So called Pro-religion Stance By The NCSE Is Criticized

Jerry Coyne who is a militant atheist is not too happy with the ecumenical movement in the realm between evolution and Christianity or religion in general. He is also very unhappy with these special interest groups who are not willing to attack religion directly. In his blog,  “Truckling to the Faithful: A Spoonful of Jesus Helps Darwin Go Down” he writes…

“Among professional organizations that defend the teaching of evolution, perhaps the biggest offender in endorsing the harmony of science and faith is The National Center for Science Education.”

“Although one of their officers told me that their official position on faith was only that “we will not criticize religions,” a perusal of their website shows that this is untrue.  Not only does the NCSE not criticize religion, but it cuddles up to it, kisses it, and tells it that everything will be all right.”

Thus he calls this a “pro-religion” stance! There is one thing I agree about Jerry Coyne, evolution and Christianity are not compatible with each other but I disagree using evolution or science in general as a tool to try and destroy Christianity and replace it with evolution. Treating evolutionary biologists as “priests” so the world has to follow their wordly viewpoint  is nonsense. In his opinion, if 92 percent of the biologists are atheists than we all should be atheists.

Here is the anti-religion stance which Coyne quotes as they attempt to tell Christians how to read and interpret the Bible…

Contrary to what biblical literalists argue, the Bible was not intended by its authors to teach us about science — which did not exist at the time the Hebrew oral traditions were set in writing as the Book of Genesis.

“The Bible does not teach us the literal truths that the earth is flat, or that a global flood once covered Mt. Everest, or that we inhabit a geocentric cosmos, or that the world was created as we now observe it in six solar days, or that species were specially created in their present form and have not changed since the days of creation.”

“Rather, the Bible can be read as a record of one particular people’s developing moral relationship with the God in whom they placed their trust. As such, it enshrines timeless ideals about the integrity of creation and human responsibility within that creation. For biblical believers, part of that responsibility is using the gift of human rationality to discover the exciting story of how life ― including human life ― has developed on the earth.”

Science which is the study of nature certainly did exist during the time of the Hebrews, and it was used by them to help improve the standard of living, to invent new things and so on.

But what the NCSE is trying to say by using the term “science” was “evolution” was invented during the time of the Hebrews so now they claim the Bible is outdated, never claimed of a global flood because the priests of evolution claim it couldn’t have happened on earth, perhaps on Mars they say or somewhere else in the Universe, but not on earth and lastly, evolution replaces God as the creator. Again, it’s the same mentality as Jerry Coyne who believes this is a pro-religion stance.

Jerry Coyne worships evolution, it’s as holy to him as the Bible is to Christians. But the NCSE are not pro-religion rather they are very much opposed to existence but only tolerate it more than Coyne does while trying to strip away like many cults do what the Bible actually means.


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