The Wannabe Image Of Evolution In the Media

Science reporters are considered an aid for scientists according to Nature. Skepticism of evolution in general is not permitted as the editors explain it this way…

“And a minority, moving beyond perceived self-interest, will point to the deeper value of journalism, which is to cast a fair but sceptical eye over everything in the public sphere – science included.

“This kind of scrutiny is easy for researchers to applaud when a news report questions dodgy statistics, say, or dubious claims about uncertainties in evolution.  It is not so easy when the story takes a critical look at sloppy animal-research practices, overblown claims about climate change or scientists’ conflicts of interest.”

“But such examinations are to the benefit of the enterprise as a whole: society needs to see science scrutinized as well as regurgitated if it is to give science its trust, and journalists are an essential part of that process.”

Self interest? Tell that to science writer, Sharon Begley who is currently writing for Newsweek. The wannabe image of evolution is rather interesting, Sharon Begley wrote in Newsweek a 4300-word critique of evolutionary psychology. Why? Because of things like “Evolutionary rape” basically people being evolved into unproductive characters of society without a choice in the matter.

If you believe biological evolution made us then you also believe evolution can produce evil people. Evolutionists publishing in Science and Nature and how to e-books on understanding the sexes, routinely use game theory to teach that populations tolerate cooperators and cheaters. Begley’s sermon will have no backbone against the boy who chooses to go the cheating route, because it’s an evolutionarily stable equilibrium.

The reality is, immoral behavior is not a bottom-up problem of evolution, it’s a rebellion against our Creator. Man needs the gift of salvation, his new nature turns from sin rather than relish in it’s state. It’s not a selfish gene which makes us sinful nor a gene that causes man to do good, but our nature and the law written in our hearts.

The wannbe image of evolution wants to establish itself in a perfect light to the public, it does no evil but does all good. It’s just not reality, nor biblical.


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