Don McLeroy’s Nomination Goes To State’s Senate

Special interests who are opposed to the nomination of Don McLeroy to the State Board of Education (SBOE) chair have been working hard to try and stop it by trying to convince officials to kill his nomination in committee rather than having the full Senate to vote on it.

Kate Alexander reports

“The confirmation of State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy is dead in the water, Sen. Mike Jackson, R-La Porte, said Thursday.”

“Jackson, chairman of the Senate Nominations Committee, said McLeroy will be left pending in committee because there is enough opposition on the floor of the Senate to block his confirmation, which requires approval of two-thirds of the senators.”

“There are too many other important issues to take up on the floor to waste time on a doomed confirmation, Jackson said. After a contentious confirmation hearing last week, Jackson said he would take the temperature of his colleagues before determining whether to give McLeroy a committee vote.”

Why are these special interest groups trying to kill his nomination? The video below reveals one of the reasons why which was conducted before the educational board before the science standards were voted on…

The committee had voted 4-2 which will allow Don McLeroy’s nomination to be voted on by the entire Senate in Texas. A huge victory, of course the battle is not over yet, as opposition are trying to convince 11 Senators to vote against him so he doesn’t get two thirds of the vote needed to be confirmed.

Interesting enough this controversial vote will only last till McLeroy’s term is up which would come shortly, and Governor Perry will then hand pick another chairperson who won’t undergo confirmation until 2011.


One thought on “Don McLeroy’s Nomination Goes To State’s Senate

  1. Michael, why do you keep on talking about ‘special interest groups’ ? That really is getting very annoying and tedious.

    What is so ‘special’, and what is their ‘interest’ ? Just be open about what you are trying to say!

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