself.

    Now there’s a scary thought!

  2. The research that Michael references was carried out6 in my backyard, at the University of Minnesota’s Lillehei Heart Institute.

    On a personal note, this humble commentator’s wife was for several years in charge of the recovery room for the world-renowned pioneer heart surgeon for whom this institute was named—Dr. C. Walton Lillehei. Among other things, he was the mentor of Christiaan Barnard, who performed the first heart transplant.

  3. Since 2000, there has been great controversy over stem cell research namely embryonic stem cells which is mainly left-wing ideology that blamed former President Bush for denying treatments rather than where the science goes.

    Today’s pop quiz: Parse the above sentence according to the rules of the English language—or of any other language..

    Yet another emanation from the confused tangle of Michael’s non-sequitur mind.

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