Video Uses Homology To Challenge Non-Darwinists

A buzz about this new video has captured the attention from both sides of the fence concerning evolution. Originally this video was created by another person in youtube and then it was later revised. Major players in the pro-evolution movement such as the likes of PZ Meyers put his stamp of approval on the video. Others from the intelligent design movement have discovered the video as well and posted various responses about it.

I’m going to address the homology argument often times used by evolutionists as evidence of naturalism in biology as a means of showing a Creator namely God wasn’t involved in creating the design or in the terms of the modern ID movement, it wasn’t an unknown “intelligent agent or agents” involved with the design either.

In Nature: Molecular Systems Biology, the work on the Bacterial flagellum was commented upon…

“Motility in most bacterial species depends on a sophisticated molecular machine called the flagellum.  The flagellar apparatus is made of dozens of different proteins and thousands of individual subunits.  The bacterial flagellum is actually a mechanical nanomachine with a rotation frequency of 300 Hz, an energy conversion rate of nearly 100%, and the ability to self assemble.”

The paper reveals even more essential protein parts for the flagellum than in Michael Behe’s Book, Darwin’s Black Box but tries to interpret the data in light of evolution…

“The bacterial flagellum represents an interesting entity to study the evolution of complex biological machines.  For an evolutionary view of the flagellum on the protein level, we constructed a phylogenetic supertree solely based on flagellar protein sequences.  As anticipated, this tree closely recapitulates phylogenetic relationships identified, employing traditional phylogenetic marker molecules such as rRNAs.”

“Whereas it is generally believed that the motility machinery evolved from an ancient type III secretion system, the detailed steps leading to current structures have yet to be defined….Similar to protein sequences and structures, interactions among proteins are often conserved in the course of evolution.  In fact, the phylogenetic relationships of different species are partially reflected by the phylogenetic interaction profile of the integrated network.”

What is wrong with this so-called evidence of homology that is supposed to disprove intelligent design in favor of an unthinking natural cause? You might have noticed, there is something missing namely the absence of explanations in this paper on how naturalism could have produced a continually functioning bacterial flagellum through various steps of adaption rather the authors are telling us, similar to what we seen in the video challenge who uses the same argument that it merely self organized itself based on similarities.

The likes of PZ Meyers likes to accuse those he disagrees with such as;  “Creationists claim genes can’t be created without the intervention of a designer, and what do they do? Nothing.” Firstly, he tries to confuse the ID movement with creationism using homology, but the essence of the two are not the same. I also addressed this issue on “A Critical Look At Intelligent Design.”

Secondly, creationists believe in studying nature, and the advancement in technology and so on. If evolution didn’t exist, studying a gene would continue, as well as advancements in technology contrary to what PZ Meyers and others have said.

Creationists have often been criticized for coming to a conclusion about seeing God’s handy work in nature while studying it. It’s not a scientific method they claim. But on the other hand, evolutionists observe similarities in nature and claim they see evolution’s handy work. It’s no wonder evolutionists like to go on the offense and be the ones who do the challenging because it’s a smoke screen to cover their own weaknesses in a story known as evolution!

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