The Mystery of Fossilized Whales In A Desert

Paleontologists were filled with enormous excitement and joy when 80 whales were discovered in the Chile desert.  They deemed it to be quite unusual and rare. Chilean paleontologist Mario Suarez on the excavation, said the mammals died more or less around the same time, then continued with his own spin on history with others coming up with their own while claiming the whales died 2 million to 7 million years ago.

A question was asked, “how did all these whales get fossilized in a desert about a half mile from the ocean?” The problem with evolutionists in trying to answer such a question comes from their rejection of considering a global flood. The discovery of whale fossils being buried in a desert also makes the story about evolution more complex. Other reports suggested that the state the earth’s coastlines were much lower back then. So which is it? The earth’s coastlines cannot be both in the story of evolution. But that certainly could happen to the coastlines with a global flood which explains where the whales lay!  This incredible find is quite remarkable for Christians as it confirms the Biblical account of Noah’s Flood!

When the earth was covered with water, the whales where able swim to this location, but when the water receded as a result of the raising of the continents where the floodwaters flowed into the ocean, they got trapped and thus a rapid burial took place. This same occurrence was responsible for sea shells being deposited at elevations that are much too high for ocean life to ever had existed accept that a flood deposited them! Just like in another location in South America, not far from Chile where fossils like a completely articulated  whale, except for one missing flipper, and a damage front skull with bones being incredibly preserved in a place where ocean life could not have existed!

The evidence for a large-scale catastrophe is overwhelmingly strong as some research scientists have reported. Since creation scientists and non-scientists take the global flood as an plausible event that happened, conclusion consist of the fossil layers to have been deposited mostly during this event. Most biblical geologists accept that the standard geological column represents the general order of deposition during the Flood, with some of the uppermost parts of the column being deposited in the 4,300-year period afterwards. The mystery created by evolutionists is not really a mystery after all but rather an amazing event that confirms the Bible!

14 thoughts on “The Mystery of Fossilized Whales In A Desert

  1. Duh, Michael, the place where these whales were found (and where I come regularly) used to be connected to the ocean … is that so hard to understand, even for you ?
    This has nothing to do with a flood, and your statement “in a place where ocean life could not have existed!” is obviously wrong.

  2. Yes, Michael, a flood is the only explanation why a whale fossil is in Chile in the dessert…It cannot possibly be that there was an ancient ocean on the spot.

  3. Young Earth Creationism……It’s just like a Dinosaur,…. obscenely pre-historic. The only difference is that one of them refuses to go extinct.

  4. Hi Michael, I think the title of the articles about these fossils have been a bit misleading and so it is understanding that some creationists have picked up on these fossils as possible evidence of a global flood. However, I think that the mystery that is mentions is more spinning for the press than it is really a mystery. In fact I have some reason to believe that the people responsible for curating the find actually have a very good idea of how to explain the fossil deposit but are milking the story to heighten the drama so that the papers they are working on to describe these fossils will have a much greater impact. If they hadn’t make this a public story the descriptions of these fossils likely would not have received much attention because the story will not be that dramatic. So what is going on here. Some additonal information makes it seem less likely that young earth creationists can hold this out as an example of a global flood. Below is some of what I wrote on my blog about his particular fascinating deposit having done a little research on the location.

    First it should be noted that the rock the fossils are found in is diatomaceous earth which is rock which consists of high numbers of diatoms. Diatoms are single celled algae that produce silicon walls and thus are very easily preserved. They are found in fresh water and salt water but large deposits are usually associated with shallow ocean basins where diatoms “bloom” in the waters above and die with the silicon “shells” falling to the ocean floor. If whales have died and their bones are resting on the ocean floor the diatoms can accumulate and bury the bones creating a glass tomb for the bones while they fossilize. In the situation here there is a layer of diatomacious earth covering this region that is filled with whale, dolphin, seal and other fossil bones. While young earth creationists are claiming this is the result of whales being trapped in a global flood. These bones suggest the opposite. Underneath them are thousands of feet of sediments and then near the very top is this layer of diatoms which would only collect in thick (several feet) layers like this where there was relatively placid water above and falling diatoms rather than mixed up sediments being deposited quickly. The fact that all the whales in in the same layer of rock across this area also suggests a particular incident in some period of time or several similar events rather than whales being caught in a large global catastrophe that is laying down all the layers of rock at the same time.

    I should also note that whales trapped in an inlet and dying in mass is not even unusual today. I was just at the marine mammal meeting and saw some incredible pictures of hundreds of whales that died after being trapped when an inlet froze up on on them not allowing them to escape and then when the ice finally covered the entire inlet the whales were suffocated and died by the hundreds. Apparently this happens nearly every year at some point in the arctic. In these cases there are hundreds of whales deposited in the very cold waters which willl preserve them long enough to get covered with sediments and algal fall. So even presently we have situations where whales are being deposited in large quantities in one layer of sediment. It can’t be far-fetched to imagine it has happened in the past.

    One other point to make here. The whales, dolphin and seal fossils found her are all fossils that appear very similar to modern day marine mammals. Young earth creationists barminology (the study of “kinds”) has often suggested that whales all evolved from a couple of original whales kinds and that the diversity today is the result of diversification (ie. very fast evolution except they don’t call it evolution) of those original kinds into the new environments that existed after the flood (like arctic whales and deep sea whales). That these fossil whales look like modern whales I would think should give the bariminologists pause with respect to saying that these whales were caught in a global flood because these are presumably highly adapted/evolved whales rather than the original kinds of whales which were smaller and had more leg bones etc… Just another example of inconsistencies within the creationists literature. Frequently theories are put forth to explain one piece of evidence without considering the impact on other theories within their own worldview.

  5. Thanks, Natural Historian, for a lesson on the taphology of whales.

    Although blogmeister Michael teaches us nothing, by himself. he does sometimes cite papers that, after stripping away the creationist cruft, prove interesting. And occasionally an enlightening comment drifts in, as well.

    Again, mahalo nui loa.

  6. There is one friend who sometimes talks about Creationists. He calls Old Earth Creationists “creationists,”…. As for young earth creationists, he calls them “Special” Creationists.

  7. A question was asked, “how did all these whales get fossilized in a desert about a half mile from the ocean?” …. Other reports suggested that the state the earth’s coastlines were much lower back then. So which is it? The earth’s coastlines cannot be both in the story of evolution. But that certainly could happen to the coastlines with a global flood

    For once. Michael is correct:

    (a) Coastlines could not be in two places at once in evolution. Because science requires consistency.
    (b) But this could happen in a global flood. Because creationism does not require consistency.

  8. Although Micheal scans for articles promoting his particular delusion, he is curiously blind to papers that announce4 new results that he disagrees with.

    The Cambrian explosion, for example, is a favorite topic when scientists puzzle over th relatively sudden emergence odf so many animal phyla. But it is considerably less so when a naturalistic explanation is offered.

    Erwin, et al., “The Cambrian Conundrum: Early Divergence and Later Ecological Success in the Early History of Animals,” Science 324:1091-1097 enlists patterns of fossil and molecular diversification, comparative development data, and ecological feeding strat5egies in a coordinated analysis of the origin of major animal branches.

    he authors, working from the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., found that the various clades had actually originated tens of millions of years before their first appearance in the fossil record. Although the developmental toolkit[1] that allowed diverse body plans appeared during the Cryogenian (850-635Mya), the ecological success of these metazoans was delayed until the Ediacaran (635-541Mya) and Cambrian (541-488Mya).

    Thus, rather than appearing out of nowhere in a few million years, the body plans developed gradually over a period of 360 million years. Creationists cannot controvert the data that went into it. So they will ignore it, an act of desperation that they are increasingly forced into.


    The Science authors describe multiple causes for the radiation of phyla. Primary is a new set of developmental genes that bind to DNA to regulate the expression of other genes. The discovery of these hox genes in 1983 set the biological world on its ear, and led to a new field of developmental biology: evo-devo. However, environmental factors were also important. That period of the earth’s history saw profound chemical changes in the benthic and neritic ecosystems, and the de novo construction of complex networks. Predation, for example, appeared for the first time.

    Advances such as this roll back ignorance. The awe of new understanding easily overwhelms the awe of creationist magic, which leads nowhere.

  9. Ho hum. A whole week now, and Michael has not found anything he can cut and paste into one of his contorted creationist origamis..

  10. And we have reached day 19 without another post. I guess Michael has been unable to find a paper or non-peer reviewed news article to distort and twist.

  11. Michael can always find something. There must be another reason for the long absence.

    We would hope that the cause is a something pleasant, rather than an illness or injury. Unlike his
    creationist commenters, whose only interest is confirming their own delusions, we do care about Michael.

  12. As Dawkins is forced to acknowledge, the Cambrian Explosion is strong evidence for creation, because creation is the only way to explain the fully formed emergence of life on earth.

  13. Dawkins has admitted nothing of the kind. In fact, the more we look at the Cambrian, the longer it stretches, and the more it looks like evolution.

    Where is your evidence that the creation occurred at the Cambrian? What abour the Ediacaran? What about the rise of the dinosaurs, or mammals, or photosynthesis, of mushrooms?

    Besides, the Cambrian does not accord with any creation story. Certain;y not that of the Bible.

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