Minimalist Viewpoint On Bible Debunked

Minimalists in Biblical Archaeology claim the Bible was written in Greece, hundreds of years after the events took place.  One of their claims mentioned there was no kingdom of David and Solomon. Here is what they considered as evidence for their position,  necessary archaeological evidence to prove there was a state is missing, therefore according to a minimalist viewpoint, 2 Samuel and 1Kings are not accurate. Also, no administrative documents have been found which again means to them, there was no such government.

But Minimalists do not deny the existence of David and Solomon, but rather have their own historical time frame and story about them which puts David and Solomon in a primitive society.

But their skepticism about the historical account from the Bible has been debunked! An ancient Hebrew pottery inscription that was found back in 2008, it has been dated as the oldest known Hebrew text. This certainly one of more amazing discoveries of our time! Recently it had been deciphered for public viewing.

In the EurekAlert article…

“Prof. Galil also notes that the inscription was discovered in a provincial town in Judea.  He explains that if there were scribes in the periphery, it can be assumed that those inhabiting the central region and Jerusalem were even more proficient writers.”

“It can now be maintained that it was highly reasonable that during the 10th century BCE, during the reign of King David, there were scribes in Israel who were able to write literary texts and complex historiographies such as the books of Judges and Samuel.”  He adds that the complexity of the text discovered in Khirbet Qeiyafa, along with the impressive fortifications revealed at the site, refute the claims denying the existence of the Kingdom of Israel at that time.”

So what did the inscription have to say? It was about caring for the disadvantaged in society! The English translation went like this…

“you shall not do [it], but worship the [Lord].  Judge the sla[ve] and the wid[ow].  Judge the orph[an] [and] the stranger.  [Pl]ead for the infant; plead for the po[or and] the widow.  Rehabilitate [the poor] at the hands of the king.  Protect the po[or and] the slave; [supp]ort the stranger.”

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Viewpoint On Bible Debunked

  1. That’s always the problem with doing actual research, Michael. You might turn up actual evidence that changes preconceived assumptions or beliefs. You ought to try it in biology, too.

    Several items, however.

    Michael’s ghostwriter: “Minimalists in Biblical Archaeology claim the Bible was written in Greece, …”

    That’s just plain false. No one has ever claimed that any portion of the Old Testament was first written in Greek.

    Michael: “But their skepticism about the historical account from the Bible has been debunked!”

    Yet another failure of reading comprehension. An account that may show the historicity of David’s kingdom does not demonstrate any general principle that all biblical historiography is accurate. You might also note another over-claiming issue in your source’s effulgent description. No one had ever asserted that some Bible fragments were not conceived until after the Captivity—only that they were not written down and assembled together until that time. The new discoveries show that one fragment, at least was written in 19thC BCE, but says nothing about even one entire book, much less about putting together several books into a single document.

    Michael: “So what did the inscription have to say? It was about caring for the disadvantaged in society! ”

    And this is surprising because….? Only because Michael believes that anyone living before the 20th Century was hopelessly primitive. Jesus never claimed that his concerns for the poor and weak were novel. Even the most rabid minimalists would admit that such sentiments were centuries old at that time. We also know from artifacts of some other ancient civilizations that they also practiced those “civilized” traits. Neanderthals cared for their sick 30,000 years ago.

    The research reported here is interesting. But, as usual, you misinterpret it and fail to understand its significance. This is what comes from attempting to fit evidence into a preconceived shall, without any understanding of the context that surrounds it, or of the methodology that produced it.

  2. “Minimalists in Biblical Archaeology claim the Bible was written in Greece, …”

    Let’s see. Even the minimalists date the writing of the early OT books at the end of the Babylonian captivity, about 540 BCE. But no Jews would even have been exposed to the Greek language until after the conquest of Megas Alexandros in about 340 BCE.

    So you have 200 years of anachronism to explain, Michael. Your utter ignorance of common background information leads you to some truly laughable errors. Because you can’t tell what is reasonable and what is not.

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