More Soft Tissue Recovered From A Fossil

This isn’t going to be the last time recovering soft tissues from fossils supposedly millions of years old, in fact the fun is just beginning. First T-Rex, back in 2005, now muscle tissue has been found earlier this month…

“We noticed that there had been very little degradation since it was originally fossilised about 18 million years ago, making it the highest quality soft tissue preservation ever documented in the fossil record. According to the University College Dublin geologists, the muscle tissue is organically preserved in three dimensions, with circulatory vessels infilled with blood.”

Keep in mind, they use Darwinian logic which is story telling. This new discovery is an observable falsification of the idea these animals are so massively old. Evolutionists didn’t predict such findings in fact, they assumed it was impossible. Conflict over T-Rex in 2005 arose because the finding was a threat, accusations claiming poor research techniques and other conclusions of bacteria was alleged in giving researchers a false impression of soft tissue. They tried hard to explain away the finding but more research followed, their accusations were of course unfounded. This particular finding hasn’t been as controversial rather evolutionary scientists claim, it’s a rare finding but there is more out there. Indeed, a new treasure, they say. It’s not as rare as they assume.

Soft tissue found in fossils is vindication of the Bible. It’s vindication of the Earth being thousands of years old, not millions. The time scale which evolutionists go by is highly flawed.


One thought on “More Soft Tissue Recovered From A Fossil

  1. “More Soft Tissue Recovered From A Fossil”

    Has someone actually found Michael’s brain??

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