The Quest To Design Life, Evolutionary Style

One of the most and longest attempts through experiments, is the quest to design life out of dead chemicals. For over 50 years, the experiments have been failing as many possible chemical precursors to life have been ruled out by rigorous testing.

Many problems exist with DNA, because DNA needs protein to reproduce while the protein needs information from the DNA in order to build more DNA. The dependence on one another to be a fully functional living cell prompted a new hypothesis which includes RNA.

Evolution speculate this RNA somehow through natural selection, “spontaneously materialized” in what secular reasoning calls; primordial soup. There are many problems which are very difficult to overcome with this hypothesis as well, RNAs are extremely fragile and short-lived molecules. So with this problem, it has lead to another hypothesis.

Thomas Cech wrote in the Journal of Cell. Crawling Out of the RNA World. Cell. 136 (4): 599-602. Here, he claims the first molecules came from ribonucleoproteins which are made partly of RNA and partly of protein.

Ribonucleoproteins are found only inside of a cell, and are specialized complexity because it has particular important functions that are unique and are essential for cells of DNA. Thomas Cech Cech hypothesized fragments of proteins, called peptides, were somehow created in a pre-life RNA soup.

“Peptides and other small molecules binding to RNA would expand its structural repertoire, and thereby its functional repertoire,” his Cell report stated.

The dirt is in the details as always with this story of evolution. Now how could these “petides” be created naturally? Biologically peptides are designed in a series of reactions that rely on specific enzymes inside of cells.

Also take note, there is a tendency of natural forces to disperse and break up molecules. So even if you have assembled RNPs in a so-called RNA soup of life, the number of nonfunctional variants would push the functional ones far enough apart that they would not be able to interact. One would need a specialized mechanism to sort out all the functionless ones so the Ribonucleoproteins with function could interact.

Now even it this was possible, the molecules would have had no defined function because it doesn’t have full cells in which it can perform it’s operations.

In conclusion, the laws of chemistry and physics alone do not generate RNPs, let alone the environments that would determine their functionality. What we observe is specialized complexity which is known to arise through a purpose and intent of a special designer, namely God.

One thought on “The Quest To Design Life, Evolutionary Style

  1. “The Quest To Design Life, Evolutionary Style”

    How can you “design life” using evolution ? That is not what evolution does at all ….

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