Texas Educational Chairman Under Pressure By Darwinists

Although, there is nothing legally special interest groups or politicians can do under the new science standards in Texas, but there is one person they are very frustrated with and hoping to get rid of and that person of course is none other than Don McLeroy.

During the confirmation hearing held on Wednesday, Shapleigh said there is a perception that McLeroy is using the chairmanship of the State Board of Education as a bully pulpit for promoting his religious point-of-view and pushing it into the public arena.

In Saudi Arabia, it is claimed, Muslims believe in freedom of religion. Christians can worship all they like, they claim, but there is a string attached, no Christian can promote Christ as the way, the truth and the life in public. Only Islam is allowed to be promoted in that capacity. The same pattern is in the Darwinist movement only there is not government law forbidding it only with certain people.  However, some bills were in the works to do just that…

“You’ve created a hornet’s nest like I’ve never seen,” Shapleigh said, noting that 15 bills – “the most I’ve ever seen” – have been filed during this legislative session to strip various powers from the State Board of Education.”

Scary, isn’t it, the liberal Democrats have only perceptions (which are really major complaints by special interests who give them money) so they introduced not one, not two, not even three, but fifthteen bills. Keep in mind, Don McLeroy was appointed Educational Chairman in Texas in 2007, although he was elected to the board in 1998. Still fifthteen bills against his authority in two years is alot in a short period of time, talk about desperation by the militant evolutionists and their special interest groups.

“We want our children to learn, McLeroy said, and “if that means having to stand up to the establishment viewpoint…I don’t mind having a hornet’s nest.” –PCS


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