Professor Michael Reiss Explains His Worldview On Science

Last year Michael Reiss who is the Director of the Institute of Education made a profound and shocking statement to the secularists, “Teachers need to accommodate the differing world views of students from Jewish, Christian or Muslim backgrounds – which means openly discussing creationism and intelligent design as alternatives to evolutionary theory…I feel that creationism is best seen by science teachers not as a misconception but as a world view. The implication of this is that the most a science teacher can normally hope to achieve is to ensure that students with creationist beliefs understand the scientific position.”

Are creationists somehow scoring below normal in tests because they are creationists? No, Michael Reiss wanted to take a different approach other than the typical straightforward evolutionary teaching when it comes to the presumption that information was created by an unthinking process to build life as we know it. Information is vital for life without this information which has to be precise, life cannot exist. As creationists, we know the specified information as we observe it in nature came from God like an engineer building a custom built machine by his own ideas. Without the engineer’s knowledge (information) that machine cannot be built or be finely tuned no matter how much time you give it.

The militants for evolution were of course outraged, even making claims that Michael Reiss was a closet creationist. Now believing in the dictatorship of education the Royal Society removed the Professor from his position because he didn’t say the politically correct thing. This month, he wrote a piece called; “The Relationship Between Evolutionary Biology And Religion” to explain his position in more detail…The abstract goes like this…

“Belief in creationism and intelligent design is widespread and gaining significance in a number of countries. This article examines the characteristics of science and of religions and the possible relationship between science and religion…”

“We can help students to find their evolutionary biology courses interesting and intellectually challenging without their being threatening. Effective teaching in this area can help students not only learn about the theory of evolution but better appreciate the way science is done, the procedures by which scientific knowledge accumulates, the limitations of science, and the ways in which scientific knowledge differs from other forms of knowledge.”

In other words, if teachers can teach evolution as a non-threat to creationism, then the students will be more interested in learning the subject and perhaps believe in it more while rejecting creationism. In Christianity, we call this ecumenical or interfaith cooperation where you have liberal elements disagreeing with the Bible but are made to appear like an angel of light (agreeable with the Bible). It’s a similar tactic being used by the NCSE where they have a faith project director making claims that evolution and the Bible are compatible. Trying to understand both sides is one thing, but this is nothing more than another way of trying to indoctrinate students into a particular worldview.


One thought on “Professor Michael Reiss Explains His Worldview On Science

  1. Michael Reiss: “I feel that creationism is best seen by science teachers not as a misconception but as a world view.”

    Agree. Creationism is a worldview, science is a worldview. But they are not the same worldview. That’s why creationism should not be taught in science class.

    If you want to teach creationism in my science class, then I can teach evolution in your Sunday School class. Fair enough?

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