The Vital Role Of Quality Control In A Cell

DNA transcription machinery plays such an important role not only does it make copies of DNA and RNA but it checks and corrects any errors.

In science daily

“Ensuring that proteins are built correctly is essential to the proper functioning of our bodies, but the ‘quality assurance’ mechanisms that take place during this manufacturing process are not fully understood.”

“Scientists have been puzzled as to how this process makes so few mistakes”, says Dr Netta Cohen, Reader at the University of Leeds’ School of Computing.”

“To create a protein, the first step involves copying the relevant gene on our DNA onto a template, called RNA. This copying process is carried out by molecular machines called RNA polymerases.”

Discoveries like these are undermining evolution at its core. Researchers were expect many more errors that what was actually found. This machinery has not one level but multiple levels that reduce errors to only a few. Without this ability to proof read and correct in order to make proper copies of DNA and RNA, a cell would not be able to function, and life wouldn’t exist…

Where did this machinery come from? In regards to this particular discovery, some Darwinists state, we are here, so evolution must be true. Others would say, we just haven’t found the answer for it yet, so we are working on this mystery. On of many mysteries when the data is not matching up with the hypothesis.

The good news is, using experimental biology we will find much more about the role of quality control in a cell similar to that of factory workers working with highly advanced machines that put limitations on the errors which makes production run smoothly, thus the company is able to produce a product in a timely fashion, making a profit so the company can survive.


6 thoughts on “The Vital Role Of Quality Control In A Cell

  1. “Discoveries like these are undermining evolution at its core…. This machinery has not one level but multiple levels that reduce errors to only a few. ”

    Sorry, Michael, you have it backward. Primitive viruses have a large number of errors, simple bacteria have fewer but still considerable errors, later eukaryotes have few errors. Viruses have only a primitive error-correction capability, bacteria have a second level of error correction, eukaryotes have yet another.

    That is, the more recent the cell type, the more error correction mechanisms it has. This is evidence for evolution, not evidence against it.

    Again, you belie the title of your blog. Nothing in the Science Daily article is “new” or a “discovery” or “about creationism.”

  2. Eelco, we’ll have to stop meeting like this :-)

    You don’t live in Argentina, by any chance?

  3. @Olorin,

    true. No, I live in Europe, but go to Chile regularly to observe (I’m an astronomer).

  4. Well, in my case mostly the Llano de Chajnantor (Atacama desert), but La Silla a few times as well …

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