Did The Moon Gives More Information About Evolution?

In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the very first time. That particular mission (Apollo 11) was followed by five more missions. Many do not know this, the man behind the Apollo moon mission was a creationist rocket scientist named; Wernher von Braun.

Now the moon missions were the result of the cold war competition and not surprisingly, President Obama did not mention any further exploration of man in space during his speech during the 40th year celebration of the first landing on the moon.

Evolutionists claim, the moon gave us insight on naturalism as stated below by Professor Martin Ward, who is head of Physics at Durham University…

“Apart from the sheer wonder of seeing on live TV grainy images of man on the moon, many people might ask ‘what has the moon ever done for us?’ There are superficial justifications for visiting our nearest neighbour, one being that space technology saw the advent of non-stick frying pans. However, the Apollo programme also pushed forward computer technology and the miniaturisation of electronics which benefit our lives today.”

“The deepest justification for visiting the moon, though, is that many astronomers now believe it may have played a crucial role in the evolution of life on Earth. Information gained from moon rock samples, and experiments set up on the lunar surface, have given us new insights into the make-up and evolution of the moon and hence our own origins.”

Ward omits detail on how the moon’s rock is connected with the origin of human life on earth. Currently, there are a few theories concerning the moon’s origin in evolution. Every single one of them has major flaws which is one of the reasons why they haven’t settled on one particular hypothesis yet.

Impact Theory – Excess angular momentum is a major problem for this theory. Calculations show that to get enough material to form the moon, the impacting object would need to have been twice as massive as Mars.

Fission theory  –This theory was was tossed years ago because the earth could never have spun fast enough to throw a moon into orbit, and the escaping moon would have been shattered while within the Roche Limit.

Capture theory -The moon being captured by Earth’s gravity is not practical even it there was such a miracle, the moon would be in a elongated comet-like orbit.

Condensation theory –no dust cloud could be dense enough, and it doesn’t account for the moon’s low iron content.

So did the moon give us more information about evolution? The answer is “no” but it did create more questions than answers for evolutionists. The moon of course was designed by God, and it does what it’s suppose to do in a precise way, the study of it is quite interesting!


9 thoughts on “Did The Moon Gives More Information About Evolution?

  1. Perhaps this is one of your worse entries, or perhaps I just know more about it than some of your previous ones. The main problem is it’s full of non sequiturs. You’re basic progression:

    Moon landings -> Evolutionists claim it yields information about evolution -> evolution somehow has something to do with the moon’s formation -> four main/historic theories of lunar formation -> each has problems -> therefore goddidit.

    Seriously, is your position so tenuous that you have to draw these non-existent links? Is your position that tenuous that your “problem” with the impact theory isn’t in any way a problem? All because you can’t believe a Mars-sized (not 2x Mars) object crashed into Earth doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, nor that it’s not even likely it happened way back when such collisions were fairly common.

  2. Gosh, astrostu206265, I thought I was the last reader of this blog, and was about to turn out the lights.

    You must realize by now that the title of the blog is a sham. “New discoveries about creationism”? Have you seen any here? No reports of evidence for creation—no experiments, no observations of created organisms, no calculations or computer simulations showing where or when.

    “Comments about creationism”? The comments are all about mainstream science, and how it has not yet proved this or that, or how the poor dumb scientists are always changing their minds when faced with—gasp—new evidence.

    You will never catch a creationist changing his mind, no sir. Because the evidence must fit their theory, not the other way around. This also explains their lack of research—why investigate anything when the answer is already known?

    For pure silliness, listen to this howler: “Ward omits detail on how the moon’s rock is connected with the origin of human life on earth.” Everyone knows that humans were patted into shape from dust that resulted when a moon rock shattered upon impacting the Garden of Eden.

  3. Great to see I do not have to comment on this one … the two previous comments cover it all.

  4. Today’s reading comes from the Book of Darwin: The Origin of Species.

    Chapter IV: Natural Selection; Or the Survival of the Fittest

    We read:

    Extinction caused by Natural Selection

    This subject will be more fully discussed in our chapter on Geology; but it must here be alluded to from being intimately connected with natural selection. Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure. Owing to the high geometrical rate of increase of all organic beings, each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants; and it follows from this, that as the favoured forms increase in number, so, generally, will the less favoured decrease and become rare.

    Amen. Darwin be with you.

  5. @zunedita373:
    I surely must be my lack of a sense of humour, but what’s the pun here ? Beats me …

  6. I think it is great that these people spend a lot of their time trying to convince people that God created everything instead of evolution.

    Have you heard one day a evolutionist & God were talking, the evolutionist said “everything evolved, let me show you, I will take some of this dirt throw in some amino acids, water, heat & shazam we have life”. God said “create your own dirt!”

    Isn’t it interesting that people can create a virtual reality already with computers, makes you wonder how far our technology will take us in the future. The Bible states that “we were created in his image”. Maybe that is why we also have the desire to create, we just can’t create life.

    Look, if God exists, they say each person will face him individually for some form of judgement. I think it is the responsibility for each individual to seek him yourself, because most likely as far as I know, nobody gets out of here alive.

    Ask God to reveal himself to you, ask Jesus?

    If you want to respond to this in some form of sarcastic chatter, go ahead, I don’t really care, but before you do envision where you will be one hundred years from now? Will it be in a grave?

    Just real quick, Jesus who is a well know historical figure, was on his knees talking to God the night before they took him, he asked “is there any other way?” No there wasn’t any other way, Jesus died for the sins of mankind, you can accept it & be with him in paradise like the one criminal on the cross, or reject it & accept the alternative. But apparently there is no other way but Jesus! Care to gamble?


  7. Adam: “If you want to respond to this in some form of sarcastic chatter, go ahead”

    All right then … just to please you:

    Great sense of humour ! Lovely ! You’ll live forever !

    Adam: “because most likely as far as I know, nobody gets out of here alive.”

    Are you in trouble ? Do you need an ambulance ?

  8. adam: “If you want to respond to this in some form of sarcastic chatter, go ahead,”

    What is there to respond to?

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