The Cell’s Delivery System In Your Body

Whenever a manufacture or you needs a package to be shipped, a key component on getting the package to the right locality is a zip code. Like a city or town, the cell has information that needs to be sent from place to place.  In order for this vital information to the right locality a molecular tag is used on a transport vehicle that acts just like a zip code.

Richard Robinson is a freelance science writer who wrote in the peer-reviewed, open-access science journal PLoS Biology says

“Proteins are the workhorses of the cell, but to get the most work out of them, they need to be in the right place.  In neurons, for example, proteins needed at axons differ from those needed at dendrites, while in budding yeast cells, the daughter cell needs proteins the mother cell does not.  In each case, one strategy for making sure a protein gets where it belongs is to shuttle its messenger RNA to the right spot before translating it.”

“The destination for such an mRNA is encoded in a set of so-called “zipcode” elements, which loop out of the RNA string to link up with RNA-binding proteins.  In yeast, these proteins join up with a myosin motor that taxis the complex to the encoded location. “

It is interesting to note, Robinson uses the word “zip code” five times in his description of recent this discovery about the process. The players in this amazing discovery is the messenger RNA which contains coded instructions for a molecular machine but in order for it to deliver the goods to the correct location that is required,  elements (zip code) are attached to the mRNA that give it instructions on where it needs to go.

Now who sorts the mail?  Who makes sure the zip code is present? Robinson’s synopsis discussed goes further into detail with the new finding…

“Based on their results, the authors propose a two-step model of transport complex formation.  Within the nucleus, She2p binds to the mRNA as it is transcribed, and then shuttles it to the cytoplasm.  She2p binds loosely and promiscuously, though, catching up mRNAs both with and without zipcodes.  Once in the cytoplasm, She3p joins on, tightening the grip on mRNAs that contain zipcodes while booting out those without them.  With the myosin motor attached to She3p, the complex motors off to its destination elsewhere in the cell.”

“The results in this study indicate that quality control in mRNA transport relies on a reciprocal action: the complex proteins together ensure that only those mRNAs with a destination tag are incorporated into the transport complex, and the mRNA, by binding to each of the proteins in the complex, ensures that all are on board before the journey starts.”

What we have here is one protein binding to the parcel inside the nucleus and takes it outside, where the other protein (She3p) recognizes its counterpart, checks the zip code. Without this specialize quality control for this delivery service, “the ability of the RNA–protein complex to reach its destination was impaired.”

Quite amazing, let me remind my readers, evolutionary theory contributes nothing to this scientific discovery.  Evolutionary theory only contributes to a story like about primordial soup supposedly creating life. Then they makes a big deal when they experiment and have a simple chemical reaction occur, acting as though it had fulfilled all the requirements for life. But after that, reality sets in and the experiment shows no process for getting the molecules where they are needed. That includes no quality control processes nor inspections, or checks and balances, no feedback, no networks. What always happens in this situation? Entropy! No matter what the evolutionary story suggests it’s not above the law of entropy!

2 thoughts on “The Cell’s Delivery System In Your Body

  1. “Evolutionary theory only contributes to a story like about primordial soup supposedly creating life. ”

    Evolutionary theory says nothing about abiogenesis – that is a different field.

    “Entropy! ”

    What about entropy ? Michael, do you actually know what entropy is ?

  2. Michael plays Jeopardy:

    You have chosen Physics for $5.98.

    The answer is: “Thou shalt not convert heat completely into work.”

    BZZZZZZZT! Sorry. The answer is NOT “The Eleventh Commandment..”

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