Why Is Indoctrination Of Darwinism Popular Among It’s Defenders?

It’s a favorite concept, keep the student inside a box, not allowing for any outside influence (criticisms) when it comes to teaching evolution. However, not all “criticism” is banned, but could be viewed as creationism by the teacher even though it comes from a secular source.

Darwinists even want to control what particular criticisms are acceptable for high school students, for instance one of the scientists who testified at the Texas School Board hearing and who was against the “weakness of evolution” rule, claiming there is no weakness at the high school level, only when they get to the college level.

So why are Darwinists so concerned about the high school level? A survey recently conducted and mentioned in science daily reveals why this would be the case.

“College students’ views about evolution and creationism are often shaped by what they learned in their high school biology classes, according to a University of Minnesota study published in the May issue of BioScience, the journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences.”

“Results showed that the two groups’ views were similar and revealed that high school biology teachers influence whether majors and non-majors college students accept evolution or question it based on creationism.”

“Only 1 to 2 percent of classes covered creationism and not evolution. And 6 to 13 percent of classes did not cover either evolution or creationism. But 29 percent of majors and 21 percent of non-majors said their high school biology class covered both evolution and creationism.”

The survey also revealed students exposed to creationism and evolution at the high school level were likely to accept creationism over evolution. Do you see why indoctrination of evolution is fought so hard at the high school level? It cannot stand up to creationism when both are taught to students.

Science daily concludes there are no punishments for teaching creationism in the public schools. What? While it’s true there is not an Inquisition panel (except for special interests who convince some to sue )  trying to oversee every single biology teacher in the public schools, but there is punishment if caught.

Interesting to note, one fourth of the teachers believed creationism can be proved scientifically which is correct. So now you know why indoctrination is a key component on not only teaching evolution, but having the students belief in it.

Evolution is not neutral science, although science in general is neutral as it’s a structured discipline of systematic examination for the purpose of obtaining knowledge! Nothing anti-biblical about such a discipline as long as one doesn’t worship it or used to attack God’s Word.

One thought on “Why Is Indoctrination Of Darwinism Popular Among It’s Defenders?

  1. I thought honesty was a Christian virtue. You know it’s not an honest claim to say that creationism can be proved scientifically.

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