Adult Stem Cell Research Continues To Progress

The number one breakthrough in science of 2009, continues its amazing progress in 2011 with promising treatments with no ethical questions like embryonic stem cell research. A breakthrough in fighting lung disease, physorg reports on how Duke scientists discovered a signal used by airway stem cells that regulate which tissues are produced.

“Our work has identified the Notch signaling pathway as a central regulatory ‘switch’ that controls the differentiation of airway basal stem cells,” said Jason Rock, Ph.D., lead author and postdoctoral researcher in Brigid Hogan’s cell biology laboratory.”

“Studies like ours will enhance efforts to develop effective genetic, cellular, and molecular therapies for airway diseases – a leading cause of death worldwide. Interestingly, the press release likened the Notch signalling pathway to “executive software” governing the stem cells’ fate.”

Some more research consists of a new way to reprogram skin cells directly into brain cells! Science daily reports this particular breakthrough…

“The new technique avoids many of the ethical dilemmas that stem cell research has faced. For the first time, a research group at Lund University in Sweden has succeeded in creating specific types of nerve cells from human skin. By reprogramming connective tissue cells, called fibroblasts, directly into nerve cells, a new field has been opened up with the potential to take research on cell transplants to the next level.”

“The discovery represents a fundamental change in the view of the function and capacity of mature cells. By taking mature cells as their starting point instead of stem cells, the Lund researchers also avoid the ethical issues linked to research on embryonic stem cells.”

Collecting ES stem cells from the umbilical cord blood which hold no ethical dilemmas either, has been a focus of research which shows promise. Where maternity wards,  have previously discarded as medical waste, are becoming gold mines for stem cells!

Science daily reports…

“The prototype is still in the testing stage, but initial results are promising. The student inventors have obtained a provisional patent covering the technology and have formed a company, TheraCord, to further develop the technology, which may someday be used widely in hospital maternity units. The students say the need for this system is obvious.

“Cord blood, collected from the umbilical cord and placenta after live birth, is the most viable source of stem cells, yet over 90 percent is uncollected and discarded,” the team members wrote in a presentation of their project at the university’s recent Biomedical Engineering Design Day. “One of the main reasons valuable cord blood is so frequently discarded is because no adequate collection method exists.”

However, it’s not all good news there is some bad news too. Some scientists continue advocating more funding for ES research. Concerns that it might be banned all together which is highly unlikely because not all ES research collected is not ethical rather there is no controversy with collecting and using ES through the umbilical cord and placenta after live birth which are improving with new research. On April 29, a federal appeals court blocked Lamberth’s decision restoring federal financing of human embryonic stem cell research for now. Still some scientists in this field make a faulty argument for their position.

Phyorg reports…

“If federal funding stops for human embryonic stem cell research, it would have a serious negative impact on iPS cell research,” said Stanford University bioethicist Christopher Scott, one of the co-authors. “We may never be able to choose between iPS and ES cell research because we don’t know which type of cell will be best for eventual therapies.”

The research is clear, adult and ips stem cells are the future for treatments, let the evidence lead rather than trying to force taxpayers to fund something that many are not support of, for there is no compelling and logical need to do so!

5 thoughts on “Adult Stem Cell Research Continues To Progress

  1. Michael scrambles his facts yet again.

    not all ES research collected [sic] is not ethical [sic] rather there is no controversy with collecting and using ES through the umbilical cord and placenta after live birth which are [sic] improving with new research.


    Even when we’d like to agree with you to prefer non-embryonic stem cell research, we find that you have hashed up the facts so badly that we still can’t trust what you say. Because it’s just WRONG.

  2. Some scientists continue advocating more funding for ES research

    On April 29, a federal appeals court blocked Lamberth’s decision restoring federal financing of human embryonic stem cell research for now. Still some scientists in this field make a faulty argument for their position.

    If for no other reason than than 85% of all stem-cell research would stop if embryonic stem-cell research were prohibited. That includes research on adult stem cells. Of 4 adult stem-cell projects here at the University of Minnesota all 4 depend upon the availability of embryonic stem cells.

    Michael has bee told this so many times in this blog that his continuing insistence that scientists make a “faulty argument” in this area can no longer be classed as ignorance or even stupidity. MICHAEL IS AGAIN DELIBERATELY LYING TO HIS READERS.

    Does anyone still wonder why no one trusts creationists? “Liars for Jesus.” The shoe fits.

  3. I am currently having a YouTube debate with someone who thinks that the pyramids of Giza are much older than what Archaeologists say. Archaeologists place their construction circa 2550 BC, during the fourth dynasty, and under a century after Imhotep had constructed the Step Pyramid of Saqqara as ordered by King Djoser. [1] Some new sensationalistic “theories” claim that they were built around 10,500 BC. [2]

    They also claim that the Giza pyramids were not tombs. When I mentioned the sarcophagus that is in the “King’s Chamber,” he claimed that there is no evidence that there was a mummy in there. That is true, as far as it goes. But when I asked him what the function was if it was not meant for burial, he mentioned two theories that it could have housed the Ark of the Covenant, and also it could have been used as an alter. I then asked for the evidence for the alternative theories, but mentioned that we know that the size of the sarcophagus was the right size to keep a human body inside. He gave no evidence and dodged me by saying the Egyptians did not practice human sacrifice….Well, no dip!! I never said that.

    My little friend claims that since the Giza pyramids have no inscriptions, and that was therefore evidence that they were not tombs. This also fails because most pyramids do NOT have inscriptions. It is not until the fifth Dynasty [3] that inscriptions appear. It would odd if the Giza pyramids had inscriptions. I also cited the fact that Khufu’s funerary temple is associated with the Great Pyramid as evidence that the pyramids were, in fact, tombs.

    He then claimed that Khufu’s reigh was 20 years, and for the pyramid to be built, then there would have to be one stone laid every 9 seconds, and he told me to do the math myself. Unfortunately for him, I did. Khufu ruled 23 years. That is 8395 days. There are 2,300,000 stones in the pyramid. The number of stones DIVIDED by the number of days Khufu ruled is equal to exactly 273.9 stones in a single day. You then divide that by 24 hours, and you end up with 11.4 stones placed PER hour. So that is a A LITTLE UNDER 1 stone PER 5 minutes. [4] My friend’s claim was just to preposterous, and he has yet to reply to the final counterpoint I gave.

    Now, what has this to do with Creationism? Nothing really. But it shows a common trait that this camp has in common with the Young Earth Creationists. Both groups deny the real science, even though it is staring them in the face. That is willful ignorance.

    [1] I refrain from calling the Egyption Kings I mention in this post “Pharaohs” because the term in anachronistic. It is not until the 18th dynasty (starting in 1560 BC) under Ahmose that the term is first attested to.

    [2] I’m sure someone reading this has heard of it.

    [5] The fifth dynasty is dated from 2494 to 2343 BC.

    [4] It is believed that the pyramid was not finished in King Khufu’s lifetime, so it is likely that this statistic is too compressed, but it still shows it is possible.

  4. This week’s Time magazine contains a feature article on the progress of stem-cell treatments.[1] I wondered whether that had been the impetus for Michael’s post. However, it bears no resemblance to Michael’s post. The emphasis is on current experimental treatments underway using embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are mentioned only briefly.

    If anyone wishes for adult stem-cell success, I do. Chronic diseases such as mine would be the biggest beneficiary of genetically matched stem cells. However, a recent trial of adult cells led to the surprising discovery of an immune response—which should never occur from iPS adult cells.

    Unfortunately, Michael’s favorable references are, as usual, a joke. The first PhysOrg article on signalling pathways concerns native cells that are already in the patient’s body, but not matured. The first Science Daily article on brain cells is an early investigation, nowhere near the treatment stage. The second Science Daily article reports neither new research nor impending treatment—it concerns only a device for harvesting umbilical cells more efficiently.

    The second PhysOrg article directly negates Michael’s contention that adult cells are about to replace embryonic cells: “Banning federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research would derail related work” is its title. Michael’s post immediately following a quote from this article states: “The research is clear, adult and ips stem cells are the future for treatments.”

    We could wonder whether Michael even reads the stuff he cites.

    Although it’s becoming more and more clear that, whether he does or not, he has no compunctions against lying about it.


    [1] “The Tiniest Transpalnt”, Time, June 27, 2011, pp. 46-47.

  5. Kris, you may remember that King Djosser also proclaimed that embryonic stem cells were not necessary, and would shortly be replaced by animal dung infusions.[1] But, so far ……


    [1] Hearst Papyrus, scroll 14.

    [2] Saqqara is greatly underrated. Although not as flashy as the other sites, one gets the feeling while standing on this site that the past is actually oozing up through th ground and taking shape around you.

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