Adult Stem Cells Treatments

Researchers using induced pluripotent stem cells, inject the stem cells into animal hearts which then promotes a level of restoration in functionality on their subjects…

Science Daily

“University of Cincinnati researchers have found that applying a stem cell-infused patch together with overexpression of a specific cell instruction molecule promoted cell migration to damaged cardiac tissue following heart attack and resulted in improved function in animal models.”

“Three days following the heart attack, researchers placed a cell patch on the damaged region and measured the expression of cardiac-related transcription factor A (a protein that binds to specific DNA sequences, controlling the movement of genetic information from DNA to mRNA), collagen levels in the damaged tissue andscar formation-related signaling pathways.”

Research starting to focus more on the bilical cord which according to the article is not very well understood because of the lack of research in this area of stem cells. A team of researchers from Peking University People’s Hospital, China, decided to conduct a study.

Physorg and their researchers paper is found here

“The researchers took immune cells from RA patients and showed that the umbilical MSCs were able to suppress the cells’ proliferation, invasive behavior and inflammatory responses. Systemic infusion of the umbilical MSCs into mice was shown to significantly reduce the severity of collagen-induced arthritis. Speaking about the results, Professor Li said, “RA imparts a massive burden on health services worldwide and none of the currently used agents reaches long term drug-free remission. Therefore, a new and more effective therapy for RA will be very welcome”.

Great news concerning stem cells obtained from umbilical cords which may be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis! And that’s not all, those of us who like to workout notice a breakdown in function and mass as we get older. However, research in adult stem cells of transplanted into the leg muscles of mice restored function and mass in their muscles. Now wouldn’t it be great to maintain muscle function and mass as you get older? The finding may lead to treatments for patients with chronic, degenerative muscle diseases…

“The experiments showed that when young host mice with limb muscle injuries were injected with muscle stem cells from young donor mice, the cells not only repaired the injury within days, they caused the treated muscle to double in mass and sustain itself through the lifetime of the transplanted mice. “This was a very exciting and unexpected result,” said Professor Bradley Olwin of CU-Boulder’s molecular, cellular and developmental biology department, the study’s corresponding author.”

When a cardiovascular disease gets so serious, the only option left is amputation of a limb. This has happened to one of my grandparents. But today, a treatment was announced that may save many thousands of limbs from amputation!

Science daily reports…

“Northwestern Medicine physician researchers are revolutionizing treatment of cardiovascular disease by utilizing patients’ own stem cells to regenerate heart and vascular tissue. Northwestern Medicine is the lead site for a study examining stem cell transplantation as treatment for critical limb ischemia.”

“Stem cell treatment was associated with a significant reduction in amputation rate,” said Losordo. “Treatment was associated with a 50 percent reduction in the total amputation rate compared to control. Although further study is needed, these results provide evidence that CD34 cell therapy is an effective treatment for critical limb ischemia.”

What about Embryonic Stem Cell research? After all, nature lobbied congress to hurry and pass laws to fund this research in fear of Republicans getting elected. All the hype since 2000 on this research has produced this recently…

In science daily, “Growing human embryonic stem cells in the lab is no small feat.”

In Nature, the news was nothing more than some research in Singapore trying to identify all the transcription factors that regulate embryonic stem cells.

Nothing about treatments of animals nor humans which is not surprising. The explosion of new treatments is coming from adult stem cells which is where the funding should be provided. Something that ES proponents never dreamed could happen because they thought it would mostly come form ES. Speaking of which why aren’t they rejoicing in all these advances in adult stem cell research?   

1 thought on “Adult Stem Cells Treatments

  1. Quoth Michael:


    In science daily, “Growing human embryonic stem cells in the lab is no small feat.”

    In Nature, the news was nothing more than some research in Singapore trying to identify all the transcription factors that regulate embryonic stem cells.

    Nothing about treatments of animals nor humans which is not surprising.


    Michael has apparently trained his eyes not to see anything that disagrees with his viewpoint.

    An embryonic stem-cell treatment in humans was started last month in Atlanta. A paralyzed patient with severe spinal-cord injuries has been injected with embryonic stem cells that convert to oligodendrocytes for producing myelin to allow the injured neurons to regain their function.[1]

    This treatment is the first of a series lasting two years, with each patient being studied for a year. CBS News (Oct. 12, 2010) reports


    Geron is among several companies focusing on embryonic stem cell therapy. Advanced Cell Technology Inc. hopes to develop the embryonic stem cell therapy called retinal pigment epithelium, or RPE. That therapy is designed to treat Stargart disease, an inherited condition that affects children and can lead to blindness in adulthood.


    Contrary to Michael’s blinkered view, embryonic stem cells are not only seeing practical application, they are in the forefront.

    Of course, adult stem cell research progresses also. Of the references that Michael cites, only one has actually reached the human treatment stage.

    Michael asks, “What about Embryonic Stem Cell research?” Laughably, the Science Daily article he cites as a failure of ESC research is actually a major advance in the area of growing such cells. Yet another failure of basic reading comprehension. The Nature letter that Michael dismisses as ho-hum was in fact a major finding that propels not only embryonics, but knowledge of adult stem cells as well–What characteristics of a cell actually determine whether it a stem cell?

    Such gross misreadings indicate that Michael has no understanding of the material that he attempts to foist off on his readers. Of course, as long as he refuses to disclose his qualifications in any region of science, we shall not know for sure.


    [1] Michael need not fear that billions and billions of his tax dollars are being squandered in this project; the funds for this research are entirely private, not public.

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