The Great Oxygenation Event: Critical For Evolution!

We know oxygen radicals can cause major damage to our cells. This is why antioxidants are so important in our diet. We also know the very presence of oxygen would have brought any sort of a chemical reaction to a halt, so evolutionists claim there was no oxygen present in the early stages of the earth’s existence.

In the creationist model, the earth always had oxygen. Before 2000, evolutionary scientists agreed that there was not one trace of oxygen on an early earth! But this changed as new evidence which started to come out back in 2006 and beyond to this day, validates not only this model, but puts the assumption of no oxygen hypothesis in conflict with the whole evolutionary theory.

Washington, D.C. Scientists at the Carnegie Institution and Penn State University* have discovered evidence showing that microbes adapted to living with oxygen 2.72 billion years ago, at least 300 million years before the rise of oxygen in the atmosphere.”

“The finding is the first concrete validation of a long-held hypothesis that oxygen was being produced and consumed by that time and that the transition to an oxygenated atmosphere was long term. The results are published in the on-line early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, to appear the week of October 16th, 2006.”

In deep sea rocks reported by science daily on March 25, 2009…“Red jasper cored from layers 3.46 billion years old suggests that not only did the oceans contain abundant oxygen then, but that the atmosphere was as oxygen rich as it is today, according to geologists.”

Nature as we know it has precise complexity beyond our wildest dreams and the so-called; Oxygenation Event has been falsified. But not all evolutionists are completely satisfied with the new evidence, but point to gold found in Africa and made the observation with the minerals that went like this, if the oxygen would have been present than it would have oxidized and dissolved. Scientists are now suggesting these conflicting observations are giving birth to an enormous explosion that contains a lot of “stimulating creative thinking.”

Yea, “creating thinking” alright! The type which is generally decided first, then it has to fit into the data or a special event like in this case “oxygenation” so it can be squeezed within their desired framework.

Now many ideas in evolution do in fact eventually change over time with new evidence but I suspect, since the oxygenation event is so critical to evolution, no matter what observational evidence is out there which indicates there was oxygen present early on in earth’s history, it will be eventually explained away in order to keep chemical evolution intact because of their belief in the hypothesis of evolution in general.

If the conditions for chemical evolution were deemed impossible without some sort of creative idea (story telling) to explain things then the rest of the theory would fall in their minds and the last thing they would ever want to do is to give the creationist model any sort of credit. To me, the great oxygenation event which is critical for the story of evolution, has fallen!


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