The Forces That Drove Tectonically Stable Colorado Plateau

The Colorado Plateau is a vast area which entails Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. It  has been subject to a long standing debate among geologists.

The heterogeneous region is no doubt very tricky not only because of the vast area but also trying to explain the forces that drove rock uplift of the low-relief, high-elevation, but remained tectonically stable.

Within certain frameworks namely in this case, evolutionary models are used to explain such complex systems. However, these models were deemed flawed as Roy, Jordan and Pederson pointed out flaws which falsified them. Did this mean they were going to endorse the creationist model? Hardly, a new model was proposed…

“We propose thermal perturbation and re-equilibration as a general mechanism for driving rock uplift within plate interiors, particularly in regions of thicker, more depleted lithosphere adjacent to zones of extension, such as the Colorado Plateau.”

“Our model differs from previous ideas of thermal modification of the Colorado Plateau in that it relies on a post-Laramide process that is triggered by the removal of the Farallon slab and the onset of thinning in the Basin and Range and Rio Grande rift provinces.”

“We show that thermal perturbation following mid-Tertiary removal of the Farallon slab can account for the majority of the observed rock uplift of the Colorado Plateau and, additionally, that this mechanism explains the observed rates of encroachment of the onset of Cenozoic magmatism onto the plateau.”

Let me point out, this particular model based on history cannot be tested, which means it cannot be proven. I am very skeptical of it’s contents, however, laypeople tend to exalt such a paper because it was published in a science journal.

I believe skeptics will find many flaws with this new proposed model. Rather than let the data speak for themselves, the data is forced into the evolutionary artificial system of story telling. Getting something to fit into a particular model is not the same as what we see in the real world!

How could  could these layers of rock be lifted up 2 kilometers without buckling? Come on people, think!  Numerous strata in the Grand Canyon that covers a vast area of hundreds of miles, being lifted up and down over and over again without tearing or tilting.  How could deforming not occur with all that movement within the old earth assumption? This paper explained absolutely nothing what we see in the real world!

The lack of erosion between many of the layers falsifies the belief that they were laid down over millions of years! And another thing, the faults and folds extend through all the layers, but don’t stop halfway up, agrees more with a young earth creationist model, not the old earth assumption!

There is plenty of other evidences which indicate the strata in the Colorado Plateau must have been laid down rapidly and catastrophically (the flood) but it’s ignored because it must be forced into the old earth hypothesis. This paper should not be honored in the name of science!

One thought on “The Forces That Drove Tectonically Stable Colorado Plateau

  1. Evolutionary models are not used to do geology, but biology.
    This is getting so tedious …

    ” … the data is forced into the evolutionary artificial system of story telling.”
    Sigh. I can only sigh at this, very loudly. This is such nonsense.

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