The Concept of Junk DNA Is Slowly Becoming No More

Non-coding DNA and RNA have been a major topic of debate in the realm of science between creationists and intelligent design proponents vs evolutionists. Some defenders of Darwinism have claimed, scientists were looking for function in the non-coding DNA all along, while accusing creationists of having the wrong conception about it.

Junk DNA and RNA was always “considered selfish DNA or part of the dispensable genome.”  which means “not essential; unimportant” as a well known pro-evolutionist publication called; Science, points out. So no creationists did not have the wrong conception about it, we all know it was claimed to be leftover evolution parts.

Some held out for junk RNA, but this two is heading in the same direction as non-coding DNA. Researchers at Rockefeller University revealed in the little snippets known as micro-RNAs have various important roles in the cell.  Not only that, but also say there are micro-RNAs which didn’t evolve.

Yet some continue to claim, “Although the microRNAs are evolutionarily conserved, their target changes across species,” said Brivanlou.  “These are genetic tools that nature has invented, much like the screwdriver, to build different things for different species.”

Another words, he is telling a story over another about how an unthinking process can be just as brilliant in creating a specified design or various specified different designs based on needs as an thinking engineer is in the vast market place or in this case, God.

The likes of Evolutionist biochemist Larry Moran from Canada who said, “The so-called transcripts are just noise from accidental transcription” or “[t]he regions of junk DNA could be transcribed regularly but the transcripts are rapidly degraded. They do not have a biological function. They are junk RNA.”

We know Darwinists like Larry Moran are in their little black box and trying to keep others in there too which has hindered science, they predicted to find waste in the genome but yet the discoveries are uncovering the assumption of waste to important relevance. It has caused them to change their story more than once from a letdown to we were looking for it all along, claiming the non-coding DNA and RNA are now assisting evolution but nothing could be further from the truth.


One thought on “The Concept of Junk DNA Is Slowly Becoming No More

  1. You end this short blog with “but nothing could be further from the truth.”

    Aha. And why would that be ?? What are your arguments, proof ? And what is the ‘truth’ then, in your opinion ?

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