Computer Dinosaur Randomly Falls Flat On His Face

One of the mysteries of ancient dinosaurs is their anatomy which scientists can’t tell such things as how these animals walked on earth just by looking at their bones because one doesn’t know the size of the muscles nor where the muscles actually connect within the body of these great animals.

In order to try and solve this problem, a new software program was developed and labeled as “Digital Paleontology.”  In Live Science it reveals this software is suppose to give new insight to how T-Rex walked. It’s actually quite amusing to say the least. Here is what the intelligently designed selection did by trying to simulate mere chance…

“Initial attempts to randomly decipher which pattern of muscle activation works best result almost always in the animal falling on its face,”

lol, oops, looks like random change wasn’t working too good in the beginning as the poor animated dinosaur keep falling on his face. So the genetic algorithms had to be programmed to employ a unique event that almost sounds like witchcraft which is able to “alter themselves and evolve.”

Eventually, they evolve a pattern of muscle activation with a stable gait and the dinosaur can walk, run, chase or graze, Falkingham said.

Assuming natural selection evolves the best possible solution as well, the modeled animal should move similar to its now extinct counterpart.  Indeed, they have achieved similar top speeds and gaits with computer versions of humans, emus and ostriches as in reality.”

Does anyone know what the problem with this digital experiment? I would like to know why Falkingham did not try and study the PHYSICS of a dinosaur in order to understand it’s walking ability rather than “assuming” natural selection is going to build this “pattern” up to a fully functional dinosaur being able to walk, run, and graze.

Does he think the physics aspect has anything to do with religion, or is it easier for him to tell a story about this supposedly assumed mechanism of  intelligent, oops I mean natural selection in this simulation?

“Sometimes the experiments can throw up unexpected results.  Falkingham added.  For instance, when he was once simulating wet, sloppy mud to see how an extinct bird walked – findings that could shed light on how birds evolved from dinosaurs – once the result was a webbed footprint, even though the foot itself was not webbed.”

LOL, indeed some strange results which are quite amusing, I told you this was going to be good. Story telling about speculative evolution with computer simulations is not real science going on there, but I will give him credit for creativity with his computer programs!

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